Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 3153 - Chapter 227 - God-Ranked! God-Ranked Again!

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Chapter 227 – God-Ranked! God-Ranked Again!

“Let’s follow them quickly, Teacher,” Tao Yuwei urged, her eyes glowing with excitement when she saw that the several great alliances’ team had gone to surround Asura’s team. “It’s not often we get to see battles between God-ranked experts. If we miss this fight, who knows when another opportunity will come.”

“Okay, let’s head over as well, then,” Thousand Swords said, chuckling when he saw the anxious look on Tao Yuwei’s face.

Tier 6 God-ranked experts rarely revealed themselves to others. Even the various superpowers’ executives would have difficulty meeting with Tier 6 God-ranked experts. The only reason so many God-ranked experts were gathered in the Boundary Mountain Range was due to the second underground level’s importance.

Battles between Tier 6 God-ranked experts were likewise incredibly rare. This was because Tier 6 God-ranked experts were the various superpowers’ trump cards. A superpower would be exposing their trump card if they had their God-ranked experts fight other God-ranked experts.


There was no way for players to “fumble” their way to Tier 6. Even the weakest Tier 6 God-ranked expert was an expert among experts. Even if this so-called weakest God-ranked expert couldn’t win against a hostile God-ranked expert, they’d have no trouble withdrawing from the battlefield alive.

Hence, unless one side was confident in defeating the other side easily, rarely would any superpower be willing to mobilize their God-ranked experts.

However, now that everyone was at Tier 3 in the Miniature Ancient World, God-ranked experts wouldn’t have to worry about exposing their respective Guild’s trump cards. At most, they’d be exposing their individual combat standards. As for their weapons and equipment, revealing these items was of no significance since they weren’t Legendary Weapons and Equipment.

After Thousand Swords finished speaking, World Dominators’ and Blackwater’s members began following after the several great alliances’ team in a defensive formation. Although they had already taken care of the nearby Void Eudemons, if a new group were to suddenly respawn on them, their small team of 100 would get annihilated if they were caught unprepared.

After advancing steadily for around ten minutes, Thousand Swords and the others came across the encirclement formed by Chiyang Tianhe and the others.

Currently, the 1,000-man team had split into four detached teams. Chiyang Tianhe, Ruthless Sky, and Death Omen each led a 200-man team. As for the fourth team, although it didn’t have a God-ranked expert leading it, the team was made up of 400 Flowing Water Realm experts and above. This ensured that Asura’s team wouldn’t have an easy time escaping regardless of the direction it chose to break through from.


“Huh? Why aren’t they moving?” Gu Yiren muttered in confusion when he saw Chiyang Tianhe and the others standing still and doing nothing. “Has Asura’s team been killed by the Void Eudemons already?”

“No, they seem to be looking at something,” Tao Yuwei said, noting that the several great alliances’ members were all staring at a particular location. “Maybe they are waiting for Asura’s team to finish fighting before launching a surprise attack?”

According to the previous report, Asura’s team was in the middle of a battle. Seeing as Chiyang Tianhe and the others were simply standing still without doing anything, the only explanation Tao Yuwei could come up with was that they were waiting for Asura’s team to finish fighting.

However, Tao Yuwei couldn’t help but be surprised by her conclusion. After all, Asura’s team would be most susceptible to surprise attacks when engaged in battle with monsters. She found it astonishing that Chiyang Tianhe and the others would have such a chivalric spirit.

Thousand Swords was also very surprised by this situation. Based on his understanding of Chiyang Tianhe’s personality, the man was undoubtedly a ruthless person. Chiyang Tianhe would kill his opponents without hesitation even if they surrendered and willingly offered up their weapons and equipment. There was no way such a ruthless person wouldn’t attack an opponent engaged in battle.


Not to mention, Chiyang Tianhe wasn’t the only person here. There was also Death Omen, the commander of the Flower of Seven Sins’ Sin of Pride. She was a woman who regarded assassination as her life. It was in her nature to launch sneak attacks. To say that she had a chivalric spirit was to say that elephants could fly.

Meanwhile, after Thousand Swords and the others moved closer to Chiyang Tianhe’s group, they were immediately dumbfounded by what they saw.

Just like the report stated, Asura’s team was indeed engaged in battle. However, Asura’s team wasn’t fighting a group of Great Lord ranked Void Eudemons but a Level 116 Mythic ranked Realm Lord instead.

[Void Serpent (Realm Lord Barron)] (Void Creature, Mythic)

Level 116

HP 8,000,000,000

The Void Serpent’s eight billion HP would be astonishing even in the outside world. In the Boundary Mountain Range’s second underground level, it was an amount that could induce despair.

Tier 4 Mythic monsters had much greater Defense than Tier 3 Great Lords. Even a Tier 3 expert, armed to the teeth with Epic items, could only cause around one million damage to a Mythic monster with the help of a Tier 3 Skill. Moreover, that was under the assumption that the Mythic monster did not block the attack.

Meanwhile, Realm Lords were monsters that came with a Mana Domain. They could weaken the effects of hostile Skills and Spells drastically. Even if players had a Mana Domain of their own to counter it with, their Skills and Spells would still be weakened by a significant margin.

Even assuming that the entire raid went smoothly, a 100-man team would still need at least an hour to defeat the Void Serpent after considering the Realm Lord’s frightening battle recovery. Meanwhile, it simply wasn’t possible for players to do battle for one hour straight in the Boundary Mountain Range’s second underground level.


However, the Void Serpent wasn’t the reason Thousand Swords and the others were shocked.

No wonder that old fellow isn’t moving! He’d be crazy if he dared to make a move! The corners of Thousand Swords’ eyes twitched as he watched Asura’s team fighting.

Eight suspected God-ranked experts!

This was a number enough to make him doubt life. It was as if the almighty Tier 6 God-ranked experts in God’s Domain suddenly became cabbages that could be seen everywhere…

Aside from Shi Feng and the woman who had previously shattered the Crimson Demon Barrier, there were six other God-ranked experts in Asura’s team. Among them, the three-meter-tall man wielding two sabers was single-handedly holding back the Void Serpent.

Even while subjected to the second underground level’s suppression, the three-meter-tall man still shook even space itself with every attack, his attacks putting the Void Serpent at an absolute disadvantage. Or, more specifically, the Realm Lord was losing a competition of Strength to the three-meter-tall man…

Moreover, although the three-meter-tall man looked like he was wildly brandishing his sabers at the Void Serpent on the surface, peak experts and above could tell that the man wasn’t just randomly swinging his weapons. Instead, he had perfectly leveraged his opponent’s strength to his own advantage, using the impact he received from blocking the Void Serpent’s attacks to propel his counterattacks. This allowed him to conserve his energy and enhance the power of his attacks.


On top of that, the man could perfectly integrate the power of the Void Serpent’s attacks into his own. So, whenever his saber landed on the Void Serpent, the Realm Lord would shudder from the impact, and its HP would fall by over ten million. The three-meter-tall man was more monstrous than even the monster he was going up against…

Another Beyond Domain Realm expert?

This was the only possibility Thousand Swords could think of when he saw the three-meter-tall man’s astonishing display of technique.

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