Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 3297 - Chapter 371 - Legendary Reward

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Chapter 3297 - Chapter 371 - Legendary Reward

Chapter 371 – Legendary Reward

Blood Rabbit Hotel, VIP lounge:

This time, the elderly Elementalist wasn’t the only one who doubted Shi Feng’s words. Even Laura couldn’t believe what Shi Feng had just said.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, it is nigh impossible for me to create an Advanced Epic Mana Body,” Laura said, shaking her head. “Just creating an Epic Mana Body is already my limit. The difficulty of creating an Advanced version is several times greater. If there really exists a way that can help me create an Advanced Epic Mana Body, I wouldn’t have chosen to get promoted to Tier 5 now.”

“Which is why I said it is a transaction,” Shi Feng calmly said to Laura. “I will help you create an Advanced Epic Mana Body. In return, you will help me protect Zero Wing for a month. I’m sure this is a worthwhile transaction for you, right, Commander Laura? After all, you know how hard it is to create an Advanced Epic Mana Body.”


“Are you really sure about that, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Laura asked, a confused look appearing on her face as she looked at Shi Feng.

Ever since arriving at the Miniature Ancient World, Laura thought that she had already learned everything there was to know about Zero Wing and Shi Feng. So, she couldn’t help but be puzzled by the conditions Shi Feng was presenting her with.

The Advanced Epic Mana Body was akin to a myth in the Greater God’s Domain. It was something even conglomerates and apex powers could only hope and pray to obtain.

Yet, Shi Feng spoke as if attaining it wasn’t a challenge. Instead, it was only a matter of whether he wanted to or not.

If Shi Feng truly did have a way to help others achieve an Advanced Epic Mana Body, any paragon in the Greater God’s Domain wouldn’t hesitate to work for Shi Feng for even a decade, let alone a month.

“Of course.” Shi Feng smiled and nodded. “We can even sign a God’s Domain Contract on it. If you fail to create an Advanced Epic Mana Body, you won’t have to protect Zero Wing in the Miniature Ancient World.”

The creation of an Advanced Epic Mana Body was indeed a massive challenge. Even during his previous life, Shi Feng had only ever managed to create a standard Epic Mana Body.

However, he now had the complete Hundred Refinement Building in his possession, and the Hundred Refinement Building’s second floor was specialized in helping players create Mana Bodies.

After experiencing the effects of the complete Hundred Refinement Building’s first floor himself, Shi Feng was confident that Laura, with her talent to create an Epic Mana Body without any help, could easily create an Advanced Epic Mana Body with the Hidden Construction’s help.

Honestly, with how massive of an opportunity he was offering to Laura, he would have been well within his rights even if he had asked Laura to protect Zero Wing for a much longer time. The reason he only asked Laura to help Zero Wing for a month was so that he could have an easier time pulling Laura to his side.

He had never heard of Laura’s name or her nickname of Shimmering Sword during his previous life. Yet, there was no doubt that Laura’s strength and talent far surpassed Wordless Ember and Slumbering Quicksand.

If Laura could safely develop herself, her future achievements would undoubtedly surpass Wordless Ember and Slumbering Quicksand.

“Okay, you have a deal,” Laura said. “I promise you that so long as you can help me create an Advanced Epic Mana Body, I will ensure nobody—not even the Paimon Conglomerate—can harm Zero Wing in the Miniature Ancient World for a month. I will also owe you a huge favor on top of that, and you can use this favor to ask me of anything. I will even go against an apex power if you want me to!”

“Commander?!” The elderly Elementalist was shocked by Laura’s words. He didn’t think Laura would offer such a condition to Shi Feng.

Others might think Laura was joking when she said she would go against even an apex power, but those who knew her would know that she wasn’t joking.

“Let’s sign a contract, then. However, I’ll put it out first, but you must keep my methods a secret. Unless I allow it, you must never tell a third party about my methods,” Shi Feng said as he took out the God’s Domain Contract he had prepared in advance.

“That won’t be a problem,” Laura agreed without hesitation. Then, signed Shi Feng’s contract after seeing no problems with it.

After both parties signed the contract, Shi Feng brought Laura away from the lounge, leaving behind Kasio and the others.

Blood Rabbit Hotel, VIP guest room:

While Laura was wondering how Shi Feng would help her to create an Advanced Epic Mana Body, Shi Feng took out a stone tablet and opened a space-time passage.

When Laura stepped through the space-time passage, she couldn’t help but be shocked.

“Isn’t this the Greater God’s Domain?” When Laura sensed the world suppression unique to the Greater God’s Domain, she couldn’t help but turn back and look at the vanishing space-time passage in disbelief.

Traveling between the various worlds of God’s Domain was a very troublesome affair and could normally only be achieved through World Passages. So, in a situation where a world’s World Passage remained closed, it was nigh impossible for players to travel into and out of said world.

Yet, Shi Feng had shattered this rule, accomplishing interworld travel without the use of a World Passage.

“That’s right. We are currently in the Ancient River Kingdom’s Gazing Moon City,” Shi Feng said, nodding. “But we don’t have a lot of time. I also have quite a few problems here, so we’ll need to travel incognito.”

After saying so, Shi Feng used the Sacred Phantom Ring to alter his appearance into that of a young Swordsman. He also changed his ID to Ye Feng, the one he had been using throughout his previous life. Then, after doing all that, he put on a Black Cloak.

With this, even if others used Advanced Identification Skills on him, they would only see the information hidden by the Black Cloak. They wouldn’t be able to tell that this information was falsified.

Laura was not surprised by Shi Feng’s transformation. After putting on a Black Cloak, she followed Shi Feng out of the Gazing Moon Hotel.

Fortunately, they did not attract any Red Player’s attention and safely arrived at the Hundred Refinement Building situated in the western parts of the city.

Hundred Refinement Building, first-floor lobby:

When Shi Feng and Laura entered the building, the elderly Great Wizard manning the front desk instantly recognized Shi Feng despite Shi Feng’s disguise.

“You really know how to surprise me, young man. It’s only been a few days, yet you’ve already collected so many Seven Luminaries Crystals,” the old man said with a surprised look. Then, he sighed and continued, “Had I known you were so capable, I should have asked for a million units instead. You’ve really gotten yourself a bargain, young man.”

“Here are the promised Seven Luminaries Crystals,” Shi Feng said, rolling his eyes at the old man as he took out 89,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. “I’ve completed the quest, right?”

It should be known that 100,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal were not a small amount. If he didn’t get lucky and acquired Dira’s wealth, he would have needed to expend a lot of effort to gather the required crystals.

“Fine.” After accepting the Seven Luminaries Crystals, the Great Wizard sighed again and said, “Your quest is complete. All of this Hundred Refinement Building now belongs to you.”

After saying so, the elderly Great Wizard passed a crystalline key to Shi Feng before vanishing without a trace. Immediately afterward, Shi Feng received a series of system notifications.

System: Congratulations! You have completed the Legendary Quest Hundred Refinement Mana Body. Rewarding Demon God’s Key, ten levels, and 30 Free Legacy Skill Points.

System: You will have to pay a monthly management fee of 10,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal for the Hundred Refinement Building. If you fail to make payment for three consecutive months, Gazing Moon City will repossess all authority over the Hundred Refinement Building.

System: You have activated the second phase of the Legendary Quest Hundred Refinement Mana Body.

Quest Content: Create a Tier 5 Legendary Mana Body within 50 days. Rewards unknown. Penalties unknown.

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