Reincarnated With The Strongest System - Chapter 632: You Leave Me No Choice!

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Chapter 632: You Leave Me No Choice!

Belial raised his hand and the forces under his command roared in unison. 

“Kill!” Belial ordered as he flew towards William. He planned to deal with the troublemaker himself, and leave the clones to his subordinates.

Seeing that the Guardian decided to face him head-on, William answered the challenge. He wouldn’t allow any other man to marry Chiffon. The pink-haired girl had already suffered so much in her previous and current lifetime.

If he allowed the Guardian to eat her heart then he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself for the rest of his life.

William held the wooden staff that had accompanied him since his childhood. For others, this weapon must be the most mundane weapon in existence. However, only a few knew this weapon’s true form.

It was the weapon that the God of Shepherds had carried since he was born in the Temple of the Ten Thousand Gods. It was quite similar to Lily’s weapon, a candy cane. If one were to only look at it at face value, it was not threatening at all.

William still didn’t know the true form of his wooden staff, but there was something he knew with certainty. The wooden staff in his hand was indestructible.

Even if he faced off against the sharpest sword in the multiverse, his staff wouldn’t be cut in two.

He decided to fight against Belial since the latter wouldn’t dare to harm Chiffon because he needed her heart. William also feared that the pink-haired girl would be caught in the crossfire, so he decided to battle Belial in the sky.

“Illuminate the World!” one of William’s clones shouted. “Rhongomyniad!”

A blinding beam of light obliterated the Yara-ma-yha-whos that was in front of William’s clone. They all had their respective defending positions, and they would not allow anyone to come near the altar.

“Exterminate,” another one of William’s clones chanted as he pulled back the string of the bow in his hands “Khyrselakatos!”

A green arrow shot forth from the bow and multiplied into the tens of thousands, hitting everything in a spray shot. The monsters that were hit by this attack shrieked in pain because the arrows shot by this bow carried a deadly poison.

“Strike with unparalleled precision, Gungnir!”

“Pierce through the void, Longinus”

“Go for the kill, Gaebolg!”

Waves upon waves of monsters tried to climb up the pyramid in order to deal with William’s clones. Their numbers were endless, but the clones stood their ground and attacked any monster that came within their weapon’s respective range.

William’s clone, who was holding Arondight, held Chiffon’s hand as the Priestess continued the wedding in the midst of the chaotic battle.

Meanwhile, above the pyramid, Belial and William clashed against each other. Their powerful collisions sent shockwaves in the air, and sounded like peals of thunder.

“Quick Shot War Art, First Form!” The tip of William’s staff collided with Belial’s sword, which the latter used to defend itself from William’s frenzied attack. “Railgun!”

The Guardian was blasted away by the power of William’s War Art. Not only that, Belial’s chest had a gaping hole in it, which had surprised not only the Guardian of the 51st Floor, but the other Guardians of the Tower as well.

“It is still useless,” Oogwei said. “No matter how many times Belial is injured, as long as he is inside his Domain, no one can kill him.”

Just like the small turtle said, Belial’s injury regenerated at a rapid pace.

“You won’t win!” Belial sneered. “Just surrender and accept your fate!”

“You’re right, I may not win,” William admitted as he took a fighting stance. “But, I will also not lose.”

As if to prove his point, William once again closed the distance and slammed his weapon full force on Belial’s head. 

The Guardian activated the powers of the world to defend himself from William’s attack. But, the barrier he had erected immediately shattered and the wooden staff smashed Belial’s head like a watermelon.

As soon as the attack connected, William felt that he had forgotten something.

Something very important to him, but he knew that there was no other way to deal with the current situation.

Memories of smiling children, the kind auntie at the orphanage who would always bake cookies for them during the weekends, and a few other memories slowly disappeared without a trace.

“I told you it’s useless!” Belial roared and materialized behind William, giving him a strong kick that sent the silver-haired warrior towards the ground.

William twisted his body and a powerful gust of wind erupted under his feet, breaking his fall and allowing him to soar towards the sky and fight the Guardian for another round.

Belial clicked his tongue in irritation. Although he could materialize and interfere with the challengers in his floor, there were still many rules within the tower that prevented him from doing certain things.

His inability to muster the full power of his Divinity was one of them. Although he had broken the taboo, there were just some things that he couldn’t do as long as he was in the Tower of Babylon. As long as the requirements weren’t met, his hands and feet were tied and he could only fight William with his Demonic Legion with the current power he had in the physical body he was currently residing in.

“You leave me no choice!” Belial roared as he flew straight towards Chiffon. Although her heart still hadn’t bloomed to its fullest, the power of the Divinity inside it would be enough to allow him to break the shackles that bound him to the Tower of Babylon.

Although it is regrettable, he wouldn’t allow anyone to get in the way of his thousand-year-wait for freedom.

William’s clone who was holding Chiffon’s hand narrowed his gaze as he aimed Arondight at the approaching Guardian, who was determined to take the heart of their bride. 

“Cut through the firmament!” the Clone shouted, “Raze the world, Arondight!”

A reddish-black beam of light erupted at the tip of the Demonic Sword that was said to equal the power of the Sword Caliburn. Caliburn was a sword that was said to be more powerful than the Holy Sword, Excalibur.

For Arondight to be labeled as its equal, proved that this Demonic Sword, that was said to be capable of butchering dragons, was one of the strongest Legendary Weapons in existence.

Belial gritted his teeth as he disappeared from the path of the beam of light that was meant to obliterate his body.

He then reappeared in front of the clone and delivered a powerful palm strike that sent it flying.

Belial didn’t even bother to look at what happened to the annoying clone and hurriedly grabbed Chiffon in a Princess Carry. 

He then turned into a mist carrying the girl towards the sky. The Guardian planned to take Chiffon to the safest place in his Domain, where he would ravage every part of her being. Belial even concocted a sinister plan to cast a projection into the skies of his domain, and show William how helpless he was to even attempt to prevent the Guardian from ravaging his young bride. 

The Guardian planned to do this out of spite, and show William that he couldn’t stop the inevitable. As long as he was in his Domain, the laws of the world would bend to his will!

Chiffon didn’t show any kind of resistance and merely stared blankly in space. However, a tear slid down at the corner of her eyes. Belial was in too much of a hurry to notice this change. All he wanted to do was to escape to a place where William couldn’t reach him, and let his countless demonic legion to tear the silver-haired warrior, and his hateful clones, to shreds.

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