Refining the Mountains and Rivers - Chapter 1502: Ants on a String

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Chapter 1502: Ants on a String

“Sit back, calm down and cross your legs!”

It raised its hand, “I am about to begin.”

Qin Yu sat down cross-legged. In the next moment, a cold finger touched his forehead.

Buzz –

There was a ‘vibration’ in his brain as he immediately fell into chaos. But amidst this chaos, his conscience seemed to be clear.

For example, Qin Yu could very clearly feel the memories in his mind rapidly fade away.

Qin Yu was delighted. This was clearly the Barbarian Mark getting erased.

The Abyssal Titan bloodline within him suddenly became extremely restless. However, before it could explode, it was ‘kicked’ to the ground!

He would not make the same mistake twice. He had suffered so much from the previous time and he could not let the titan bloodline mess things up.

But Qin Yu had to admit that as his memories became blurry, he felt a sense of sorrow and resistance.

Qin Yu suppressed all these emotions that he was feeling. He believed that he was feeling this way because of the Barbarian Mark and these were not his true feelings.

This thing was extremely scary. Luckily he had moved fast. If it was any later, it may not be good.

The memories faded, but just when Qin Yu thought that it was about to succeed, his brain suddenly ‘vibrated’. Thereafter, the blurry memories became clear once more and even firmer than before. It was as if they were carved into his soul.

Woosh –

Qin Yu’s eyes opened. The mysterious being that was in front of him shouted before he could say anything.


It sounded extremely mournful, like a little girl stuck under an overpass on a rainy day. It was extremely moving.

Qin Yu cursed internally. Shouldn’t I be the one screaming? Why do you look as if you have been bullied!

“Qin Yu, I lost a lot. I really lost a lot this time!”

Rubbing his forehead, he took a deep breath to prevent himself from exploding as he asked, “What happened?”

“What happened?” You liar. You big fat liar. This must have been your plan!” It shouted as it jumped around.

Qin Yu laughed bitterly, “Look at me, do I look like a liar?”



Unreasonable. Even if it was a mysterious being, it was not able to block the personality from being a ‘she’.

“What happened? I am extremely confused now!”

It shrieked, “I have been tricked by you. Saving the Barbarian Clan is your own will and belief. Unless I kill you, there is no way for me to remove it!”

Qin Yu waved his hand, “What, what do you mean?”

“It means that this is your fate and the choice you have made. Although I always thought that the Barbarian Clan was stupid, they would not have chosen an interracial king!”

Qin Yu frowned, emotions filling his eyes.

“You don’t understand? This means that you are the Barbarian Clan’s true king. It is your fate. Unless I kill you, there is no way to remove it!”

Boom –

In his mind, it was as if something exploded and Qin Yu realized – so this was fate!

This was the first time that he had truly felt his own destiny. He realized that it was such a sorrowful truth and could not help but be in a daze.

Barbarian King…he was truly the Barbarian King…unless he died, there was no way to ever abandon his responsibility.

That being chuckled coldly, “Do you understand now?”

Qin Yu nodded in a daze.

Anyone who discovered that they would face a miserable and desperate ending would have behaved the same way.

It sneered, “Don’t pretend to be stupid. Now let’s talk about how to make this up to me…I…I really…lost out this time!”

Qin Yu suddenly looked up.

“Just now, I was about to get rid of the mark and suddenly realized that if I did it, I would kill you! Between killing and saving you, I chose to save you, This caused a portion of my aura to fall into the mark and be entangled with yours, forming a causal relationship!”

It was extremely sad and angry as it glared at Qin Yu. It looked as if it would jump up and bite him.

Qin Yu blinked and some light returned to his eyes. He looked at the mysterious being, “Are you saying that you got dragged in?”

“Yes!” It gritted its teeth and its small white teeth reflected brightly, “This is because of you. Qin Yu, you have to take responsibility!”

Hearing this, everything seemed to clear up. With him alone, he would most likely be unable to tear away from his miserable destiny.

But with this mysterious and strong being from space time, maybe there would be a chance to turn things around?

He raised his hands and said sincerely, “I will be responsible! Don’t worry, I will bear the consequences for all of this.”

His tone changed, “But you have to think carefully. I can only be responsible if I am alive. If I die, you have no one to look for.”

Its face softened as it looked at Qin Yu before nodding.

That’s right.

Qin Yu could not die!

If he died, it would have lost out for nothing. It would definitely not do such a disadvantageous deal.

Qin Yu coughed, “I need to understand if anything has changed since you were added in. This is just to help me be able to survive better. I believe you are extremely knowledgeable and would know.”

It sneered, “Don’t treat me like a fool. There is nothing in this world that you can get for free. If you want information, pay the price!”

Qin Yu said seriously, “Of course, I will do everything you say.”

Don’t worry about more debts…he could think about it in the future. He would deal with the present first.

It sucked in a breath and spoke angrily, “With my aura, the Barbarian Mark will be covered.”

Qin Yu’s eyes lit up, “This means that…”

“It means that you are able to conceal your identity as the Barbarian King and the humans will not be able to detect your aura and attack you.”

Qin Yu was overjoyed!

This was the best news that he had heard today. If the humans did not hunt him down, then maybe being the Barbarian King was not that bad and he could accept it.

Seeing Qin Yu look happy, it was extremely dissatisfied. It felt as if it had dug its own hole.

“Qin Yu! Don’t be too happy. When you became the new king, all the humans were able to feel it. So although your aura has disappeared and they can’t identify you, they know that the Barbarian Clan has a new king! The humans will think of ways to find and kill you. Destroying the last hope of the Barbarian Clan…” It sounded like it was choked and about to cry, “And I have to bear all this for you, blocking all kinds of harm from the humans!”

Qin Yu bowed, “Great, noble, benevolent and beautiful mysterious being, don’t worry. I will do my best to repay you.”

Obviously, the last adjective had the greatest effect and its choked sobs dissipated slightly. However, it was still slightly resentful, “A King realm soul! I am not joking with you. I can only bear this if I get a King realm soul!

“If not, we can just split. I can give up this portion of my aura and sell you to the humans. I believe they will give me something in order to thank me!”

Qin Yu said lowly, “Ok, I promise you!”

A King realm soul…hsss, just thinking about it made him freeze and feel a cold sweat. I am really bold; I am agreeing to all sorts of conditions without hesitating.

But other than this, he had no other choice. Even if he wanted to argue in the future, he had to settle the present first. He would delay it for as long as he could.

Its eyes scrutinized him and were filled with doubt, “I feel like you are just trying to appease me by agreeing so quickly.”

Qin Yu replied, “You misunderstood, you misunderstood. I will do what I say. Isn’t it just a soul of the King realm level? Just wait!”

“It better be the case. If you dare to lie to me…Qin Yu, I guarantee that you will suffer!” It turned to leave. Qin Yu opened his mouth but did not say anything.

He had wanted to ask some things regarding the human cultivators. But now, he let it go.

When it was in a better mood, he would call for it again. After all, they were ants on the same string and would interact in the future.


The only thing that Qin Yu could not understand was this lantern. It had actually given up on it. Having made such a huge mistake and bringing trouble unto itself, it had to become Qin Yu’s ‘protective umbrella’ or ‘raincoat’. If it had asked for the lantern, Qin Yu would have had no choice but to give it.

But it actually left.

Was it so angry that it forgot? Or was there another reason? Qin Yu believed that it was a little bit of both. But having the lantern was a good thing. He did not want to find trouble just to satisfy his curiosity.

Looking at the strange yet familiar palace and sitting on the black dragon throne, Qin Yu took a deep breath and slowly let it out.

The things in this world were too bizarre and dreamy. Initially he had been suppressed when he was brought here. How could he have imagined that the situation would turn into what it was now?

He…had become the Barbarian King. He was the person who had to be responsible for the fate of the Barbarian Clan.

He felt giddy and moved to massage his eyebrows. Although he had confirmed and was forced to accept it, everything felt like a dream.

Buzz –

The air vibrated. It was not the mysterious being but a ‘half-resurrected’ stone statue that appeared in front of him.

Qin Yu was startled as he recalled that he had gotten rid of the ‘dreamy’ state. But what surprised him was that this ‘half-resurrected’ stone statue was not at all surprised to see him. It merely kneeled down respectfully, “Your Majesty, the trespassers are too powerful; we need your help.”

Qin Yu could guess that the ‘half-resurrected’ stone statue in front of him was like this because the Barbarian King had eaten him and left him as he was now. After all, his aura was that of the genuine Barbarian King. With the lantern endorsing this, there would be no doubts from the Barbarian Clan.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Qin Yu recalled barbarian behavior and leaned back on the black dragon throne. He said slowly, “Okay.”

‘Barbarian state’ Qin Yu’s hand fell. As the new owner of the imperial tomb, he could activate all the power with a single thought.

The previous Barbarian King had made a lot of preparations for today and everything was easy for Qin Yu.

Despite how strong the cultivators from the West Desolate and Western Barbarian Land were, they were not able to resist the suppression when they entered the imperial tomb.

Even though they had numerous peak Rulers with them…because this imperial tomb was a small Divine Nation!

Within the boundaries of the Divine Nation, Qin Yu, who was holding the lantern, was like an undefeatable god.

Unless they were of the King realm, they would not be able to break down the Divine Nation and resist the suppression.


In the far distance, the alarm bell gradually subsided but everyone in the hall looked solemn.

An old man in a white robe holding a divine scepter raised his hand and flew into the air. He looked extremely serious, “Just now, a new Barbarian King was born. According to the prophecy, he is the greatest enemy for us humans and we have to kill him!

“Now, his aura has suddenly disappeared and we are unable to find out what the new Barbarian King did. But there is something we can be sure of…we have to find him and kill him!

“And the location where he appeared is in that dark place of sin!”

The white-robed old man raised his divine scepter and a wave of terrifying power erupted from his body. Bright and dazzling rays of light erupted from the divine scepter, condensing into a beam of light that shot to the sky.

“Pass down my order. Activate everyone from the human side. We have to do everything we can to find the new Barbarian King and kill him!”


Stars appeared in the darkness. The scattered stars formed a circle of imprisonment, suppressing all the cultivators who broke into the imperial tomb.

Not only the people from the West Desolate but even the barbarians from the Dark Night Tribe were also feeling the suppression!

Numerous ‘half-resurrected’ stone statues glared at them intensely, saliva dripping from their mouths to the ground.

The way they looked as if they were staring at food was extremely terrifying and threatening. Everyone’s faces were filled with fear.

To be eaten alive…was one of the things that was most difficult to accept. It was scarier than death!

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