Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 3155 - Chapter 229 – Void Serpent’s Loot

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Chapter 229 – Void Serpent’s Loot

How are they so high-leveled?!

Thousand Swords and the others were confused when they saw the levels of Laura Crader and the three vice commanders of Glimmer.

Although the purple-gold glow had only appeared on Laura and the others briefly, it was like a bright light in darkness in the eyes of Tier 3 expert players. Hence, everyone present saw the purple-gold glow without fail.

Everyone here also recognized and was incredibly familiar with this purple-gold glow since it was the level-up glow they had seen the most while leveling up on the main continent. The first appearance of this purple-gold glow was also a turning point in every player’s career that determined whether they would become a powerhouse or remain an ordinary expert on the main continent.

With such high levels, it’s no wonder they managed to advance so easily. The strength the Asura Mercenary Alliance has kept hidden in the dark has probably already surpassed the main forces of our several great alliances, Chiyang Tianhe thought to himself, a frown forming on his face. No matter how he racked his mind, he simply couldn’t fathom how Laura Crader and the others had managed to reach such a high level.

At Level 120, Laura’s group of four had already exceeded the average level of the various powers’ main force members by ten levels. The Free Attribute Points players could gain from ten levels might not be significant, but there would be a significant difference in the stats provided by weapons and equipment. Assuming they were all using equipment of the same rank, Laura’s group was ahead of the various powers’ main force members by two minor grades.

Two minor grades!

In terms of Basic Attributes alone, Laura Crader’s group of four would exceed the various powers’ main force members by 30% or more. Such a huge difference in Basic Attributes was enough to let an ordinary expert defeat a Refinement Realm expert easily. The resulting combat power difference would be even greater when this Basic Attribute advantage was put in the hands of a God-ranked expert.

At this moment, Chiyang Tianhe felt fortunate that he didn’t personally make a move at the second underground level’s entrance previously. Otherwise, even as a God-ranked expert himself, he’d likely meet with an unfortunate end. Not to mention, Laura Crader was even a Beyond Domain Realm expert.

How is this possible?! Death Omen was similarly in disbelief when she saw the purple-gold glow that briefly enveloped Laura’s group of four.

She could ignore the fact that the Asura Mercenary Alliance had the numbers advantage in God-ranked experts. After all, it wasn’t exactly an impossible feat to accomplish. If the Flower of Seven Sins was willing to pay the price, it could send even more God-ranked experts into the Miniature Ancient World.

So, the fact that Asura had more God-ranked experts was only enough to show that Zero Wing was more willing to invest in the Miniature Ancient World than the Flower of Seven Sins.

But what was up with their levels?

It should be known that the various superpowers’ main force members were nowhere near Level 120. At their current levels, they’d need to work hard and grind for at least another 20 days before they could reach this level.

In other words, without the various superpowers’ knowing, the Asura Mercenary Alliance had already created a 20-day gap between them. At this moment, Death Omen couldn’t help but feel as if all the methods the Flower of Seven Sins had employed to stifle Asura’s development were nothing but a joke…

However, compared to Chiyang Tianhe and Death Omen, the surprise and shock that Liu Wusheng and Galaxy Past, who were on the same team as Laura Crader’s group, experienced was much greater.

“Even without our participation, Zero Wing can probably annihilate the Flower of Seven Sins’ main force with ease,” Liu Wusheng commented ruefully as he watched the Void Serpent’s corpse gradually disappearing.

The strength that eight…no, nine God-ranked experts could exhibit when working together far exceeded the strength of a 100-man team of peak experts. Even a Mythic ranked Realm Lord was nothing more than a slightly bigger monster in front of these nine God-ranked experts.

It wasn’t hard for Liu Wusheng to imagine what would happen if these nine God-ranked experts fought against players who didn’t even have one million HP.

“I know, right? If those powers that withdrew learn about this, they’ll absolutely rue their decision,” Galaxy Past said as he looked at Shi Feng, who stood a short distance away. At the same time, the awe he felt for the Guild known as Zero Wing had skyrocketed.

Initially, Galaxy Past had only chosen to join Zero Wing as an outer member because he thought the Guild could help him further develop his strength. He never really thought that Zero Wing could accomplish anything monumental in the Miniature Ancient World. Although Zero Wing’s subsequent accomplishments had caused him to change his mind, it wasn’t to a significant extent.

However, things were completely different now.

Eight God-ranked experts. There was also Hidden Soul, an expert who had never reached Tier 6 but had the technical capabilities of Tier 6 God-ranked experts. In other words, the Asura Mercenary Alliance currently had a total of nine God-ranked experts under its command. This was a force that none of the Five Great Super Guilds could take out in the Miniature Ancient World.

“I finally understand why you asked me to support Zero Wing all this time, Yaoyue. With so many God-ranked experts in Asura, the Five Great Super Guilds wouldn’t dare to have any ideas of Abyssal Star City even in the future,” Zhuo Yalin said in astonishment as she looked at Laura Crader and the other God-ranked experts.

Previously, few people had confidence in the Asura Mercenary Alliance because everyone knew that Asura’s advantage over the various superpowers was temporary. With only the experts it had poached from Shadow, Zero Wing and, by extension, Asura, would quickly fall behind the various superpowers once players started reaching Level 120 and got promoted to Tier 4.

However, it was a different story now that Asura had so many God-ranked experts under its command. Even after the Miniature Ancient World’s players entered the Tier 4 era, the various superpowers’ peak experts would be no threat to the Asura Mercenary Alliance.

Meanwhile, when Lin Yaoyue saw the excited look on Zhuo Yalin’s face, she didn’t know whether she should inform her friend that there were many, many more of these God-ranked experts in the Stratified Abyssal Realm. In fact, just the experts in Slumber City were already more than enough to take on the entire Miniature Ancient World…

While everyone started a discussion of their own, Shi Feng walked up to the Void Serpent’s vanishing corpse and looked at the items slowly descending from the sky.

A short moment later, a small, dazzling pile of loot formed before Shi Feng.

As a Level 116 Realm Lord, the Void Serpent rewarded an extremely large amount of EXP to the players that killed it. The awarded EXP allowed Glimmer’s four members to reach Level 121 and helped Shi Feng go from Level 114 to Level 115. Now, Shi Feng had officially entered the preparation phase for getting promoted to Tier 4.

In addition, the Void Serpent’s loot was also incredibly astonishing.

The Void Serpent had dropped 41 items, of which 23 were Inferior Legendary materials and 15 were treasure chests containing Magic Crystals, Mana Stones, and small amounts of Seven Luminaries Crystal.

Aside from these materials and treasure chests, the Void Serpent had also dropped two dazzling Epic Weapons. The weapons were a longsword and a spear, and both radiated incredibly powerful mana fluctuations.

However, Shi Feng’s gaze did not fall on any of these 40 items. Instead, his eyes were glued to the final item—a tattered parchment that only gave off small amounts of mana fluctuations.

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