Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 3239 - Chapter 313 - Astonishing Identity

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Chapter 313 – Astonishing Identity

TL Notes:

Made some changes to Chapter 306 and Chapter 311:

Chapter 306:


If players partied up before the competition, they would be put into the same batches during the preliminaries. This allowed them to cover each other’s backs and increase their chances of survival.


If players partied up before the competition, they could cover each other’s backs and increase their chances of survival if they got assigned to the same batch.

(I misinterpreted the raws.)

Chapter 311:


It should be known that Ocean Breeze, the Knight of Thousand Winds, was not only a genius who ranked 50th in the Myriad Forest Kingdom’s First Generation Rankings, but due to his class, he was also the bane of all magical classes.



It should be known that Ocean Breeze, the Knight of Thousand Winds, was not only a genius who ranked 50th among the Myriad Forest Kingdom’s younger generation, but due to his class, he was also the bane of all magical classes.

(I suspect it is a typo.)

Seventh on the God List?

Recognized by the Seven Luminaries Alliance as the Asura Sword Emperor?

Stronger than even Saint Nine?

The information Desolate Fury revealed caused Lightning Chaser’s mind to doubt his worldview.

Although Lightning Chaser understood every individual word said by Desolate Fury, these words pieced together made zero sense to him.

Setting the God List aside, just the fact that the Seven Luminaries Alliance was using a title to address a player meant that this player had already gained the Alliance’s recognition. In other words, this player would be a titled expert recognized by the entire Greater God’s Domain.

But how could Black Flame, a person who didn’t even have a Golden Leaf Emblem, be a titled expert recognized by the Seven Luminaries Alliance? Moreover, he was stronger than even Saint Nine?

No matter how Lightning Chaser looked at it, this was simply a joke.

It should be known that Saint Nine used to be one of the Ancient River Kingdom’s Ten Great Paragons. He had only withdrawn from the position after getting defeated by Saint Three.

However, that didn’t mean Saint Nine was no longer worthy of being one of the Ten Great Paragons. On the contrary, he could occupy a different position among the Ten Great Paragons whenever he wanted. Moreover, he would rank within the top five.

“Asura Sword Emperor? So, he’s that Miniature Ancient World’s rumored Asura Sword Emperor?”

“He’s the seventh paragon in that Miniature Ancient World’s God List? No wonder he can kill fourth-floor experts like he is killing ants!”

“I see! I see! So that’s why the two goddesses are showing him so much favor! If he’s someone superior to Saint Nine, even the young heiresses of the Starlight Realm’s top 100 corporations will look at him favorably!”

When the others in the plaza heard Desolate Fury’s exclamation, some of the more well-informed geniuses of hegemonic powers quickly came to a realization. At the same time, the envy in their eyes disappeared when they looked at Shi Feng in the magic mirror. Instead, replacing it was feelings of reverence.

The Greater God’s Domain was an incomparable harsh place. It was a world where might was right and where the strong preyed upon the weak.

This was because only those who were strong in the Greater God’s Domain could live a better and longer life in the Greater World. Many corporations in the Greater World even depended on the Greater God’s Domain’s powerhouses for their prosperity.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng evidently possessed the qualifications to join the ranks of the Greater God’s Domain’s powerhouses in the future. Let alone talented beauties, even young men would be tempted to make a move on him…

Brother Black Flame is that powerful?

When Midsummer, who had just concluded her first round, overheard the discussions of the surrounding players, she couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng’s figure in the mirror with widened eyes.

Although Shi Feng had already shown astonishing strength when he fought against Uncaring Arrogance’s team, his achievements mentioned by the spectating crowd were on a completely different level.

The fact that Shi Feng was stronger than Saint Nine meant that he was at least equal to Saint Three. With such strength, he could already compete for the position of the Ancient River Kingdom’s First Paragon.

While the spectators in the plaza were having their impression of Shi Feng refreshed, Shi Feng gradually walked over to Wu Xiaoxiao and the titled Assassin she fought.

When the titled Assassin saw this, he hurriedly distanced himself from Wu Xiaoxiao and eyed Shi Feng warily.

“Let’s talk things out, Brother Black Flame. I am Unforgettable Leaf, and I am from the Myriad Forest Empire’s Heavenly Boa Guild. What happened just now was just a misunderstanding. I don’t have any intentions of being your enemy. I was only buying time and waiting until the round was over. I meant to do nothing more than that,” Unforgettable Leaf hurriedly explained after taking his mask off.

A player with a Tier 5 Physique was not an opponent a Tier 4 titled expert could go up against.

His current goal was only to get into the Rookie Competition’s top 20 and advance to the Galaxy Conglomerate’s official competition. If he couldn’t get into the Rookie Competition’s top 20, the challenges he’d have to face to get into the official competition would increase drastically.

“The Heavenly Boa Guild’s Unforgettable Leaf?”

When Wu Xiaoxiao heard Unforgettable Leaf reporting his identity, she subconsciously stopped chanting her incantation, and a hint of hesitation appeared in her eyes.

Any player who had lived in the Ancient River Kingdom for some time would have most likely heard of the Heavenly Boa Guild’s name.

Where six hegemonic powers ruled the Ancient River Kingdom, three Guilds managed the Myriad Forest Empire. Meanwhile, Heavenly Boa was one of these three Guilds. The Guild was not only funded by two of the Starlight Realm’s top 100 corporations, but it also possessed a paragon that the entire Myriad Forest Empire could only see once every century. Thanks to these factors, Heavenly Boa was currently the closest existence to becoming an upper-ranking hegemonic power in the Myriad Forest Empire.

As for Unforgettable Leaf, he was quite the famous individual in the Myriad Forest Empire. He ranked 32nd during the Myriad Forest Empire’s Battle of Geniuses. Not only was he one of the reserve executives being nurtured by Heavenly Boa, but he had also taken on the position of vice commander of Heavenly Boa’s third trump card legion already. One could see how much Heavenly Boa valued him through this arrangement.

“So you know me, Miss Xiaoxiao.” Unforgettable Leaf smiled when he saw that Wu Xiaoxiao recognized him. He had previously worried that Shi Feng might not know him. However, things were fine now that Wu Xiaoxiao knew his identity.

After all, no power in the Ancient River Kingdom dared to offend Heavenly Boa.

Shi Feng might be able to do as he pleased in the Ancient River Secret Land, but once he left the secret land, the Heavenly Boa Guild would have plenty of ways to kill him.

However, even after hearing Unforgettable Leaf’s introduction, Shi Feng calmly asked, “Are you done yapping?”

“Brother Black Flame! I am here with an important mission from the Guild this time!” Unforgettable Leaf’s voice grew cold when he saw that Shi Feng did not stop approaching him. “If we continue fighting, it wouldn’t do either of us any good!”

“So, you’re saying you can kill us, but we can’t kill you. Is that right?” Shi Feng chuckled.

If Unforgettable Leaf truly intended to wait out the round, he could have simply hidden in the woods, and nobody would be able to find him. Yet, he did not do so. Instead, he had attacked them without hesitation, all because he thought he could bully them.

“I already said this is a misunderstanding, Brother Black Flame!” Unforgettable Leaf did not refute Shi Feng’s words. Instead, he lowered his voice even further as he said, “Why must you be so aggressive, Brother Black Flame? Do you think I can’t beat you or escape safely from here?”

The Assassin class possessed the greatest survivability out in the fields. If an Assassin’s initial strike failed, they could simply run away, and nobody could catch up to them.

Although Unforgettable Leaf was confident he could escape from Shi Feng, doing so would require him to use some of his trump cards. Hence, he had chosen to bear with Shi Feng. If he really made use of his trump cards, the only thing Shi Feng could do was watch him get away.

“Try and see if you can escape from me, then!”

Shi Feng said in response to Unforgettable Leaf’s confidence. Immediately afterward, a ripple of mana spread from under his feet, instantly covering a radius of 500 yards. Then, the shadow of a miniature world descended upon the covered area, isolating it from the outside world. Even the magic mirror in the plaza could no longer capture what was happening inside the affected area.

World Creation!

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