Refining the Mountains and Rivers - Chapter 1275: A Root with Control Over Space Rules

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Chapter 1275: A Root with Control Over Space Rules

“Darn Stone Pagoda. You raised this idea, hurry and think of a way to solve it. If anything happens to Master, I will definitely make sure you are buried with us!” Old Turtle’s aura cried.

He was truly panicking.

The Mutant Iron Earth Beetles were terrifying. The blood red robe that Qin Yu wore was somewhat formed from Rule Blaze. However, it was not able to withstand the attacks and it was easily torn apart.

Although the robe could be healed in the blink of an eye, the beetles had strength in numbers. Their onslaught of bites could detonate the Rule System body that was suppressed under the robe.

Furthermore, it was very evident that these Mutant Iron Earth Beetles were becoming stronger as time went on. Their attacks were growing sharper and more decisive. It was as though they were slowly getting used to this world.

On the other hand, while Qin Yu could blast away the Mutant Iron Earth Beetles, their defensive skills were otherworldly and it was impossible to kill them.

Stone Pagoda laughed bitterly, “If I had another idea, I would have acted upon it immediately. The confinement force from this mountain has long since bound both you and me. If we dared to resist it, we would have been crushed…Master, you are on your own this time. Don’t engage in battle with these Mutant Iron Earth Beetles. Find a way to get rid of them. Otherwise, it will only be a matter of time before you are dragged down!”

Qin Yu sighed deeply. He did not blame Stone Pagoda. He could not have anticipated the Mutant Iron Earth Beetles. Things changed quickly. Not long ago, he was still rejoicing at his wise choice to bring the Fantasy Spiders’ heads.

In the end? The Mutant Iron Earth Beetles were chasing after him. No one could predict what was going to happen in this world!

Qin Yu clenched his fist. Waves of darkness interchanged with one another and gathered in his palm continuously.

The Mutant Iron Earth Beetles were surrounded by the layers of darkness as they circled around each other. The beetles were trapped in the darkness seal.

Bam bam bam –

Hollow sounds came from within the seal of darkness. Sharp knives sliced through thick layers of darkness. It was difficult to stop their advancement.

Qin Yu closed his eyes and grunted, “Light up!” In the next second, thousands of light rays shot out from the deepest portion of the earth that had been shrouded in darkness for numerous years. As the light rays traveled through the air, they instantly tore through anything in their path.

Darkness and light were two sides of a coin and they could interact with each other. Qin Yu had comprehended light, and although he could not reverse Yin and Yang, he could transfer daylight into this place.

The effects of this move exceeded his expectations.

The Iron Earth Beetles lived underground and did not see much light for many years. When bright light shone on them, they grew so weak they were like fragile eggshells. Even the Mutant Iron Earth Beetles had not adapted to survive under light. In an instant, piercing screeches filled the air as the Iron Earth Beetles scrambled to protect their eyes that had turned a bloodshot red color. Their tiny blood vessels expanded and bulged. All of a sudden, they burst with a bang!

Qin Yu had illuminated the dark underground cave and the Mutant Iron Earth Beetles that had been chasing him were blinded. Yet, while the eyes of the Mutant Iron Earth Beetles were vital for them, their sense of smell was also sharp. With their sensing abilities, they could still locate Qin Yu. The Mutant Iron Earth Beetles withstood the throbbing pain in their eyes and continued to chase after him.

Qin Yu tried to split up the group of Mutant Iron Earth Beetles by throwing the Fantasy Spiders’ bones in different directions. However, the Mutant Iron Earth Beetles were locked onto Qin Yu’s smell, having been enraged by him. They knew their target and did not fall for his trick.

Qin Yu felt helpless.

The blinded Mutant Iron Earth Beetles were still a trouble for him. Furthermore, he was afraid that these agitated beetles were going mad. He was not overthinking. Instead, he could already feel a different intensity of killing intent from the Mutant Iron Earth Beetles.

Fleeing from the Iron Earth Beetles was a mindless run. Qin Yu had long lost any understanding of where he was, but he did not care about being lost. The problem was that these terrifying beetles lived underground and it was possible that there would be other creatures here. If he met another creature, he would be in deep trouble!

He could not get rid of the beetles nor kill them; Qin Yu frowned deeply and he could only laugh bitterly. Because he had almost been assassinated by the first Iron Earth Beetle previously, he was being extremely careful. He was extra sensitive as he entered the darkness.

As such, when a pair of glowing silver roots appeared in the distance, Qin Yu immediately caught sight of it. To be honest, it was a common sight to see roots underground. After all, roots were always within the ground.

But this was different.

Qin Yu felt his heart clench the moment he caught sight of the silver roots. Fear swept through him quickly and at the same time, he felt a strong sense of disgust. The desire to destroy it drove Qin Yu to take action.

However, his fear suppressed his other thoughts and Qin Yu halted to a stop. He tried to retreat to another crack in the earth, but he was too late. The Mutant Iron Earth Beetles had blocked his way.

While they could not see Qin Yu, their sensitive noses could pinpoint where he was. The Mutant Iron Earth Beetles shrieked as they flew towards him in a frenzy.

They were completely agitated after their eyes were blown apart from the sudden bright light. Once the Iron Earth Beetles closed in on Qin Yu, a powerful shock wave started to form in their bodies.

A flicker passed through Qin Yu’s face and he sighed inwardly. These Mutant Iron Earth Beetles wanted to self-destruct themselves and take him along with them. There was no way for him to avoid the explosion, and he could only brace himself for the impact.

Right at that moment, a flash of silver shot past him and a shriek filled the air. Qin Yu’s eyes narrowed. The Mutant Iron Earth Beetle that was the leader of the swamp had its body pierced through by a silver-colored root. This root looked extremely familiar.

Thump thump –

Qin Yu’s heart beat fiercely against his chest and he gulped. Another flash passed right beside him and his expression grew solemn. What…the root in front of him must have comprehended space rules…It was really possible for a root to comprehend space rules!

The silver-colored root that Qin Yu saw was now taut but the tip of its head was gone. The piercing tip of the root had appeared right in front of an unlucky Mutant Iron Earth Beetle. Without hesitation, the tip of the root directly sliced through the Mutant Iron Earth Beetle’s body.

The shrills of the beetle came to an abrupt stop as its body grew limp. Like a balloon that had been poked, it went limp and slowly turned into dust.

However, this was not the end but the beginning of the massacre. The silver root did not stop and it disappeared again. A second Mutant Iron Earth Beetle’s body was pierced and it fell dead just like the first one.

After becoming blinded through a plot, the Mutant Iron Earth Beetles that had been chasing Qin Yu relentlessly now became vulnerable victims to the silver root. In an instant, the silver root took out all the beetles in front of it.

Once the last Mutant Iron Earth Beetle had been killed, the silver root appeared slightly brighter than before. There was no other noticeable change. It was as though the Mutant Iron Earth Beetles were an appetizer for it.

This thing had a really good appetite…

Qin Yu quickly withdrew the aura of his sword. After the silver root killed the beetles, it did not return to where it came from. Instead, it surveyed its surroundings carefully to seek out other prey. At this point, the only other prey it had here was Qin Yu.

The silver root floated in the air calmly. Small roots on the side of its body gently swayed from side to side, appearing innocent and harmless. The brilliant silver tint on its roots also made the entire thing seem like a cute, furry tail.

As someone who personally witnessed the silver root kill a few dozen Mutant Iron Earth Beetles in an instant, Qin Yu wanted to slap himself. That terrifying thing could pierce through him in an instant but he had thought that it was cute. He must have gone mad.

It can’t find me, it can’t find me!

The heavens could not hear Qin Yu’s prayer. The silver root suddenly disappeared and Qin Yu froze.

A tiny silver root had appeared behind him and it was slowly wrapping itself around him.

Qin Yu had never been someone who would stay still and do nothing. His first thought was to resist. However, he soon realized he could not move at all.

Just as the silver root was about to bind him, it suddenly jumped alive. A terrifying seal crushed Qin Yu and he could not even move a finger.

A wave of coldness surrounded him. Through his exposed skin, Qin Yu could feel how icy but soft the silver root was as it wrapped around his neck. It was like a venomous snake. No, it was obvious that the silver root was much more terrifying than a venomous snake.

Small silver roots wrapped around Qin Yu’s neck and appeared in front of him. The roots intertwined together to form the shape of an eye. Despite the eye being made of just roots, it seemed to be mocking its target.

The roots seemed to speak, “I knew you were here all along. But I just felt it would be fun to let you live a little longer. Do you feel fearful and hopeless now? That’s good. That’s exactly what I want, the taste that I crave!”

The eye that was formed from roots moved closer to Qin Yu until it was only inches away. Qin Yu could sense the change of intensity in the eye.

This was bad. It was going to kill him!

In the next instant, the silver eye in front of Qin Yu started to slowly disintegrate as the roots moved towards his eyes instead. Only the pupil of the eye was left, as though it wanted to see and enjoy Qin Yu’s miserable death.

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