Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar! - Chapter 453 - Don’t Go Up and Seek Death

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Chapter 453 Don’t Go Up and Seek Death

At this moment, the True Dragon was furious. Its tail swung towards Lin Xuan, bringing with it a sharp wind.

As Lin Xuan wanted to control the erupting devouring power, he wanted to avoid the sudden temper of the baby dragon. In his anger, he threw out the Qilin Bag.

The True Dragon was sucked in by the powerful suction force of the Qilin Bag and could not break free for a time. Seeing that it was about to be sucked in, the baby dragon had no choice but to admit defeat. It wrapped its tail around Lin Xuan and did not seem to have the intention to let go.

At this moment, Lin Xuan felt that letting the baby dragon out was the most fatal mistake. He wanted the baby dragon to help in a critical moment, but in the end, it could not help and caused a lot of trouble.

The baby dragon wrapped around Lin Xuan like a pillar. It seemed to be very stable, and Lin Xuan had no choice but to retract the Qilin Bag immediately.

He felt that the baby dragon would always have its own reasons for doing this. He lowered his head to look at the baby dragon and asked, “What do you want to do? You have your own reasons, right?”

At this moment, the color of Taotie in the sky above them was already close to the color of dense ink. Everything around him was wrapped in a dense fog at this moment. In the empty void, everything around him became very unclear.

It could be seen that at the critical moment, he wanted to see what that lustrous green light was!

This was the key. Lin Xuan could not care less about the emotions of the baby dragon. He stopped the baby dragon’s movements and pressed his large hand on the baby dragon’s head. He glanced at him warningly and said, “Be quiet. Don’t move now!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a jade-green light appeared in the distance. When this familiar green light appeared, Lin Xuan could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

At this moment, the baby dragon that was held down by Lin Xuan suddenly became a little restless. It continuously struggled under Lin Xuan’s hand, as if some danger had descended.

Seeing that the green light seemed to be growing larger and larger, and even the light pierced through the dense black Taotie, at this moment, Lin Xuan suddenly felt that something was wrong. He muttered to himself, “There seems to be something wrong with this energy!”

A lustrous green light rushed over with a huge energy. This was not the spiritual qi that Lin Xuan was familiar with, but it carried a destructive power that was the opposite.

As the lustrous green ball of light became larger and closer, this energy became clearer and even brought a suffocating feeling.

No wonder the baby dragon was so restless earlier. When it saw Lin Xuan summon Taotie and obstruct him, it turned out that it had already predicted the existence of danger!

Lin Xuan subconsciously retracted the devouring power.

Four huge black Taoties that carried a terrifying devouring power were instantly retracted by Lin Xuan without leaving much traces.

However, the ball of green light was not so easy to dissipate.

This lustrous green light ball with destructive power had already formed at this moment and swept towards Lin Xuan with huge energy.

Lin Xuan could almost feel the irresistible power brought about by this energy that carried endless destructive power.

This was different from the spiritual qi he had come into contact with in the past. It was even to the extent that this power was not related to the spiritual qi he was familiar with at all. This was clearly a power that Lin Xuan had never seen before.

“Oh no, I made the wrong gamble!”

In the midst of danger, Lin Xuan could not think of any effective way to deal with it for a while. His head was spinning rapidly, thinking of a way to resist this power.

At this moment, the baby dragon that was held down by Lin Xuan seemed to be unable to wait anymore. At this moment of life and death, how could it sit still and wait for death?

It broke free from Lin Xuan’s hand and rushed towards the jade-green light.

“Baby dragon!”

Lin Xuan did not breathe. Seeing the baby dragon rush out like a cannonball, he hurriedly chased after it.

If this destructive power touched it even a little, the baby dragon would not be able to walk out of this illusion today.

Lin Xuan shouted at the baby dragon in exasperation, “Stop right there!”

However, the baby dragon clearly did not take Lin Xuan’s words to heart. Ordinarily, his orders were useless. In such a crisis, such words were like fart to the baby dragon.

The wind blew past Lin Xuan’s ears. He was originally in a place that was like a void illusion. At this moment, the scenes that flew past his body were like illusory lines at the same time.

Nothing was coherent anymore! The baby dragon in front of him only had a tail left. Lin Xuan chased after it with great difficulty. Seeing that the destructive power in front of him was becoming stronger and stronger, if he continued to chase, the baby dragon would probably turn to dust in the next second, and he would turn to dust with his footsteps!

In any case, he was the one who had watched the True Dragon break out of its shell. Although it had never listened to him, he could not let it court death in such a critical moment!

Lin Xuan had no choice. He threw out the Qilin Bag with one hand and increased his speed to chase after the baby dragon. At most, he would use all his spiritual qi to resist this destructive


Lin Xuan was like a ball of fire as he rushed out quickly. As he flew, he emitted his spiritual qi, and vast spiritual qi spread out from his body.

In just an instant, his entire body was wrapped in spiritual qi, like a thick cocoon.

Lin Xuan rushed up like he was cutting off all paths of retreat. Seeing that he was about to approach the baby dragon, he stretched out his hand and added another spiritual qi to the Qilin Bag.

The power of the Qilin Bag increased visibly. At this moment, it was about to approach the True Dragon, but an unexpected change suddenly occurred.

The scales of the young dragon that was flying forward suddenly shattered one after another against the wind and fell.

Lin Xuan frowned and did not understand what was going on. Could it be that the power of destruction was too powerful, causing the scales of the baby dragon to shatter?

The scales on the young dragon’s body were still being stripped away at this moment. There were even blood traces that dripped down. They scattered with the sudden wind and were scattered in the air.

“We can’t continue like this. I really can’t protect this True Dragon!”

Lin Xuan did not retain his spiritual qi anymore and erupted with it all. Almost at that moment, he rushed up and stopped the baby dragon. He used all his strength to stop the baby dragon.

“You’re courting death!” Lin Xuan shouted.

However, at this moment, even if Lin Xuan stopped the baby dragon, it still did not have the intention to stop. It still used all its strength to rush forward.

No matter what, Lin Xuan could not understand why the baby dragon wanted to die. Wasn’t it good to live?

Why did it attempt suicide?

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