Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School - Chapter 2513 - Against the Patriarch

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Chapter 2513: Against the Patriarch


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“How dare you! Mind your attitude! How could you talk to me like that?” Jing Yaorong was completely angered by Jing Jining’s attitude.

“Why not? Just because you’re the patriarch? If you were a good patriarch, I’d respect you and be polite to you. But you’re an evil, cruel, and selfish man! Even a monster would not hurt its own children!” Jing Jining mocked.

“You…” Jing Yaorong was furious and immediately raised his hand to slap Jing Jining.

Jing Jining saw it and avoided it right away, but he was a second late due to the gap between their levels. Lickily, the palm which should have hit his chest only fell on his shoulder.

Because Jing Yaorong was angry, he used a lot of strength. He directly knocked Jing Jining out of his study causing him to fall in the yard.

Nevertheless, it didn’t cause serious injuries, and Jing Jining was only lightly injured.

Right when Jing Jining was knocked to the ground in the yard, Jing Yanhua and his wife rushed over. When they witnessed that scene, they got angry.

Junior Mrs. Jing rapidly went ahead to help Jing Jining get back to his feet, while Jing Yanhua protected Jing Jining behind him. He was afraid that Jing Yaorong would injure Jing Jining again.

Even though he wasn’t comparable to Jing Jining, as a father, he stood out for his son without hesitation at this moment.

After that, he glared at Jing Yaorong and angrily shouted, “Yaorong, do you think I was joking when you talked with me that day? I told you that if you dare to hurt my son, I’ll report your bad deeds to Tiandaozong. Do you dare to kill all of us?”

He thought that Jing Yaorong would control his temper and wouldn’t hurt Jing Jining, but he was wrong. Shortly after Jing Jining got home, he was injured. It was hard for Jing Yanhua not to be mad! To be honest, he was furious right now.

Actually, Jing Yaorong just lost control for a moment, and regretted doing it the next second. He was also afraid that Jing Yanhua would really report his bad deeds to Tiandaozong. However, when he was questioned by Jing Yanhua, he felt embarrassed and got angrier.

“He’s junior to me, yet he has no respect for me, the patriarch of the Jing family! He must remember his manners!” Jing Yaorong shouted. As the patriarch, he must defend his face.

Hearing that, Jing Yanhua was struck dumb for a second. As a junior member, Jing Jining shouldn’t be disrespectful to the patriarch, but it shouldn’t be a reason for Jing Yaorong to injure Jing Jining. Therefore, even though Jing Yanhua agreed that it was Jing Jijing’s fault, he didn’t think his son deserved the punishment.

“I know it’s Jinings fault that he’s disrespectful to you, but you shouldn’t injure him just because of that!” Jing Yanhua said.

“If he hadn’t angered me, I wouldn’t have lost my temper.” Jing Yaorong was mad too. “He said that he doesn’t treat me as the patriarch. Does he want to replace me?

He obviously knew that that wasn’t Jing Jinings meaning, but he was determined to hurl the blame on Jing Jining. Besides, Jing Jining hadn’t told him that Jing Yunyao was still alive, which meant Jing Jining wanted Jing Yunyao to pay him back.

Although Jing Jining might not benefit from his death, he still needed a good reason to punish Jing Jining.

“Bullshit!” Jing Yanhua was clearly aware that his son never had that idea, so he retorted.

In the past, Jing Jining didn’t have that idea, but he had that thought afterwards. However, he couldn’t admit it, so he only sneered. “Did I say that I don’t treat you as the patriarch? Please don’t get me wrong. I just said that if you were a good patriarch, I’d respect you and be polite to you. But you’re an evil, cruel, and selfish man. Even a monster would not hurt its own children… I never said that I don’t treat you as the patriarch. I don’t take that blame!”

Jing Yaorong was extremely displeased, but he couldn’t tolerate it when Jing Jining argued with him. “Doesn’t it mean that you have no respect for me? No matter what, I’m still the patriarch of the Jing family. You must have respect for me! If you dare to do that, you’re going against me.”

“Fine, I’m going against you, the patriarch! Then what? Are you going to kill me? Do you dare to do that?” Jing Jining summoned up his courage. He was afraid of death, but he knew that Jing Yaorong didn’t dare to kill him. If Jing Yaorong dared to do that, Jing Yaorong wouldn’t survive.

‘You…” Being challenged by Jing Jining, Jing Yaorong really had the impulse to kill him, but he didn’t dare to, unless he was willing to lose his life too.

However, if he couldn’t teach Jing Jining a lesson, his anger wouldn’t go away.

‘Jining, stop it now!” Jing Yanhua couldn’t stand Jing Jinings words any longer and immediately snapped at him.

Even though he was also aware that Jing Yaorong wouldn’t really kill Jing Jining, there was no need to make the situation worse.

Jing Jining said nothing further, but he was obviously reluctant to give in. He wasn’t afraid of Jing Yaorong now. Although Jing Yaorong could injure him, he wouldn’t dare to.

Jing Yanhua wanted Jing Jining to stop, but that didn’t mean that he would force Jing Jining to accept the humiliation. He still wanted Jing Yaorong to give an explanation for injuring Jing Yaorong.

Right at this moment, Senior Mrs. Jing, Jing Yunfei, Jing Yunyan, Liu and Jing Bingjie came together.

When they saw Jing Jining, they showed hatred in their eyes. They blamed him for not telling them that Jing Yunyao was still alive.

Although nearly all the members of the Jing Yaorongs family were here, Jing Yanhua didn’t seem scared at all.

‘Master, what did he say?” Senior Mrs. Jing asked Jing Yaorong once she walked over. Because Jing Yaorong was here, they couldn’t question Jing Jining.

“It’s Jing Yunyao,” said Jing Yaorong in an unhappy tone.

Hearing that, everyone was even more displeased. However, because they were already aware that the woman was highly likely to be Jing Yunyao, they weren’t too surprised when they heard the answer.

Jing Yunyao and his wife also heard it, but they were happy to know that the woman was Jing Yunyao.

In an instant, Senior Mrs. Jing turned to look at Jing Jining with deep hostility.. It seemed as if she couldn’t wait to beat him!

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