Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar! - Chapter 474 - Play for Two Days

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Chapter 474 Play for Two Days

At this moment, Black Crow’s spirit meridians had already been devoured by the corrosive power. He could no longer use spiritual qi. Now, any cultivator could kill him.

Black Crow had never been so down and out but this was no longer the original era. He had already become an old fellow. He gradually aged and would eventually become a pile of yellow soil.

“I don’t know even if you ask me.” Black Crow, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly spoke.

“Although the power of corrosion is powerful, the backlash is serious. I happened to obtain the power of corrosion in the Xiang Sea for ten thousand years. I originally thought that I had obtained a treasure, but I didn’t expect it to be a problem.”

“The True Dragon Qi can offset the backlash of the corrosive power. Moreover, you have the protection of a True Dragon beside you. Your outcome will always be better than mine.”

Lin Xuan looked at Black Crow. It was as if the breath he had been holding suddenly dissipated, and his entire body became very dispirited.

He originally thought that Black Crow would not say anything, but he did not expect him to say everything. However, it seemed that he really did not know what other side effects the corrosive power would have.

After all, Black Crow had been devoured by the corrosive power, causing him to be in this state.

It was really the power of corrosion.

He probably could not get anything useful from Black Crow.

Just as Lin Xuan was about to stand up and leave, Black Crow suddenly asked, “You came to ask me this question. You can use the power of corrosion now?”

“I only used the power of erosion to corrode your spirit meridians. Logically speaking, you shouldn’t be able to use the power of erosion.”

Lin Xuan exclaimed. He looked at Black Crow and said strangely, “Didn’t you give me the power of corrosion before I was devoured by


Black Crow smiled, “Why would I do that? If your spirit meridians are tainted by the power of corrosion, your spirit meridians will be crippled. Why would I do something unnecessary and let you have the power of corrosion?”

Lin Xuan said, “But… I seem to be able to use the power of corrosion.”

After he finished speaking, he raised his hand. A trace of black fog flowed out from Lin Xuan’s fingertips, and the dark room was instantly filled with the power of darkness.

The baby dragon, who had been quietly eating the spiritual fruit at the side, suddenly became vigilant. He hugged the spiritual fruit and shouted fiercely at the wisp of black fog, “Agg—!”

Black Crow looked at the familiar corrosive power flowing in the air. The thin spiritual qi in the small dark room instantly disappeared, and if one observed carefully, one could see that the trace of corrosive power was a little larger.

This trace of corrosive power swallowed the surrounding spiritual qi and strengthened. Lin Xuan observed carefully. Seeing this, he asked curiously, “This thing… can even strengthen itself? Isn’t this the power of corrosion? Why do I feel like it’s the power of devouring?”

At this moment, Black Crow was looking at Lin Xuan with a strange expression. His eyes revealed disbelief, and he looked at Lin Xuan as if he was not looking at an ordinary cultivator.

Suddenly, Black Crow muttered to himself, “I wonder why that fellow from the Great Abyss left the Northern Azure Continent with you. I thought he would never step out of the Northern Azure Continent in his life.”

“So it’s because of you!”

Black Crow spoke in a daze. Lin Xuan did not know what he meant and only asked, “What does this mean? Can you be clearer? It’s so difficult to guess!”

“What exactly is strange? Can you be clearer?”

Suddenly, Lin Xuan raised the baby dragon that was still crying out at the side and said, “Why don’t I let the baby dragon remove the corrosive power in your body?”

“Make yourself clear!”

Black Crow did not seem to have said anything, but it seemed to have revealed a huge amount of information. At this moment, Lin Xuan was very anxious and wanted to pry open Black Crow’s mouth so that he could quickly explain everything.

‘Don’t say something and stop so suddenly!’

His curiosity was piqued, and he was filled with doubts.

This time, Black Crow was completely silent. He sat cross-legged on the ground like an old monk in meditation. He closed his eyes and no longer responded to his surroundings.

Lin Xuan looked at Black Crow, who had turned into a stone statue, and carried the baby dragon helplessly. He left a sentence, “If you’re unwilling to say it, I’ll always have a way to make you say it.”

Lin Xuan left the dark room and went straight to the cabin of the Great Abyss Master.

This spirit ship was different from the spirit ships Lin Xuan usually rode. The corridor twisted and turned, and it was so hateful that it made people lose their way to the bow of the ship. The lamps in the corridor glowed with a dark blue light, and it looked a little terrifying.

There was not a single window in the long and thin corridor. Even if there was a spirit lamp in the corridor, the space was dark. Lin Xuan even felt that if he placed a few ghosts here, he could change it to a haunted house.

The Great Abyss Master was really worthy of his reputation. Even the spirit ship was not a normal spirit ship.

It was not easy for Lin Xuan to find the cabin of the Great Abyss Master. He bent his finger and knocked on the door. In the next second, the door opened with a click.

As soon as Lin Xuan stepped in, the voice of the Great Abyss Master came from inside, “Saint Child, do you have something to ask me about Black Crow?”.

“Your foresight is godly!”

The Great Abyss Master laughed and said, “No, it’s just that the Suanni just told me that you came from that old man, Black Crow.”

“I think the Saint Child must have something to ask Black Crow, but his temper has always been bad, and his mouth is tight. You can’t ask anything from him.”

“Aren’t you here now because you want me to ask?”

The Great Abyss Master sat cross-legged on a black wooden chair. The Suanni stood beside him. His surroundings were still dark. It was unknown if the Great Abyss Master had set up a spiritual array in his room, but Lin Xuan actually could not see the entire room.

Other than the place in front of him, the other places seemed to be hidden in the darkness and could not be seen clearly.

Lin Xuan did not come today to investigate the mysterious room of the Great Abyss Master. He retracted his gaze and looked at the Great Abyss Master before saying, “Your Excellency is right.”

“You’ve known Black Crow for ten thousand years. You must have chatted about everything. Go ask him some questions. He will definitely answer everything.”

The Great Abyss Master did not beat around the bush with Lin Xuan and asked, “What do you want me to help you ask? If I succeed, what do you have to exchange?”

Lin Xuan smiled, “What do you want?”

The Great Abyss Master’s gaze landed on the True Dragon cub beside him.

“Lend him to me for two days!”

Lin Xuan lowered his head to look at the ignorant True Dragon cub and then at the Great Abyss Master. Their gazes met.

“Supreme One, you want me to lend you the True Dragon cub—to play for two days?”

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