Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful! - Chapter 897 - Zi Yi Get’s Chased

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Chapter 897: Zi Yi Get’s Chased

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Zi Yi nodded her head and then placed her chopsticks to one side before she said to Qin Ze, “I’ll be going. You can slowly finish eating.”

Having said that, she stood up and left in the direction of the back door.

As soon as Zi Yi left, several guards made their way inside.

The guards stood outside the main entrance and took a look around before they made their way straight to Qin Ze.

One of the guards asked, “Where’s the woman who was with you?”

Qin Ze smiled at them and pointed at the back door. “She left through the back door.”

He continued eating his barbecue after answering.

The guards made eye contact with each other and the guard who had questioned Qin Ze used the communication device to inform the rest about the situation.

Subsequently, he said to the two other guards, “You’ll stay here and watch him, we’ll go and chase after her.”

Having said that, he headed for the back door.

With the two guards looking at him, Qin Ze did not feel burdened or uncomfortable at all as he continued grilling the meal. He even waved to one of the staff members to ask for a bottled soft drink. After he had his drink, he looked at the two guards who were standing in front of him like pillars and he asked with a grin, “Do you want to sit down and have something to eat while keeping guard?”

None of the guards made eye contact with him.

The smile on Qin Ze’s lips widened.

Even if he did not feel uncomfortable, it did not mean the same for the other customers. In a short period of time, all the customers in the barbecue shop were more or less gone. Even the staff members had hid themselves. Only the boss who was standing behind the window stared in their direction with an expression as if saying: “When the hell are they going to leave?”

After Qin Ze had his fill, he finally had some conscience and shouted, “Boss, round up the bill please.”

The boss was a middle-aged man in his forties. He immediately dashed over with the bill in his hand after hearing Qin Ze’s shout. However, he maintained a distance of about two meters from the table.

The boss held the bill and said, “Sir, your… your bill comes up to 185 dollars. You can pay me 180 dollars and that will do.”

Qin Ze took out a nice looking leather wallet and took out 200 dollars worth of bills before he said generously, “No need for you to give me the change.”

The boss pointed at Qin Ze’s table. “Mister, you can just put the money on the table.”

Qin Ze nodded his head, put the money on the table, put away his wallet, and headed outside.

The two guards immediately followed him.

When Qin Ze arrived at the entrance, he suddenly turned around and smiled at the two guards before he immediately started running away at full speed.

“Hold it!”

The boss who was standing there was stunned. Sometime later, he murmured to himself, “Don’t tell me that man earlier was a terrorist?”

At the thought of this, his heart skipped a beat and he calmed himself down. “It’s ok, it’s ok!”

Qin Ze managed to shake off the two guards very soon and at the same time, his phone rang. After he answered the call, Zi Yi said, “Come to XX Street.”

When Qin Ze arrived at the street, a car drove over and stopped in front of him.

He walked over and got in the car. Zi Yi threw him a box that contained a mask. “Change that face of yours.”

Qin Ze immediately took out the mask and asked, “Are we heading there directly?”

“We’ll go and buy some things first.”

Qin Ze thought that what she meant by buying things was to buy equipment that would be useful. He never expected that what she meant by buying things was instead going to the supermarket and not to mention, everything she picked up was food-related.

Qin Ze, who was responsible for pushing the trolley, could not hold back anymore. After the trolley was filled up at a fast speed, he asked, “You’re only buying these things?”

“Mmh.” Zi Yi motioned to him. “Push this over to the cashier and foot the bill first. Get one of the supermarket staff members to carry the bags to our car, while you push another trolley.”

“…You’re still buying?!”

“Of course. I’ve already prepared a van to load all these things into.”


In the end, Zi Yi had at least bought four trolleys worth of things before she left the supermarket.

This time, both of them headed to the building Zi Yi stayed in last night.

After walking into the kitchen, Zi Yi said, “Your room is downstairs. Choose whichever room you like.”

Having said that, she was about to go up when Qin Ze called out to her, “Hey, Zi Yi. When are we leaving?”


When Zi Yi returned to the bedroom, Lu Jingye sent her a video call.

She turned on the virtual screen and while she was taking off her mask, she called out, “Ah Jing.”

Lu Jingye looked at her and said, “I received a phone call from Runge.”

“Hmm?” Zi Yi stopped what she was doing and furrowed her eyebrows. “Don’t tell me he’s trying to start with you after he failed in trying to find my whereabouts?”

Having said that, she finished taking off the mask and said, “What terms did he offer, thinking that it could keep me?”

“The position of the Vice Director of Country D’s robot research lab.”

Zi Yi did not take her time when she took off the mask. Instead, she tore it off and said in slight surprise, “He’s planning to give me such an important position?”

Lu Jingye looked at her slightly reddened skin and said out of concern for her, “Don’t be so rough when you take off your mask. Your skin is all red.”

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