Reincarnation: I Married My Ex's Brother - Chapter 290 - A Romantic Day

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Chapter 290: A Romantic Day

Fang Yusheng was very satisfied with this reaction.

After achieving his goal, he hung up. Whether Weila would be dead or alive was none of his business.

Qiao Jiusheng brought a cup of warm milk into the room. When she saw his expression, she knew that he was plotting against another unlucky person. After drinking the milk, Qiao Jiusheng lay down and suddenly shouted, “Fang Yusheng.”


Fang Yusheng put down his phone and turned to look at her. Qiao Jiusheng only looked at him and did not speak. Her brown eyes glimmered. Fang Yusheng felt an itch in his heart. He leaned over and gently bit her nose.

Qiao Jiusheng groaned in pain. “It hurts…”

Fang Yusheng let go of her and asked, “What do you want to say?”

Qiao Jiusheng thought about it before saying, “Let’s play a game.”

“What game?”

Qiao Jiusheng explained the rules of the game to him. “This Saturday, I’ll go out early. When you wake up, you have to find me according to the clues I’ll leave for you. If you manage to find me, you win. If you don’t, I win.”

Fang Yusheng thought about her words and felt that the game was quite interesting. He gladly accepted it and asked her, “What about the rewards and punishments?”

Qiao Jiusheng was magnanimous. She said, “If you win, you can punish me. If I win, I can punish you. Don’t worry! It won’t be physical punishment.” This punishment was more like pampering.

Fang Yusheng smiled and maliciously said, “If I win, I’ll punish you by making you tell me every day that you love me.”

Qiao Jiusheng raised her eyebrows. “If I win, can I punish you to wash my feet every day?”

Fang Yusheng laughed. “I never admit defeat.” He refused to admit defeat. He would never admit defeat, nor would he lose. Some people acted like they had no desire for anything, but when something really happened, they were unwilling to fall behind others.

It was their nature to be competitive.

Just like Fang Yusheng.

Regardless of the outcome of the bet, he only wanted to win and not lose.

He was unwilling to be inferior to others. In this lifetime, he would lie under only Qiao Jiusheng, and that too under certain circumstances…

Upon hearing this, Qiao Jiusheng chuckled and shook her head. She felt a little helpless but also proud.

She loved Fang Yusheng’s pride.

“Then, it’s settled.”

The day they made their agreement was Wednesday, two days before Saturday.

Qiao Jiusheng had been secretly busy during the past two days of Thursday and Friday. Sometimes, she would even run out. Fang Yusheng was quite worried about her. After all, she was pregnant. It would be troublesome if anything happened to her. Qiao Jiusheng repeatedly promised him that if anything happened, she would activate her ring’s tracking device and call for help. Only then did Fang Yusheng allow her to go out.

On Friday, Qiao Jiusheng returned a little late.

When she returned home, dinner was ready.

Qiao Jiusheng had worn a down jacket, and a few white snowflakes had fallen on her hat. Fang Yusheng saw that and brushed them off. “It’s so cold outside. Why didn’t you come back earlier?” He picked up her hand and touched it. Frowning, he said, “Come over and warm yourself.”

Qiao Jiusheng walked over to him and sat down on the soft armchair.

The light from the fireplace shone on her cheeks, which were slightly red from the cold. Sparks flew and bloomed in her eyes. It was as if the Milky Way had fallen to the ground and gotten wrapped around by her eyes, making her look especially charming. Fang Yusheng looked at her and thought of charming and gentle scenes. He could not help but lament in his heart: These two brats ruined my plans!

Qiao Jiusheng looked up and saw Fang Yusheng bitterly frowning. Thinking that he was worried about the next day, she said, “I’ve already prepared everything. If you can’t find me, punishment awaits you.”

The frustration in Fang Yusheng’s eyes finally turned into anticipation. “I’m looking forward to it.”

He wanted to see what surprise Ah Sheng had prepared for him.

Aunt Jin made fish head tofu soup for Qiao Jiusheng, who drank a bowl and brushed her teeth before going to sleep. The moment she lay down, Fang Yusheng hugged her. He valiantly rubbed against Qiao Jiusheng and complained to her, “These two bastards made me unable to touch you for a long time.”

He would have to also hold it in for months after she gave birth.

Qiao Jiusheng wanted to laugh, but she felt that if she did, she would be letting Fang Yusheng down. She could only purse her lips and secretly laugh. After holding in her laughter, she said, “Then hit them. Beat them until they scream.”

Fang Yusheng suddenly thought of the conflicts between him and Fang Pingjue and between Fang Mu and Fang Pingjue. He quickly shook his head and said, “I’m afraid that they will bear grudges. In the future, when I’m old and can’t move, they will beat me.”

Qiao Jiusheng was speechless.

“You’re thinking too far ahead.” If his sons were that kind of people, they might as well not have been born.

The two of them discussed the non-existent possibility for a long time before coming to a conclusion.

Children were not as considerate as their partners.

“No matter how well you take care of a boy, he’s still a male child.” After Fang Yusheng said that, he planted a kiss on Qiao Jiusheng’s neck.

Qiao Jiusheng wondered what he meant but could not agree with his words.

Fang Yusheng continued, “That’s why you have to be good to your husband. If you’re too good to your sons, you’re snatching a husband from another woman.”

Who would believe you!

Qiao Jiusheng could not help but roll her eyes. “So in the end, you just want to tell me that I can’t ignore you just because I have sons?” Qiao Jiusheng finally understood Fang Yusheng’s ultimate goal. He was jealous of the children.

Fang Yusheng snorted. “You better understand.”

Qiao Jiusheng was shocked by his possessiveness. “Those are your children.”

“Yes, I know. I know they’re my children. That’s why I’ll allow them to drink milk from you and allow you to carry them. If they were not my children, they’d be thrown into an orphanage the moment they are born.”

Qiao Jiusheng was speechless.

“Are you questioning my loyalty?”

Fang Yusheng blinked. “I didn’t mean that.”

“I think you are.” Qiao Jiusheng sneered. “Tell me, have you already found someone to cheat on me?”

Fang Yusheng felt wronged.

The two of them bickered for a while before they felt that this was rather childish.

“Sleep! The one who continues talking is a pig!” After saying that, Qiao Jiusheng closed her eyes and stopped talking.

Fang Yusheng stopped talking as well.

After a moment of silence, Qiao Jiusheng suddenly heard the person beside her say in a muffled voice, “I’m a pig.”

Qiao Jiusheng was speechless.

Fang Yusheng admitted that he was a pig. He quickly turned over and hugged Qiao Jiusheng. He softly coaxed her by her ear and said, “Can you give me a hint? Otherwise, how am I going to find you tomorrow?”

Qiao Jiusheng shut her mouth. She did not want to be a pig with Fang Yusheng.

Fang Yusheng gritted his teeth at her silence.

“Alright, I don’t believe that I’ll be unable to find you!”

The night passed in silence.


The next day, Fang Yusheng woke up early in the morning.

He turned around to look at Qiao Jiusheng but realized that there was no one beside him.

Wrapping the blanket around his body, Fang Yusheng stepped barefoot on the carpet. He walked to the window and pulled open the curtain. As he glanced at the greenery in the small district, he didn’t see any snow. Only then did Fang Yusheng feel relieved. It seemed like there was only a light snowfall the previous. Today seemed like it would be a sunny day.

He did not know if Ah Sheng was warm or cold today.

Fang Yusheng wrapped himself in the blanket and quietly stood by the window for a while. Then, he threw the blanket on the bed and opened the wardrobe to change his clothes.

Qiao Jiusheng had left her house and taken a taxi to Wei Xin’s house. Wei Xin opened the door and saw Qiao Jiusheng, who had wrapped herself up like a Silkworm Baby. She raised her eyebrows and asked her, “Aren’t you going to have a romantic day with your husband?” As she said that, she opened the door and let Qiao Jiusheng in.

Qiao Jiusheng swore that she could tell from Wei Xin’s words that a romantic day meant something inappropriate for children.

Wei Xin loved to drive cars and planes but not trains.

You have to be shameless to talk to her. Qiao Jiusheng pointed at her stomach and said, “No way.”

If Fang Yusheng were here, he would be shocked because his Ah Sheng had become a hooligan.

Qiao Jiusheng could tell that Wei Xin was an experienced pilot from one look, and she answered smoothly.

Wei Xin glanced at her big belly and snorted. She turned on all the heaters in the house. Wei Xin’s house was renovated just like her style. It was extravagant everywhere. Qiao Jiusheng’s bare feet stepped on the furry carpet. She looked at the hall of Wei Xin’s house. It was clean, and there was no sign of another person living there.

Qiao Jiusheng asked, “Have you been single since then?” It seemed that Wei Xin had been single since she had broken up with Gu Jiayi.

Wei Xin nodded and said, “I’ve taken a fancy to one recently.”

“Have you taken a fancy or fallen in love?” Qiao Jiusheng joked.

Wei Xin said, “Fallen in love, probably.”

Qiao Jiusheng was shocked.

In the beginning, Wei Xin and Gu Jiayi were just playing around. After playing for two years, Wei Xin had developed true feelings for her. Now, after that incident, Wei Xin rarely mentioned the word love. Qiao Jiusheng was especially curious about that unknown person.

How could someone who can make Wei Xin fall for her be a mortal?

“Who is it?” She lit a candle for that person. If Wei Xin, this monster, had targeted her, then that woman would most likely turn gay.

Wei Xin looked at Qiao Jiusheng with a complicated expression. “Not from the industry.” Her answer was vague.

Qiao Jiusheng knew that Wei Xin would not reveal her name, so she probed. “What does she do?”

Wei Xin opened the movie screen and answered as she looked for a movie, “A store.”

“What shop?”

Wei Xin’s expression was a little strange as she said with a complicated expression, “Roasted sausage shop.”

Qiao Jiusheng said, “That’s really a business.” A small business.

Wei Xin didn’t say anything.

In the end, Wei Xin found a Dutch movie. Before the movie got to the main point, Wei Xin got up and went to get Qiao Jiusheng a cup of grapefruit lemon to warm her up.

She handed it to Qiao Jiusheng. “Drink it.”

“Thanks.” Qiao Jiusheng held the grapefruit lemon and had just taken a sip when she heard Wei Xin ask, “When are you going to see Fang Yusheng?”

Qiao Jiusheng said, “After noon.” She had left clues for Fang Yusheng. If Fang Yusheng wanted to find her, he would have to wait until noon.

“Okay, then are you having lunch at my place?”

Qiao Jiusheng shook her head. “Well, I wanted to have a feast with Yusheng tonight.”

“Shut up! Don’t show off your love in front of single people.” Wei Xin wanted to roll her eyes.


When Fang Yusheng ate breakfast, he kept thinking about the clues Ah Sheng had left for him. Where are they?

Aunt Jin waited for him to finish eating before she came over to clear the dishes. As she did so, she asked, “What is Madam doing today? She left early in the morning.”

Perhaps, Aunt Jin knows something.

Fang Yusheng didn’t answer. Instead, he asked Aunt Jin, “Did she tell you anything when she left?”

“No.” Aunt Jin shook her head and explained her conversation with Qiao Jiusheng in detail. Then, she told Fang Yusheng, “Madam said that the hot cocoa in the newly-opened mall at the end of the street is quite delicious outside the district.”

Fang Yusheng frowned.

Hot cocoa?

Ah Sheng would not run over to drink hot cocoa early in the morning, would she?

This might be a clue.

“Got it.”

Fang Yusheng went back to his room and found a scarf. He put it around his neck and tied it casually. Then, he took his wallet and car keys and went to the mall at the end of the street. After looking around the mall, he found a shop selling drinks on the left side of the second floor. The shop had just opened, and the waiters were rather lazy. When they saw a customer, a male waiter stood up from his stool.

“Hello, Sir. What would you like to drink?” The waiter stared at Fang Yusheng’s face for a while longer.

Fang Yusheng had worn a light blue shirt with a burgundy sweater and a knitted scarf of the same color. People with fair skin looked fairer in burgundy. Fang Yusheng was already fairer than the average person, so when he wore this shirt, he looked fairer and more attractive.

Fang Yusheng glanced at the menu and said, “Hot cocoa.”


That waiter was quick. In less than two minutes, he had prepared the hot cocoa.

“A total of twenty-eight yuan.”

Fang Yusheng frowned. He took out some money and asked the shop owner, “How long has your shop been open for?”

The waiter smiled until his eight teeth were exposed. “Less than a month.”

“Is business good?”

“Pretty good.”

Fang Yusheng looked surprised. “How can someone buy something so expensive?”

The waiter was speechless.

He could not maintain his smile and awkwardly said, “Now that the living conditions are better, the price of our shop is not too high.”

Fang Yusheng took a sip of the hot cocoa and vaguely said, “If I can’t survive anymore, I’ll open a beverage shop.”

Selling a cup of hot cocoa for 28 yuan? What a robbery!

Under the waiter’s complicated gaze, Fang Yusheng walked to the escalator and went down to the first floor. He held the cup and sat on the wooden bench on the first floor. Even after turning his head left and right, he couldn’t find any useful clues from the cup of hot cocoa.

Suddenly, he saw a row of words printed on the cup: ‘Hot cocoa, and the taste of your first love.’

The smell of your first love…

Could this also be a hint?

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