Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar! - Chapter 452 - The Vanishing Green Light

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Chapter 452 The Vanishing Green Light

At this moment, Lin Xuan did not have the time to argue with the baby dragon. He pushed away the baby dragon that was close to him and ran in the direction of the green light.


The baby dragon still did not understand why Lin Xuan was suddenly so excited. It stretched out its claws and looked at the figure of Lin Xuan running away in the distance. It tilted its head and moved its horns.

At this moment, the lustrous green light from before did not appear in the direction Lin Xuan ran in. It was as if when Taoties disappeared, the light disappeared with him.

“Why is it gone now? I shouldn’t have seen wrongly just now. This is definitely a light! A light filled with vitality! But why is it gone now?”

Lin Xuan was puzzled. He could not understand, but at this moment, his footsteps did not slow down. He still walked out of the fastest speed of the Seven Reversal Divine Steps.

He was almost like a sharp wind. After rushing out, his figure could not be seen at all. His entire body appeared as a phantom as he rushed over in the void.

The baby dragon, who was originally looking at Lin Xuan’s back with a puzzled expression, was suddenly wrapped by a force and rushed out with Lin Xuan.

The moment it rushed out, the baby dragon let out a miserable cry, “Cut!”

This was the restriction Lin Xuan placed on the baby dragon at that time. The distance between them had to be maintained at a distance. Otherwise, the spiritual beast would not be able to control itself and rush towards the owner.

Now was the time to see the effect. Looking at the speed at which the baby dragon flew towards Lin Xuan, it seemed that this restriction was very successful.

At this moment, Lin Xuan chased in the direction of the green light with all his heart. Even if the green light was already gone, Lin Xuan still believed that as long as he chased in this direction, he would definitely be able to find that green light.

Thinking of this, Lin Xuan could not help but take a deep breath and rush in that direction even faster.

The baby dragon behind wanted to control itself, but no matter what it did, it was useless and did not have any effect.

In the beginning, he struggled and wanted to stop moving forward, but the restriction was really successful. He could not resist at all. In the end, he could only follow obediently and give up struggling.

After an unknown period of time, Lin Xuan was still in the void. He did not see the green light that was filled with vitality at all. Lin Xuan finally stopped.

Lin Xuan suddenly stopped. The surrounding void was silent. Lin Xuan circled on the spot and looked around carefully. In the end, his gaze turned in the direction where the green light disappeared. “According to my speed, I’ve already circled several times from the Lin family to the Great Desolate Deep Valley. However, since I can see that green light, it means that the place is not especially far from me.”

“But I can’t find—”.

He tilted his head, looking a little puzzled.

“Could it be that I missed this light because it dimmed?”

Lin Xuan let out an unbelievable voice, “It should be impossible!”

As soon as Lin Xuan finished speaking, a force pounced at him. Lin Xuan subconsciously raised his foot and kicked out!

Bang! “Argg!” The baby dragon cried out in shock and landed on the ground again!

Lin Xuan’s thoughts slowly gathered not far from him. He saw the baby dragon climb up from the ground with difficulty.

It shouted angrily at Lin Xuan and wished it could rush towards him the next second to take revenge for that kick!

Lin Xuan’s thoughts seemed to have returned to his head at this moment. He smiled awkwardly at the baby dragon and said, “I didn’t notice. Are you… alright?”

“Argg!” The baby dragon shouted at Lin Xuan as if it was complaining. It finally crawled up from the ground and walked towards Lin Xuan with difficulty step by step. It looked at Lin Xuan angrily and bitterly.

Lin Xuan could only coax the baby dragon first.

“I forgot about you just now. This is my mistake. I’ll apologize to you.”

“How about two thousand-year-old spiritual fruits?”

Lin Xuan took out two spiritual fruits from his spiritual bag with a swoosh. The baby dragon turned its head to the side very ungrateful and did not want to care about Lin Xuan at all.

Lin Xuan added another weight to his body, “Four!”

Lin Xuan held four red spiritual fruits in his hand and said to the baby dragon, “Is my sincerity enough? If not…”


In the next moment, Lin Xuan held his six spiritual fruits and shook them at the baby dragon.

The baby dragon finally looked at Lin Xuan and reluctantly accepted Lin Xuan’s apology.

After Lin Xuan settled the baby dragon, he heaved a sigh of relief and continued to think about where the green light he saw earlier had gone!

The young dragon squatted beside Lin Xuan. Its cheeks were bulging, and it was chewing on the spiritual fruits. It looked very relaxed, not like it was trapped in the array at all.

It was as if it had gone out for a trip.

Lin Xuan said, “If that spiritual light was sent by Ancestor Lin Bao, why did I not see his shadow along the way? We can’t be thousands of miles away and he hasn’t arrived after so long, right?”

Lin Xuan was a little puzzled. Could it be that he had to use the devouring power again? Just now, because Taotie had swallowed this array formation and his spiritual qi was swallowed, when he was about to be unable to control the range of the Taotie’s devouring, this green light suddenly appeared.

After he retracted the devouring power, this jade-green light disappeared along with these Taoties!

When Lin Xuan thought of this, he frowned and thought about whether there was any connection. However, after thinking about it, he could not think of any connection.


Crack! Crack! Crack!

Lin Xuan turned around and saw the baby dragon lying beside him and eating happily, as if it was not troubled at all!

“How carefree!”

If there was no other way, he could only do it again!

Lin Xuan sat down cross-legged again and formed a seal with his right hand. Spiritual qi instantly surged out of his spirit meridians, and four brown fog-like Taoties appeared above Lin Xuan.

Seeing that these few Taoties had appeared again, the young dragon looked up at the few Taoties who were under a lot of pressure. It even forgot to eat spiritual fruits.

It shouted angrily at Lin Xuan and even used its claws to pat him.

Lin Xuan did not have the time to care about the baby dragon at this moment. He could only say to the baby dragon, “I have something important to do now. Eat your spiritual fruits properly. I’ll bring them to you after you finish eating.”

“Don’t disturb me, or I’ll throw you into the Qilin Bag!”

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