Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School - Chapter 2069 - Strong Sense of Responsibility

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Chapter 2069: Strong Sense of Responsibility

If one rushed ahead and got a number card at the end without being attacked, others wouldn’t grab it away as long as there were number cards left on the board. Only when the number cards were all taken would the participants begin to steal them from each other.

By then, there would be more people with number cards than those without, so it was good luck if he or she could hold a number card till the end.

In addition, if there were several number cards left when the first part of the game was over, one could directly pick a number card up, which was very easy but it rarely happened.

Because the aim of participants of the first part was to get a number card instead of having a fight, normally they wouldn’t attack the others unless someone stood in their way. They usually fought with each other at the end when they tried to steal the others’s number cards.

In fact, the rules of the first part seemed a little childish, but it was necessary to select a certain number of people to get into the second part of the game.

It was unfair to do that by lot because participants would have no chance to show their abilities.

Although luck affected their performance to some extent in the first part, they still mostly relied on their abilities to stand out of the crowd, because most participants would choose to beat those at a low level first. No one was willing to mess with cultivators who were at a high level after all. Therefore, cultivators without outstanding abilities would become the first target.

Without surprise, some cultivators at a low level were soon beaten from the platform.

At the beginning, few people chose to attack other participants right away, but there were too many people on the stage, so fights were unavoidable.

Most participants were unwilling to fight against cultivators at a high level, so Leng Shaoting, Dongfang Ziyu, and Jing Yunyan were seldom attacked. They were too strong to be beaten after all. Therefore, they smoothly got to the end, and didn’t have any conflicts under a tacit agreement. Because they were at the same high level, it wasn’t good if they had conflicts right now.

As a result, people like Jing Yunyan, Dongfang Ziyu, and Yin Ruyan easily reached the end and successfully got number cards.

Leng Shaoting could go get one before other participants, but he didn’t rush. Instead, he chose to wait for Gu Ning and Mo Qilin.

Because Gu Ning and Mo Qilin were at a very average level among the participants, they could be eliminated if they weren’t careful. If they were lucky, they might succeed. Therefore, they were the target of most participants and many people went to attack them.

When Gu Ning and Mo Qilin were under attack, Leng Shaoting didn’t help them because he knew that Gu Ning could handle it. Gu Ning had also told him to leave the trouble to them as long as they weren’t in danger so that they could improve. Leng Shaoting agreed and watched on the sidelines.

Seeing that Leng Shaoting had no intention of helping them, more and more people went to attack Gu Ning and Mo Qilin. However, none of them succeeded.

It was a little hard for Mo Qilin to fight back, but it couldn’t be easier for Gu Ning to do so because those who attacked them were mainly at the same level as them.

They attacked Gu Ning and Mo Qilin in twos and threes.

Leng Shaoting was told to stand away, but he sometimes gave them a helping hand when Mo Qilin was out of strength.

When Leng Shaoting helped them, other participants realized that Leng Shaoting would do something to help them out, so they gradually left.

Jing Yunyan and Dongfang Ziyu’s teammates existed because they needed to support Jing Yunyan and Dongfang Ziyu, while Leng Shaoting had to help his teammates. Jing Yunyan showed mockery towards Leng Shaoting and thought that he was dumb. After all, they took part in this game simply for personal benefits.

Jing Yunyan was indeed as selfish as he was cold-blooded.

Dongfang Ziyu didn’t bother to laugh at Leng Shaoting. Instead, she respected him for helping his teammates. However, although she respected him, they had different purposes, so she would only care about herself.

The audience witnessed the scene as well. Some made fun of Leng Shaoting, while some showed respect to him. Anyway, there were more people who were respectful of Leng Shaoting, so selfish people were comparatively fewer.

In front of the hall sat Bai Lingtian and the other elders.

Yun Hongqing said in a complimentary tone, “Shangguan, you have a great disciple. He can directly go to take a number card on his own, but he doesn’t. He chose to stay and wait for his teammates. He has a strong sense of responsibility! Qilin is really lucky that he can team up with them.”

They had become more familiar with each other now, so they stopped calling one another senior.

After Yun Hongqing said that, many people were displeased, including Dongfang Ziyu’s master, Shi Xiaoyang, Dongfang Ziyu’s grandfather, Dongfang He, Yin Ruyan’s grandfather, Yin Wandian, Yin Ruyan’s master, Fu Ziyi, Jing Yunyan’s father, Jing Yaorong, and so on.

Because Dongfang Ziyu and the others went to get a number card first and left their teammates to fight alone, it seemed they lacked a sense of responsibility.

It was a group game and participants could team up, but it wasn’t a team game after all. Why did Yun Hongqing have to emphasize the sense of responsibility? They were displeased, but said nothing about it.

Although Fu Ziyi was Yin Ruyan’s master, he wasn’t as selfish as the Yin family, so he actually agreed with Yun Hongqing.

“Of course! Both Qing He and Qing Feng have a strong sense of responsibility, so there is no need for you to be worried. Your disciple will be fine,” said Shangguan Yang happily.

“I’m not worried at all. I’m just afraid Qilin might be a drag on Qing He and Qing Feng,” said Yun Hongqing. It wasn’t a courtesy, but he said that with sincerity. He used to hope that Mo Qilin could team up with Shangguan Yang’s disciples, but now he began to worry that Mo Qilin might hinder them. He didn’t expect them to protect Mo Qilin, so he felt a little embarrassed now.

In the short fight, Yun Hongqing could see that Qing He was excellent at martial arts although her cultivation level wasn’t high. She was at the same level as Mo Qilin, but she looked relaxed while Mo Qilin seemed exhausted. After all, she was Shangguan Yang’s disciple!

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