Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 3154 - Chapter 228 - Moving Disasters?

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Chapter 228 – Moving Disasters?

Two Beyond Domain Realm God-ranked experts?! Jing Yang’s eyes widened in shock as he watched Kasio holding back the Void Serpent all by himself. Could I be dreaming?

Unlike powers that failed to secure an administrative seat in the Asura Mercenary Alliance, Jing Yang was well aware that the mercenary alliance was nothing more than an independent organization established by Zero Wing. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that aside from Witch’s Sin, every other power in Asura was an insignificant existence.

As for Witch’s Sin’s strength and foundation, they weren’t anything to write home about. Witch’s Sin might be seen as a superpower in the public’s eye, but any real superpower in God’s Domain would know that Witch’s Sin could, at best, be considered a very ordinary superpower with three Tier 6 God-ranked experts under its command. The Guild definitely did not have even one Beyond Domain Realm expert, let alone two.

If Witch’s Sin had two Beyond Domain Realm God-ranked experts, it would already have the strength to challenge any of the Five Great Super Guilds.


Not to mention, the two Beyond Domain Realm experts in question were current in the Miniature Ancient World. Even if Witch’s Sin managed to acquire two Beyond Domain Realm experts by some miracle, the Guild would have to be absolutely deranged to send both of them into the Miniature Ancient World.

It should be known that a Beyond Domain Realm expert who was a Tier 6 God-ranked expert and a Beyond Domain Realm expert who wasn’t at Tier 6 were two entirely different concepts.

Any Beyond Domain Realm expert that managed to reach Tier 6 would become a moving disaster. Two moving disasters working together would be more than enough to cause any of the Five Great Super Guilds to grow wary and fearful. Unless absolutely necessary, the Five Great Super Guilds absolutely would not dare to provoke a power with two Beyond Domain Realm God-ranked experts.

Indeed! This was the might of Beyond Domain Realm experts!

Hence, Jing Yang found it very hard to imagine what kind of power Zero Wing was that it would discard two moving disasters and send them into a measly Miniature Ancient World.

At this moment, Jing Yang wasn’t the only one dumbfounded by this situation. Gu Yiren, who stood next to him, was similarly stupefied.

How can this be…

Gu Yiren felt his worldview crumbling. Never in a million years did he think that the insignificant Guild he had looked down on previously would turn out to be a behemoth that even World Dominators couldn’t afford to offend.


Two moving disasters. Just how strong would a power need to be to willingly discard two moving disasters?

When Gu Yiren recalled how he had directly offended Zero Wing for a measly second-rate Guild like Shadow, he couldn’t help but find his decision to be the biggest joke he had made in his life.

Gu Yiren felt that if he were to come across Lan Hailong right now, he would probably lose control and murder the other party.

At the same time, Gu Yiren couldn’t help but feel regret. Had he chosen to sell Shi Feng a favor back then, he might have been able to establish a good relationship with Zero Wing. Meanwhile, with Zero Wing’s assistance, he could absolutely become the brightest star in World Dominators. He might even become the leader of World Dominators in the future.

“Not planning on taking action, Brother Chiyang? They’re raiding a Boss right now. You’re not going to get a better opportunity than this,” Thousand Swords jokingly said as he walked up to Chiyang Tianhe.

“Sure! You go first, then I’ll go,” Chiyang Tianhe said, rolling his eyes at Thousand Swords.

“Me?” Upon hearing Chiyang Tianhe’s words, Thousand Swords shook his head without hesitation and said, “I dare not.”

“If you don’t dare to, why should I?” Chiyang Tianhe replied nonchalantly, not the slightest bit ashamed at his cowardice. “Two Beyond Domain Realm experts and six God-ranked experts. Unless we gather all of the Five Great Super Guilds’ God-ranked experts in the Miniature Ancient World, who’d dare challenge such a team?”


If his opponent was only one Beyond Domain Realm expert, Chiyang Tianhe was confident he could kill the other party. After all, he had many peak experts supporting him.

However, a force of two Beyond Domain Realm experts and six God-ranked experts was not something Chiyang Tianhe dared to challenge.

When God-ranked experts worked together, the combat power they could unleash wouldn’t be a measly 1+1=2. Not to mention, a force of two Beyond Domain Realm experts and six God-ranked experts was already enough to form a full party and more.

If these eight experts worked together, it’d be no trouble for them to annihilate the several great alliances’ 1,000-man team. It would be akin to eight fully-armed warriors going up against 1,000 unarmed civilians. The fight would be a one-sided massacre.

“To begin with, this matter has nothing to do with the Solar Temple. Asura’s target is only the Flower of Seven Sins. Since this is the Flower of Seven Sins’ problem, it will naturally be up to the Flower of Seven Sins to resolve this problem,” Chiyang Tianhe said. “I have already done my best by mobilizing so many experts for this farce.”

“The Flower of Seven Sins probably didn’t expect to get into such trouble,” Thousand Swords said as he looked at Death Omen, who stood nearby. “By the looks of things, Asura should be planning to target the Flower of Seven Sins’ main force. With the current strength of the Flower of Seven Sins’ main force, it is unlikely to escape this approaching disaster.”


At this time, Thousand Swords couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng, a hint of realization and regret appearing in his heart.

Seeing as Zero Wing could afford to send so many God-ranked experts to the Miniature Ancient World, it was no wonder the Guild dared to challenge the Flower of Seven Sins. With how many God-ranked experts Zero Wing had, it wouldn’t be difficult for it to establish itself in the Miniature Ancient World. Zero Wing might even become a power rivaling the Five Great Super Guilds.

If World Dominators could establish a stronger partnership with such a power, it’d be of significant help to the Guild’s development in the Miniature Ancient World. Yet, he had personally cast away this wonderful opportunity…

“Zero Wing is still too weak to threaten the Flower of Seven Sins,” Death Omen said, sending a contemptuous glance at Thousand Swords. “Don’t forget why our alliances decided to work together. Our goal isn’t simply to monopolize resources in our God’s Domain but also form a united front against the other side’s God’s Domain. The other side’s God’s Domain is vastly stronger than ours. The other side’s two hegemonic powers are even participating in the operation this time. Even if Zero Wing has two Beyond Domain Realm experts and six God-ranked experts, it can do nothing but keep its head down in front of those two hegemonic powers!”


While Death Omen and the others were talking, the Void Serpent’s eight billion HP finally fell to zero. Then, its 60-meter-long body collapsed to the ground with a boom before disintegrating into particles of light and disappearing from the rainforest.

At the same time, a golden glow enveloped the bodies of Shi Feng and the others. Among them, the golden glow that enveloped Laura and Glimmer’s three vice commanders carried a hint of purple, proving that they had already gone beyond Level 120…

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