Rise Of Evil Sword God - 565 One year

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Following that, Tang Xianling was confirmed to have the Golden Gu Body, and the Golden Silkworm Venomous Insect King acknowledged him as its master. He was indicated by the people of the Venomous Insect Clan to be the new king.

The high priest and the other higher-ups had arranged many experts of their families to guard the dean. It was impossible for anyone to sneak into the courtyard, unless they had the ability to reach the Sovereign Profound Rank realm or above.

In the courtyard, there were only two maids before, but now there were twenty of them. They took turns to listen to orders day and night, and absolutely couldn’t let anything happen to Little Xianling.

Feng Yun and Tang Yue had protested against such an arrangement, but it was directly rejected by the High Priest.

In the end, the old man was still worried. He moved out of the High Priest’s hall and lived in the courtyard, personally protecting Little Xianling.

Feng Yun and Tang Yue were completely speechless.

As the days passed, Feng Yun had already given Tang Yue life-extending treasures that he brought with him.

These treasures could increase anyone’s lifespan by a hundred years, but these could only increase Tang Yue’s lifespan by a year.

But this one year’s time allowed Tang Yue to live more meaningfully and more perfectly.

More than a year’s time was neither long nor short.

During this time, the high priest had been announcing the migration of the tribe.

After he told his clansmen about the reconstruction of Ancestral Land, all his clansmen agreed to return to Ancestral Land.

There were traces of their ancestors, their former glory, and the journey that they were so proud of.

Only when they returned to Ancestral Land would they feel a sense of belonging and live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Feng Yun planned to go outside and search for more treasures that could extend his lifespan, but his wife didn’t allow it. No matter how much he tried to convince her, she didn’t budge from her decision. He even begged the grand priest, but he was also helpless in her front of his daughter’s firm heart. In the end, he decided to not go anywhere during this one-year’s time. He only wanted to focus on his husband’s duty and accompany his wife and son peacefully so that his wife could happily finish the last few days.

Times passed quickly.

Feng Yun has been in Sacrifice Insect City for a year.

During this year, he lived an unprecedented calm life.

When you are free, accompany your wife to roll the bed and talk about interesting things in life, or just tease your son to play so that his son can understand the majesty of his father.

Feng Yun found that his wife was gentle and pleasant and was the most understanding wife.

None of his other women could compare to Tang Yue in terms of gentleness.

These days, the most headache for Feng Yun was his son Tang Xianling. The little guy was able to run all over the ground at the age of one and the maids in the yard have to follow him every time he run around for fear that he will get hurt.

This little guy was still a natural demon, messing up the flowers and plants in the yard. Be aware of the precious grasses that have been planted for a long time. Each of them was high-grade spiritual herbs.

Feng Yun wanted to catch this little guy every time, let him learn to cherish things from an early age, can not ruin these spiritual treasures.

Who knew, he will become a public enemy. Not only was his wife almost not letting him to come near the bed, but even the old man also said to him sternly. These little flowers and grass nothing, let him play, no big deal.” Even the maids looked at him with fierce eyes, it seems that say, ‘hey, the master should not be so fierce to the little master.’

Feng Yun almost collapsed. He secretly said in mind, ‘How did he give such enchanting son? After he grows up, all of his limelight is not going to be robbed by this little demon, is it?’

For the first time in his life, he felt envious and jealous!

Of course, in addition to these things, Feng Yun certainly did not forget to practice.

After a year of steady cultivation, he also broke through to the Late Stage of Heaven Profound Realm. With the help of various treasures provided by the Grand Priest, his Dao Body also broke through another level. His various martial skills upgraded one or two layers.

His combat strength raised immeasurably, comparable to Late Stage Sovereign Profound Realm cultivator. In addition, his spiritual sea has increased as well. His current soul power could kill the cultivators below the middle-level sovereign profound realm cultivators easily and can also hit the Late Stage Sovereign Profound Realm cultivator. Even if he encountered a Peak Level Sovereign Profound Realm cultivator, he could exchange a few rounds.

There was also his artifact refining. Although there was no big improvement, he could now refine Peak Grade Heaven Ranked weapons with ease. For now, it was enough for him. The next stage was refining the Divine Rank Artifacts which were still far from his reach. He didn’t try to rush things either.

On this day, he was meditating on a mountain ridge outside the city. He has grown a bit in a year, and become a little more mature. At this moment, a beautiful smile appeared on his and his fascinating charm was vividly reflected.

Nowadays, he was working hard to raise the level of his sword intent. His sword intent reached a level a year ago, now after a year, it reached level six. The layers of sharp sword Qi spread out around him. From a distance, he was like a sword god, surrounded by the sword Qi Blade.

The Sword Qi broke out and spread into the surrounding. Suddenly, everything within a hundred meters diameter was cut by the sword qi including giant trees or rock boulders.

It was just spare sword qi that was released by him on his breakthrough. Feng Yun spread out his hand and opened his palm as he waved his hand making a chopping motion in the air in front of him.

Suddenly, a dense amount of sword qi flew out of his hand, and a giant translucent blade formed in the sky that was falling to the ground from the sky.


As the giant blade fall onto the ground, it felt like it was going to spill apart the earth. A clear line appeared in front of Feng Yun that reached the length of hundreds of meters. That blade truly split apart the ground.

Because it was not far from the city, everyone was alarmed by the sudden movement. However, they seem to have become accustomed to this and have not seemed too alarmed.

“It’s incredible. Prince consort is really heaven’s child. His strength is improving without restraint.”

“I felt a vast amount of sword aura a moment ago. It must come from Master Yun.”

“It is the luck of our Gu clan that we found such a worthy son-in-law.”

“Oh, such a talented son-in-law plus with a future king. Over Gu Clan will definitely reinvigorate in the next hundred years.”


People in the city were excited to talk about it. None of them have a bit of jealousy because they were the most united race.

They were only thought in their hearts, the power of the Princes and king represents the strength of their Gu Clan. A strong king can support a strong clan.

At the top of the mountain, Feng Yun stood up, the breeze blowing and the clothes fluttering. It seemed that he was an immortal descended from heaven.

Feng Yun looked at the narrow crater on the ground that reached hundreds of meters in length created by his sword qi with a satisfied expression.

If he were to use his full power, he could split a mountain into two with his sword attack. Feng Yun loved his sword, no matter how powerful he became he will not abandon his sword art. Seeing his swordsmanship has become strong he felt proud in his heart.

“Lets go back!” Feng Yun muttered as he looked in the direction of the palace in Gu City.

In the Gu City’s palace, a little child who was slightly over one year was playing with a few maids in a quit courtyard behind the priest’s main hall.

The boy was very beautiful.

Can a boy be described as beautiful? Yes, it can. This child was indeed very beautiful.

The exquisite five senses were as elaborate as they were, and every place seems to be in good shape. Together they were like a beautiful pink ceramic doll.

His agile eyes seemed to be talking, and the moments were flashing with a rich look.

These eyes are so charming and flattering in anyone’s eyes.

However, in his old man(Feng Yun)’s eyes, these eyes became “thief eyes”, and even his old man wanted to slap him.

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