Reincarnation: I Married My Ex's Brother - Chapter 704 - Beauty, Add Me On WeChat    

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Chapter 704: Beauty, Add Me On WeChat

Seeing that Beauty Wu was wearing a beautiful dress and was clearly planning to go out, Qiao Jiusheng asked, “Did I come at the wrong time? Are you going out?”

“No, you came at the right time. I was just worried that I wouldn’t be able to find anyone to accompany me to shop. I thought that you would go to the shop to wait for me today, so I didn’t call you.” Qiao Jiusheng usually stayed in the shop at noon to carve and earn some money.

Beauty Wu was busy shopping, so it was rude of her to delay Qiao Jiusheng, who had a job. If she had known that Qiao Jiusheng was resting today, Beauty Wu would have called.

Upon hearing this, Qiao Jiusheng said, “I don’t want to go to work today. Anyway, I’m the boss. I won’t deduct my salary if I don’t go.”

“You’re going to have a blast these days, right? You’re making me want to be a boss.” Beauty Wu said as she put the things she needed into her bag.

Qiao Jiusheng leaned against the wall and stared at her as she packed her things. She joked, “Let your Brother Wei buy a shop for you and open a shop.”

Beauty Wu smiled and said that her life was bad and her Brother Wei was poor. Actually, it was just a joke. Beauty Wu planned to wait for the child to be half a year old before going out to work. She didn’t want to be a police officer anymore and wanted to find a job related to this profession.

As she spoke, Wei Shuyi happened to call and ask Beauty Wu what she wanted to eat for lunch. He could come back and make it for her. Beauty Wu said that Qiao Jiusheng was here and planned to go shopping with Qiao Jiusheng, so she refused to come back. Wei Shuyi asked Qiao Jiusheng to pick up the phone again.

Qiao Jiusheng called out to Brother Wei and heard Wei Shuyi say, “Xiao Sheng, please help me take care of Beauty. If there’s anything heavy, help her carry it. Don’t let her eat ice. Stay away from the road when you walk…”

Wei Shuyi had become especially concerned recently.

Qiao Jiusheng did not know whether to laugh or cry when she heard this. She replied, “Wet Nurse Wei, do you want me to carry your Beauty Wu in a big bridal sedan?”

Wei Shuyi was speechless.

Wei Shuyi was stunned by his new nickname. After a moment of silence, he said helplessly, “Alright, be careful.”

“I’m hanging up.” Qiao Jiusheng quickly hung up.

After returning the phone to Beauty Wu, she couldn’t help but want to complain. She said to her, “Your Brother Wei is getting more and more wishy-washy. Does he always nag like this at home?”

Beauty Wu was clearly used to it.

“This is good. I like it.”

“Yes, yes, yes. You love your Brother Wei as a prince, and you love him as a beggar too. You two really love each other.” The two of them joked and left Beauty Wu’s apartment building. Wei Shuyi had already sold his house and bought a piece of land a while ago. In the suburbs, he had already hired someone to design a house and started building it.

They would be able to move into their new home by the end of the year.

Just as Beauty Wu and Wei Shuyi had hoped, they would build a small three-story house, dig a swimming pool at the entrance, and create a children’s playground behind the house. Beauty Wu wore flat white shoes. When she went downstairs, she kept holding the stairs. Qiao Jiusheng said, “It’s not convenient to climb the stairs when you’re pregnant, right? Why don’t you rent a house? One that has an elevator.”

Beauty Wu shook her head and said, “How can I be so delicate? My body is good, so it’s good to climb the stairs.”

These words were true. Beauty Wu’s physical fitness was very good. When she was pregnant, she walked and did things. She did not look like a pregnant woman at all and was extremely carefree.


Wei Shuyi’s car drove to the hospital. Beauty Wu only had one motorcycle. Since they were going out together, she had to ride in Qiao Jiusheng’s car. Qiao Jiusheng was in charge of driving while Beauty Wu sat behind. It was safer for her to sit in the backseat.

The two of them chatted about children and various things that girls were interested in. Finally, they arrived at the shopping street.

Although Qiao Jiusheng despised Wei Shuyi for being long-winded, when they really reached the street, Qiao Jiusheng still let Beauty Wu walk inside while she walked to the side of the car. After buying things, she was in charge of taking them. Anyway, she was strong.

As she already knew the gender of the baby, when Beauty Wu chose the baby’s products, she only selected those for girls.

Qiao Jiusheng had her eyes on a girl’s dress. It was especially beautiful and red. The moment Qiao Jiusheng entered the shop, she was locked onto the dress. She took off the dress and touched it, loving it even more. Beauty Wu was choosing other things when she heard Qiao Jiusheng mutter, “It’s good to have a daughter!”

Beauty Wu did not know whether to laugh or cry. She walked to Qiao Jiusheng’s side and took the dress. She said, “If it looks good, buy it.”

Qiao Jiusheng said, “Let me pay for all the clothes you bought for the baby today.” She touched Beauty Wu’s stomach and said in a daze, “I can’t give birth to a daughter myself. At least let me have the taste of raising a princess.”

Beauty Wu did not stand on ceremony with her.

Qiao Jiusheng pushed the shopping cart and bought a few sets of clothes in the shop according to the different months.

Beauty Wu was a little smart. She asked her jokingly, “I might as well give the child to you to raise.”

She was just joking, but when Qiao Jiusheng heard this, her eyes lit up. “Really?” She started to fantasize about that scene, and the more she thought about it, the more tempted she was. “I’m willing. Let the child stay at my house. You go to work with Brother Wei and pick her up at night. I’ll cover her three meals a day…”

Beauty Wu had no choice but to expose Qiao Jiusheng’s fantasy. She said mercilessly, “Don’t even think about it.”

Qiao Jiusheng’s face fell. “You’re so heartless. You’re unreasonable.”

Beauty Wu sighed and said, “Since you want a daughter so much, why don’t you talk to Fang Yusheng? Maybe he will agree?”

Qiao Jiusheng stopped talking.

After shopping on the streets, the two of them ate lunch outside before Qiao Jiusheng sent Beauty Wu home. She helped her carry her things upstairs and took a nap on her bed. Then, the two of them ate some afternoon snacks. Qiao Jiusheng saw that it was getting late and went home.

The traffic in the city was very congested at this time. Qiao Jiusheng drove her sports car like a turtle. She was still a long distance away from the traffic light when the lights turned red. Seeing that she would not be able to reach her anytime soon, Qiao Jiusheng simply turned off the engine.

Her sports car was parked in the traffic and was very eye-catching. She did not put down the convertible and sat in the car. The people outside could not see her clearly. She saw the owner of the land rover next door whistling at her car. It was a man.

Seeing that he was quite good-looking, Qiao Jiusheng’s interest was piqued. She rolled down the car window and whistled at the man. When Qiao Jiusheng was young, she had been fooling around with Wei Xin and knew how to play with guys. The whistle she made was even more meaningful than the man’s.

The man beamed.

This was a peer.

When the man saw that the driver of the sports car was so beautiful, his eyes lit up. “Beauty, let’s add each other on WeChat!”

The man smiled charmingly at Qiao Jiusheng, and his two crooked teeth were especially cute. He was a rather cute man, but he was a little lecherous. Qiao Jiusheng said, “Sure.”

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