Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful! - Chapter 896 - Don’t Tell Me Those Guards Are Looking For You?

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Chapter 896: Don’t Tell Me Those Guards Are Looking For You?

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“Everyone, please calm down.”

What a joke, General Major Runge had issued a command on this incident and no one was allowed to speak of what happened earlier on. Moreover, it was something so embarrassing and he was unwilling to mention it either.

The President said with a hint of displeasure in his tone of voice, “It was just a normal experiment that happened in our research lab. Nothing big happened. Please leave the vicinity right away.”

The President turned around and left after he said this piece of information.

He did not have the thought of staying behind another second longer.

The President was in a complicated mood as he thought to himself, “Why did the robot technology in China advance so quickly? Or could it be that Zi Yi from China is basically an unparalleled genius?”

If that was really the case, can Country D still keep its reputation as the top country in robot technology?

He was simply afraid of thinking of anything further.

After the China team was released, the Director of Country D’s robot research lab personally apologized to them on their official website. His tone of voice sounded very sincere, but he never mentioned a single reason why the explosion happened in the lab.

Many people were all making guesses in private.

“This incident is surely not as simple as it seems. In the beginning, Country D looked so forceful and confident when they detained the China team. How could they have let them go so easily?”

“Could it be that China gave them plenty of benefits or that they had promised them something?”

“It doesn’t look like it. If China really promised them something, they would not have revealed proud expressions when they walked out.”

Even though the China team did not speak a single word at that time, one could tell from their expressions that they were the winning party.

“Could it be that the China team produced evidence proving that they weren’t the culprits?”

“It’s likely. Country D isn’t to be trifled with. But I’m curious as to how the China team produced the evidence and how they dug out the evidence. The evidence they produced must have been very strong, for the top leader of the research lab to personally step out and apologize.”

“No matter what, the China team is the biggest winner this time.”

“You’re right.”

No matter how other people had speculated in private, the China team and Country D robot research lab did not mention anything about the explosion.

Thus, the discussion slowly became as though it was a normal experiment that had happened in the research lab.

“Zi Yi, what did you do to Country D’s robot research lab?”

By the time Qin Ze found Zi Yi, she was currently seated in a barbeque shop and enjoying her barbecue.

Zi Yi pointed at the stool beside her and said, “Sit.”

Qin Ze sat down and a staff member immediately brought him chopsticks and a bowl.

This was a rather lively street where snacks were sold all around. No matter what country it was, these types of snack streets could be found everywhere. Not to mention, this barbeque shop was opened by a Chinese person.

Qin Ze placed a piece of pork belly on the grill and looked at the pieces of meat that were already sizzling. He then took a piece without the slightest hesitation and ate it before giving Zi Yi a thumbs up. “I didn’t expect you to be good at barbecuing.”

Zi Yi proudly raised her chin slightly and said without the slightest sense of modesty. “Of course.”

Qin Ze grabbed another piece and when he grabbed the third piece, Zi Yi finally could not take it anymore and rolled her eyes at him. “You’re not allowed to eat the ones I have barbecued.”

Qin Ze’s chopsticks paused and he scoffed at her. “Cheapskate.”

However, he did not continue reaching for the meat she had cooked.

Subsequently, he changed the topic back to the explosion. “You haven’t answered me. Exactly what did you do to them?”

“Is there even a need to ask? I just taught them a good lesson and following that, they have all become obedient.”

“…” Qin Ze then asked “How did you teach them a lesson?”

He was extremely curious about it.

Zi Yi simply refused to say and she started to barbecue her meat with a serious level of concentration. While grilling, she said, “Hurry up and eat. We’ll go prepare items we need before we leave.”

“Where are we going?”

Zi Yi shot him a glare and could not be bothered to answer him.

Qin Ze also felt that his question was a little idiotic. He touched his nose embarrassedly and said, “That place is located in the north and the environment is very harsh. Where will we be staying when we are there?”

“We’ll be staying at the nearest village to that place.”

“How far away is it from there?”

“More than two hundred kilometers away.”

Qin Ze nodded his head and did not continue asking questions as he started to grill the meat seriously.

When both of them were eating halfway, Qin Ze told Zi Yi about how he escaped from those who were chasing him.

“I went into a bar and just so happened to meet someone from China. She helped me.”


In fact, Zi Yi was not that curious about it. She only asked, “Are you sure you managed to shake them off?”

Qin Ze subconsciously glanced outside after Zi Yi asked him that question.

He did not notice anything unusual and he said, “To be honest, I’m not one hundred percent sure either. Those people following me weren’t concealing themselves at all and I believe their purpose wasn’t to detain me either. I guess that their main goal was you.”

The corner of Zi Yi’s lips curved up.

Qin Ze knew that his guess was right from her reaction. He felt a little vexed. If he knew about it, he would have stayed inside the hotel. He could still be lying on the bed and enjoying the air conditioning in the room.

Just then, his phone rang.

When he took it out to take a look, Qin Ze got a surprise. “My Dad is actually calling me?”

Zi Yi was amused by his shocked expression and she continued eating the meat she had grilled.

It took Qin Ze a few seconds before he swiped and answered the call. The other party said something and he angrily said, “Dad, just how much do you wish for me to get caught? I’m with the brat right now.”

Zi Yi shot him a cold glare and Qin Ze pretended not to see anything as he continued to speak, “I know, don’t worry. I didn’t provoke her and I had long shaken off my chasers. Besides, they weren’t aiming to capture me in the first place either… I know, I know… I’m really doubting if I’m your biological son or if she is actually your biological daughter instead… Haha… alright, I got it. Bye.”

After Qin Ze hung up the call, he teased Zi Yi. “You must have fed my father with some soul-bewitching soup. He actually asked me to take good care of you and to pay for everything if you wanted to eat something.”

“Shouldn’t that be the case? I helped you earn so much money and so what if you have to foot my bills?”

Qin Ze touched his nose and realized that he had nothing to say.

Zi Yi and Qin Ze had yet to finish their barbecue when all of a sudden, two Chinese people suddenly came in. These two people just so happened to sit next to them and one of them said in a surprised tone of voice, “I wonder what happened today. There are guards all around the street and everyone has to have their identity checked.”

The other person guessed. It’s possible that they are checking for illegal immigrants. After all, many people here do not have any identification cards.”

“I don’t think so. If they were really searching for illegal immigrants, the people here would have been informed of the news in advance. Moreover, they would not have dispatched so many guards.”

“Could it be that some terrorists are lurking among us?”

“I highly doubt so. If that’s really the case, we should go back as soon as possible. Otherwise, we might lose our lives in the event that we encounter such an incident.”

“You’re right. In that case, let’s order some food and get the boss to package it so that we can eat it at home…”

“That works too.”

The both of them stood up and headed to the front.

Qin Ze leaned forward and lowered his voice to ask Zi Yi, “Don’t tell me those guards are looking for you?”

Zi Yi did not care about it at all and continued eating as she said, “So what if they are looking for me?”

Qin Ze sat up straight and scoffed. “It seems like you really did something to the robot research lab.”

Just as Zi Yi was about to answer, Shadow’s reminder sounded in her ears. “Master, those people are here.”

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