Reincarnated With The Strongest System - Chapter 1156 'll Be Back Soon

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Chapter 1156 'll Be Back Soon

Acedia's head rested on William's legs, as the latter lightly patted her head.

They were still in the Spring of Life, and William was not in a hurry to return to the surface and deal with the Elven King, or any of the other members of the Elven Race who had come to negotiate with him.

For the black-haired teenager, what the Elven Race thought, or wanted, was of no concern to him. The only things he cared about were the people that were important to him.

"I'm sorry that I wasn't able to keep my promise," William said as he placed his left hand on top of Acedia's hands, which were resting on her abdomen. "I died before I could return to your side. After that, I gradually forgot about you when I started to live my life as an Einherjar."

The blonde beauty didn't reply and simply continued to sleep, while William lightly brushed her hair with his hands. Although his touch was a bit cold, she could feel the warmth in his voice as he talked to her about the past.

"Also, during my last moments, I'm glad that I was able to see you again," William stated. "Dying in your arms as Asgard burned around us was something I will never forget. Thank you for coming to see me one last time. If you didn't do that, you might not have died with me back then."

Acedia didn't reply, but her hair moved to form a hand, which lightly patted William's head, as if telling him that she was fine with dying by his side.

"Sometimes, I wonder…," William muttered. "If Truck-kun didn't hit me back then when I was about to choose a world to reincarnate to, would I still have met all of you again?"

On the way to the Silvermoon Continent, William had a few days to think about random thoughts, and the one thing that particularly caught his attention was when he was born in Hestia.

If Truck-kun didn't appear, he would have definitely stepped into the Silver Portal, which would have taken him to a different world. If he had reincarnated in that place, the chances of meeting Wendy, Ashe, Chiffon, Princess Aila, and Acedia, would have not been possible.

Everything started at that point in time. Perhaps, Fate played a crucial role in making him meet his past wives, and lovers in a world that was quite different from the one he expected it to be.

Acedia didn't know who Truck-kun was, or what William was mumbling about. All she knew was that the black-haired teenager had come to find her, and it made her feel warm inside.

William stopped talking, and simply pampered the blonde beauty that was sleeping peacefully by his side.

After a while, he felt like teasing her, so he lightly tickled her Elven Ears, trying to get a reaction from her.

As if annoyed by what he was doing, Acedia opened her eyes and glared at the Half-Elf, which forced William to stop teasing her.

"Fine," William said as he placed his right hand on the back of Acedia's head before he stopped floating on top of the water.

A few seconds later, William was once again standing on the ground as he held the blonde beauty in his arms.

William then lowered his head and kissed Acedia's lips, which made the latter close her eyes once more. The Half-Elf kissed her softly. It wasn't the strong and passionate kiss in which he intertwined his tongue with hers.

It was just a kiss on the lips, which conveyed his pent up feelings for her. Acedia gladly accepted William's kiss, and kissed him back, albeit it was a bit clumsy.

Peck, after peck, the two kissed until William reluctantly pulled back. However, Acedia still hadn't had enough and used her hair to hold the back of the black-haired teenager's head and pulled him down to kiss her again.

"You're hopeless," WIlliam said helplessly as he kissed the sleeping beauty who refused to let him go.

Five minutes later, the Half-Elf pulled back and kissed Acedia's forehead one last time before holding her in place.

"Acedia, I have a favor to ask," William stated. "Did you know that Ashe, Sidonie, and Chiffon died?"

Acedia opened her eyes and lightly shook her head. After sacrificing the homunculus vessel that Arwen had made for her in the Demon Realm, she had fallen into a deep sleep, and only woken up a day ago.

"Ahriman killed them," William said. "In order to preserve their bodies, Ella encased them in blocks of ice. However, that will not be enough. The wounds they received from the God of Darkness and Chaos contain his vile powers, which will slowly corrupt their bodies, turning them into Shadow Warriors.

"In order to prevent that, I will need the power of the Spring of Life to cleanse the corruption, as well as nourish their bodies. Will you watch over them in the Springs of Life, while I handle some matters on the surface?"

Acedia didn't hesitate and nodded her head. She knew how much William loved his wives, so she would look after their bodies while he was away.

"Thank you," William replied.

As soon as he received Acedia's permission, William summoned the three blocks of ice from his Thousand Beast Domain.

He then pressed his hands on the block of ice that imprisoned his wife, Ashe, and broke it apart with his powers.

Soon, Ashe's body, which still had a gaping wound in her chest, fell into William's embrace. The Half-Elf then gently placed her on the surface of the Spring of Life and kissed her lips, before letting her submerge fully into the water.

The corruption of her wound, that was tainted with a black color, slowly dissipated in the spring waters, until it disappeared completely. The wound in Ashe's chest also recovered at an incredible rate, proving how strong the regeneration ability of the Spring of Life was.

After two minutes, Ashe's body laid at the bottom of the spring, as if she was just sleeping. A faint light shone in the black obsidian gem on William's chest, and the black-haired teenager then felt a sadness that he thought that he had completely forgotten.

The next one he placed on the Spring's waters was Chiffon. His pink-haired wife who liked to be cuddled every night, lay stiffly in his arms. The sadness that William felt made his heart ache as he kissed her adorable lips, which were now colder than his own.

He watched as her small and delicate body was submerged into the water. The wounds on her chest also regenerated, as her body was nourished by the spring.

Last, but not the least, William held his wife Princess Sidonie. The most beautiful lady in the Southern Continent, who had asked him to give her his babies, had a pained look on her face. Clearly, before she died, she was subjected to intense pain, which made her have this kind of expression.

William kissed her lips and lightly caressed the side of his face as he slowly submerged her in the Spring waters. A moment later, the pained expression disappeared, and was replaced by a calmness that he rarely saw on the beautiful Princess' face.

"I'll protect them."

The black-haired teenager raised his head to look at Acedia who had stood up from the water. She gazed down on the three ladies that William had married with a tender gaze.

"Thank you," WIlliam replied. He knew that Acedia would truly protect his wives' bodies with her life.

William then walked towards Acedia and hugged her.

"I have to go," William whispered as he hugged her tighter. "I will come back later."

"Okay," Acedia replied as she rose on tiptoes to kiss William's lips. The kiss did not last more than five seconds, but it was enough for the blonde beauty to assure William that everything would be fine.

"Smile," Acedia smiled as he cupped William's face. "The world is not ending just yet."

William smiled faintly as he nodded his head.

"Goodnight, Acedia."


William kissed her lips one last time before he gently placed her in the water to sleep beside his wives.

A minute later, William stared at the four beautiful ladies that were lying in the Spring of Life. Each one of them loved him, and he loved them just as much.

"I'll be back soon," William said as he turned to walk back towards the entrance. He didn't look back, because he was afraid that if he did, he might not be able to bear parting with his wives.

The part of his soul that was still free from corruption was making him feel a great sadness that he was unable to brush away, even if he was now the Prince of Darkness.

Soon, the glow in the Obsidian Gem on William's chest faded.

The pain also slowly disappeared, and was replaced by a coldness that permeated William's entire body. Now that the bodies of his wives were in safe hands, he could now focus on his revenge against the Heir of Darkness, who had started his invasion of the Central Continent.

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