Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar! - Chapter 475 - In Exchange

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Chapter 475 In Exchange

The Great Abyss Master continued, “I’ve been locked up in the Great Desolate Forbidden Land for so long. My strength is indeed inferior to my peak. I still need time to recover, but—”

He wanted to say something but hesitated and looked at Lin Xuan.

“The True Dragon Qi can help me increase my realm, so… I’ll borrow the True Dragon cub to play for two days!”

Lin Xuan recalled that every request the Great Abyss Master made to him was related to the True Dragon Qi.

Previously, when he refined the Bai family’s dragon qi, he had given the Great Abyss Master a True Dragon Qi.

Lin Xuan nodded and said, “It’s not impossible, but it’s only limited to True Dragon Qi. It has to be carried out within my sight.”

A True Dragon was a rare treasure in this world. What if the Great Abyss Master saw it and abducted the True Dragon cub? At that time, he would have nowhere to cry.

Seeing that Lin Xuan had agreed, the Great Abyss Master immediately stood up from the complicated wooden chair and walked like the wind.

“I’ll go now.”

After he finished speaking, he strode past Lin Xuan and walked forward. The Suanni hurriedly followed behind him and left.

When the Great Abyss Master and the Suanni disappeared from the door, Lin Xuan belatedly discovered that the Great Abyss Master did not ask him what he wanted to ask.

Thinking of this, he quickly chased after him.

“Let’s go, baby dragon!”

Lin Xuan chased all the way and did not catch up to the Great Abyss Master. He even suspected that the Great Abyss Master had teleported to the dark room with the Suanni.

When Lin Xuan walked to the door, he saw that the Suanni was already standing at the door of the dark room. Its old body stood straight, and its black robe hid in the darkness.

At first glance, it was like a black stone statue that was motionless.

Lin Xuan hurriedly went forward and wanted to knock on the door, but before his hand could land, it was stopped by the Suanni.

“Saint Child, the Supreme One is reminiscing with Black Crow. The Supreme One instructed us not to disturb him now.”

“But your master hasn’t asked me what question I want to ask!” Lin Xuan said with a slight breakdown.

The Suanni did not care about this. It had to follow the orders of its master.

“Your Excellency has his own idea. We’ll wait. Saint Child, just prepare the ancient divine beast, True Dragon.”

After saying that, the Suanni lowered its head and looked at the baby dragon holding the spiritual fruit.

Sensing his gaze, the baby dragon glared back very fiercely. “Agg!”

However, the baby dragon was now a humanoid baby. No matter how fierce it was, it was still cute.

The baby dragon did not scare the Suanni at all. Instead, it made it laugh.

“Hahaha-I didn’t expect that the baby of the ancient divine beast True Dragon was so cute.”

After he finished speaking, he cupped his hands at Lin Xuan and said, “The Supreme One won’t come out for a while. Saint Child, you should go and be busy with yourself. After the Supreme One comes out, I will definitely inform you immediately.”

Lin Xuan had no other choice but to do this.

However, before he left, he threw a few spiritual fruits to the Suanni.

“I have some thousand-year-old fruits. Eat them as a snack!”

When the Suanni fought the Xiang Sea Demon Beast, it resisted the crazy demon beasts and protected many Lin family disciples. Even when Black Crow wanted to take Lin Xuan away, he stood in front.

Although he looked as usual now, he was definitely injured. Perhaps his injuries were not light.

When the True Dragon cub saw Lin Xuan take out several spiritual fruits, it thought that they were for it. Just as it happily opened its chubby hand to catch them, it discovered that Lin Xuan had thrown them to the side.

The True Dragon cub’s expression immediately changed as it looked at Lin Xuan in disbelief. How could he give its spiritual fruit to others?

“Agg-agg—agg!” The baby dragon complained to Lin Xuan with a pained expression.

Lin Xuan took the baby dragon away, “Look at your stomach. It’s even bigger than a Suanni. I haven’t seen your mouth stop since yesterday.”

“Aren’t you afraid that your stomach will explode? It’s better to eat in moderation. It’s useless to have more. It’s about enough.”

Lin Xuan brought the True Dragon cub away. At this moment, the Suanni looked at the spiritual fruit in its hand and then at the Lin family’s Saint Child who dragged the baby dragon deeper into the corridor.

A strange smile suddenly appeared on his face. Only when Lin Xuan’s figure disappeared in the long corridor did he retract his gaze.

He turned into a stone statue again and guarded the door.

The Xiang Sea became calm again. It was like the few days when the spirit ship first entered the Xiang Sea. It was completely calm. There were no demon beasts around, and there was no feeling of a storm coming.

Lin Qingtian looked at the white clouds in the sky and knew that he was completely going to cross the Xiang Sea this time.

“Let the Lin family’s disciples and guards be more vigilant. We can’t be careful on this last part of the journey.”

Lin Feng accepted the order and left. Only Lin Qingtian and Lin Bao were left on the tall top floor.

Lin Qingtian asked Lin Bao, “How’s Xuan’er?”

Lin Bao pondered for a moment before answering, “Before Xuan’er fell asleep yesterday, I used spiritual qi to check him. Other than resting well, there are no other injuries.”

“On the surface, Xuan’er’s spirit meridians are much stronger, and his realm has increased. However, I don’t know if there are any side effects to the corrosive power. I still have to observe carefully.”

“In the next period of time, Xuan’er needs to recuperate well. He can’t show off anymore.”

Lin Qingtian nodded. “We’ll take good care of him these few days. Nothing will happen in the next few days.”

“This matter is all thanks to the Great Abyss Master and the Suanni. If not for them, we would not have been able to last until Xuan’er woke up.”

Lin Feng: “Ancestor, do you think we should send a gift to the Great Abyss Master?”

Lin Qingtian nodded, “Of course. The Great Abyss Master and the Suanni saved our lives. We have to prepare a huge gift.”

However, what kind of person was the Great Abyss Master? He had cultivated for more than ten thousand years and had seen everything. What could be considered a gift?

Lin Bao asked again, “Ancestor, what should we prepare?”

These words stumped Lin Qingtian. He suddenly remembered that the Great Abyss Master had exchanged True Dragon Qi with Xuan’er previously. Then this time…

He said to Lin Bao, “How’s the True Dragon Qi?”

“This gift will never go wrong,” Lin Bao agreed.

“Then I’ll ask Xuan’er for his opinion?”

Lin Bao pointed at Lin Xuan on the deck below and said, “He’s here. You can ask him now!”

Lin Xuan walked out of the cabin. Behind him was the True Dragon cub. When the disciples and servants passing by saw them, they hurriedly lowered their heads and bowed, their eyes filled with envy.

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