Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 3298 - Chapter 372 - Astonishing Second Floor

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Chapter 3298 - Chapter 372 - Astonishing Second Floor

Chapter 372 – Astonishing Second Floor

There’s a second phase to this quest?

The system notification dumbfounded Shi Feng.

A Legendary Quest was originally more than enough of a headache already. Previously, Shi Feng had no choice but to accept one because of the Hundred Refinement Building. Yet, after going through so much effort to complete it, he was now told that there was a second phase to this quest. Moreover, of all the things he could have been asked to do, it just had to be the creation of a Legendary Mana Body.

A Legendary Mana Body!


This was something he had never even heard of!

Shi Feng’s original goal in acquiring the key to the Hundred Refinement Building’s second floor was to go beyond the Epic threshold and create the mythical Advanced Epic Mana Body. Yet, now, he was required to create a Legendary Mana Body, and he had to do so within 50 days. At this point, he couldn’t help but suspect if this quest could even be completed.

“Guild Leader Black Flame?”

A look of confusion appeared on Laura’s face as she looked at Shi Feng. She noticed Shi Feng’s level instantly increasing from 140 to 150, so it was obvious he had just completed a considerably challenging quest. Normally, this should be a cause for celebration. Yet, Shi Feng did not look happy at all. On the contrary, he looked gloomy and frustrated.

“I’m fine. It’s just a minor problem,” Shi Feng explained. Then, he made his way to the second floor while saying, “Let’s begin.”

The quest was forced onto him, and he couldn’t abandon it even if he wanted to. So, his only option now was to create a Legendary Mana Body.

The layout of the Hundred Refinement Building’s second floor was the same as the first floor, having only four training rooms. So, only up to four people could train at the same time.

However, compared to the first floor’s training rooms, the second floor’s training rooms cost a lot more. It only cost 100 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal to use the first floor’s training rooms, but the second floor’s training rooms cost a whopping 10,000 units. Even Guilds would have difficulty affording such a price, let alone individual players.

It should be known that there were many expert players at the third-floor standard in the Greater God’s Domain. At this standard, players were already strong enough to ascend to Tier 6. Yet, in reality, not even a fraction of these third-floor experts were Tier 6 players, and the reason causing this was that most of these third-floor experts lacked the Seven Luminaries Crystals needed to challenge their Tier 6 promotion.

In a situation where a player couldn’t even afford the Seven Luminaries Crystals to get promoted to Tier 6, it was highly unlikely this player would be willing to spend 10,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal to receive help on creating their Tier 5 Mana Body.

Not to mention, Shi Feng needed to spend Seven Luminaries Crystals for the Hundred Refinement Building’s monthly upkeep. He also didn’t have any intentions of running a charity. So, he definitely wouldn’t be charging players the cost price of 10,000 units. For outsiders, he’d have to charge them a minimum of 15,000 or 20,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. This was a price even the various hegemonic powers would find expensive.

After Shi Feng was done inspecting the second floor, he handed 10,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal to Laura and had her enter one of the training rooms to start creating her Mana Body. Then, he entered a different training room to experience the second-floor training room’s effects himself.

Inside the training room, Shi Feng couldn’t help but be stunned after he paid the 10,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal to use the training room.

Eternal Energy!

Unimaginably dense Eternal Energy!

No wonder 10,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal are needed to activate this room. Just being able to stand in this Eternal Energy is already worth the price.

The concentration of Eternal Energy in this room was at least five or six times greater than what was available in the first-floor training rooms. Just standing in the room allowed him to experience a qualitative transformation in his brain activity. Moreover, he felt as if he was put into a constant state of enlightenment or, more specifically, all-knowing.

System: Creation Assistance Mode activated. You can only activate this mode once in your lifetime.

System: You have 100 assisted creation opportunities remaining. Each assisted creation will provide an ideal improvement to the Mana Body you create. You may only stay in the assisted creation space for a maximum of one natural day. If you do not use up your assisted creation opportunities in one natural day, your remaining opportunities will be automatically forfeited.

What a pity. If more time is given, it might even be possible to learn a Gold Combat Technique in this space.

Shi Feng felt a little disappointed when he saw the time limit given.

The first floor’s training rooms allowed players to spend up to five natural days in them. That was more than enough time for players to use up all 100 simulation opportunities, and players could even use their excess time to train in other things, such as combat techniques and Mana Techniques. With the second-floor training rooms’ superior environment, players could learn even Gold Combat Techniques and Saint-rank Mana Techniques if given enough time.

However, God’s Domain’s Main God System obviously knew this was too good of an opportunity. Hence, the Main God System gave players a choice—either use the given time to create a better Mana Body or improve on other things. In a situation where the Creation Assistance Mode was present, unless a player was completely uninterested in having a better Mana Body, they would definitely choose the first option rather than the second one.

“Begin the first assisted creation!”

Realizing the importance of time, Shi Feng promptly began his first assisted creation.

In God’s Domain, players needed to create a Mana Body that suited themselves if they wanted to step into the Tier 5 threshold. Meanwhile, the process of creating was basically using one’s existing Mana Body as a template and coming up with methods to strengthen it.

However, depending on the rank of the template used, the strengthening requirements would also differ. The higher a template Mana Body’s rank, the lower the strengthening requirements would be.

If players were to use a Bronze Mana Body as their template, they would need to strengthen it by 500% for it to get promoted to Tier 5.

However, if a Gold Mana Body was used as a template, players would only need to strengthen it by 300% for it to reach the Tier 5 standard. This was also why it was crucial for players to obtain a high-ranking Mana Body at Tier 3.

Of course, strengthening a Tier 3 Gold Mana Body by 300% was only the minimum requirement to create a Tier 5 Mana Body. Or, more specifically, a Tier 5 Bronze Mana Body. If players wished to create a higher-ranked Tier 5 Mana Body, they would need to strengthen their Tier 3 Mana Bodies even further.

In the case of a Tier 3 Epic Mana Body, it would have to be strengthened by 200% to qualify as a Tier 5 Bronze Mana Body and 320% to qualify as a Tier 5 Epic Mana Body. Although the percentage requirements were lower, the difficulty of strengthening an Epic Mana Body was significantly greater than that of a Gold Mana Body. So, even getting it to 320% was nigh impossible, let alone 350%, which was the minimum requirement for a Tier 5 Advanced Epic Mana Body.Needless to say, the difficulty of strengthening a Tier 3 Legendary Mana Body was even more of a nightmare. Although it only needed to be strengthened by 150% to qualify as a Tier 5 Mana Body, it had to be strengthened by 200% to reach the Epic rank, 240% to reach the Advanced Epic rank, and 270% to reach the Legendary rank…

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