Reincarnated With The Strongest System - Chapter 1139 Standing On Equal Grounds

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Chapter 1139 Standing On Equal Grounds

A mass exodus of Monsters was currently happening inside the Seventh Sanctum.

Usually, it was the Monsters that terrorized the invaders who tried to explore their Domain. However, the tables had been turned and it was now them who were on the run, in fear of being found by the black-haired teenager who had already converted a fifth of the total Monster population as his minions.

Several Beasts headed to the North, West, South, and East of the Seventh Sanctum because that would give them the highest chance of survival. The Half-Elf chuckled after seeing these mighty Beasts, that was strong enough to terrorize entire kingdoms and empires, cower in fear as the Half-Elf's minions followed their Master's bidding.

William leisurely monitored these Beasts as they desperately tried to find a safe place to hide. Unfortunately, their movements were already being seen by the very person that they tried so hard to escape from.

"Herd the Beasts in the North towards the Lighting Valley," William ordered. "For the monsters in the West, just ensure that they don't jump in the River of Samsara. Make them run in a corner if you have to, but don't allow them to jump in the river. That would be a waste of potential manpower."

The corrupted beasts that were under William's control followed his orders and cornered the Beasts in the locations he designated.

Half an hour later, a Giant Black-Winged Panther, bowed its head towards William after it had fallen into the power of his corruption.

Hundreds of monsters, in the Millennial and Myriad Ranks knelt on the ground as they paid their respects to their new Master.

Half a day later, all the Monsters inside the Seventh Sanctum were now under William's control. He didn't spare a single beast, and converted all of them into his King's Legion.

The Power of a Dungeon Conqueror allowed him to conquer Dungeons and use them as his private army to fight against his foes.

But, William wasn't just a Dungeon Conqueror. He was also a Shepherd, as well as the Prince of Darkness.

He could conquer not only Dungeons, but the hearts of Monsters as well. This gave him the ability to raise an army that had never been seen in the past, giving him an edge over the fighters below the rank of Demigods and Pseudo-Gods.

"Well then, now that is out of the way, you're next," William said as he looked at the entrance of the Dungeon, which was hidden in a remote corner of a valley.

Optimus almost didn't notice it because the signal it was giving out was very weak due to the irregularity of the Forbidden Ground.

However, due to the power of the Dungeon Conqueror Job Class, Optimus was able to detect the weak signal, after it asked William to synchronize his power with the System's thorough scan.


Caverns of the Infernal Warlord

Rank: SS

Number of Floors: 100

Monster types: ???


William didn't know what kind of monsters could be found inside the dungeon, but he didn't care. As long as the battlefield was not under the ocean, his forces could easily overcome all obstacles that stood in his way.

The Half-Elf walked through the entrance with a smile on his face. Now that he was one step closer to realizing his goal, the Half-Elf would not hesitate to go all out just to make the Caverns of the Infernal Warlord, bow down to his will.


Somewhere in the Central Continent…

The High-Ranking officers of Deux were gathered and waiting for their Supreme Pontifex to arrive. They had received news that today was the day when their mysterious leader would declare her intention to all of them.

In truth, they were feeling constricted in their own Domains due to the movement of the armies of the various kingdoms and empires. Most of them were high-ranking nobles, who held land, influence, and armies of their own.

Unfortunately, those same armies had been drafted by their rulers and were forced to leave their side in order to participate in the war.

The underworld denizens were also getting restless because the Holy Order of Light had made sure that the sleeping forces they had within each territory made their presence known.

"I didn't know that the Central Continent would take this matter quite this seriously," one of the Elders of Deus said. "If this goes on, it will be bad for our business."

"True." Another elder nodded. "But, what else can we do? In order to take advantage of this conflict, we need to choose who we side with wisely. I'm sure our dear Pontifex is aware of this as well."

"Actually, I'm a bit excited," a fat elder said with a smile. "If we play our cards right, and support the winning side, this world can be ours for the taking. Isn't that absolutely fantastic?"

An Elf who was seated in the corner of the conference room snorted.

"You can say that now because you are far from the conflict," the Elf elder stated. "Right now, the entire Silvermoon Continent is on the edge. You have no idea how chaotic everything is there right now."

"Well, that is your problem not mine."

"That's right! I wish you luck in these chaotic times my friend."

"Don't call me friend, we're not that close!"

As the elders argued among themselves, the light ringing of a bell echoed inside the conference, signaling that their Supreme Pontifex had arrived.

Everyone in the room stood, and bowed their heads in respect to the woman that single-handedly controlled the biggest, and strongest, underworld organization in the world.

As soon as the Pontifex sat on the seat of honor, everyone in the room sat as well.

"Thank you all of you for coming on such short notice," Nisha said as she scanned the faces of her subordinates.

The veil covering her face added mystery to her identity, which made the Elders unable to ascertain what she looked like. She knew that the moment they laid eyes on her, cracks would appear in their organization because most of them would covet her for her beauty.

This was something she didn't want to happen, so she wore her mask like armor to protect her heart from anyone who dared to take advantage of it.

"As all of you may already know, there are two individuals who threaten the entire world," Nisha stated. "One is the Heir of Darkness who hailed from the Demon Lands, the other a Half-Elf, who managed to clear the 51st Floor of the Tower of Babylon and founded the Floor of Asgard.

"Both of them will play a key role in the war that is about to transpire. After careful consideration, I decided to ally with the Prince of Darkness, who we will give our full support to, if and when he needs our assistance."

"The Prince of Darkness?" the Elf Elder frowned. "That filthy child?"

Nisha frowned after hearing the Elf's comment, but she didn't say anything to rebuke him. After she and William shared a night together, she felt more attracted to the bold youth who dared to enjoy her body to his heart's content.

"Well, either that or you join hands with Demons," the fat elder laughed. "I say that our Supreme Pontifex chose the lesser evil among the two. Felix is too ambitious and would definitely backstab us after we helped him conquer the Central and Silvermoon Continents.

"However, this lad, William, I investigated him in the past and found out that he is not really interested in becoming a ruler. This is a perfect opportunity to ally ourselves with him and stand on equal ground when we rule the world together."

The other Elders nodded their heads in agreement. All of them knew how greedy Demons were, and Felix would definitely not allow them to handle high positions in the new empire that he was about to build.

After a few more arguments, the Elders finally come into an agreement that William was indeed the ideal candidate to support.

Nisha ended the meeting with a smile on her face. Now that all the Elders had agreed to support William, the black-haired woman no longer had to worry about coordinating with the Half-Elf who was currently trying to conquer one of the oldest, and strongest Dungeons on the face of the world.

'I'm ready on my side, Will,' Nisha thought as she stared in the direction of the Seventh Sanctum. 'Hurry up with whatever you are doing so we can meet again.'

For some reason, the black-haired woman was feeling excited at the thought of meeting with the Half-Elf again. She didn't know why, but as soon as the black-haired teenager held her hand, she felt that she had been born in the world just to make him sit at the throne of the world and make everyone under the heavens obey his will.

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