Rise Of Evil Sword God - 566 Little devil

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This kid was born to be a little devil. I don’t know how to cover up what he has done wrong with his eyes. Every time the eyes squeeze out with the grievances. I don’t know how many people will hold him in the palm of his hand.

Now, this little guy was the hiding maid. Don’t look at his pure and innocent look. In fact, he has pretended to see another maid who was hiding behind a tree.

He didn’t want to startle the maid out because his goal was not just to spot her.

He walked in swaying pace as he walked forward, seemed lost.

His face was tender and smeared with a smile of evil.

This smile was very similar to that of his dad. When his old man smiled like this, he must have had any bad thoughts. This kid was also learning the temperament of his dad.

He faced the maid who was hiding in the flower garden, “Sister Fang, I found you!”

This kid was like a ghost spirit, screaming and actually rushing towards the maid who was behind the flower.

The maid here does not know that the little master was the future king of mischief and the servant of the little guy will certainly.

It’s just that this little guy’s strength was so great that she actually fell on the ground.

The young man was still very proud to sit on her lower abdomen and kept yelling, “I found sister Fang.”

While he was delighted, he kept holding on to the maid’s superior melons.

His movements seem to be an ignorant child moving around.

In the eyes of others, it also feels that he was innocent and not as uncomfortable as chaos.

I would like to ask, a one-and-a-half-year-old child will know what is called sex?

However, while the little guy was still in the middle of the chaos, he still used his little “paws” to grab a few times, and he secretly said in his mind. “Sister Fan’s weapons are still the biggest of all sisters. I couldn’t get enough of it, but my hand is too small, they get tired soon. Back, I must ask the old master to teach me a set of claws. I don’t know if I have to use the special claws. If i have bigger claws, it would be better.”

Who can think of how big this little guy was, actually it was so lascivious, it was really more awkward than his daddy.

The maid who was crushed by the little guy was really beautiful, and the figure was the most popular among the many maids.

The twenty maids here are the best among the nearly 100,000 people in the city. They are destined to accompany the growth of the king.

Therefore, whether it was in service or appearance, it was definitely two or three times stronger than the average waitress to have the qualification as the maid of the king.

“Little master, you are sore, if the master comes back to see you like this, he would hit your ass.” The maid was pressed by the child and was not a little unhappy, but said in a happy voice.

Because in her eyes, the little master is just a small child who can’t be small. What was it that she feels when she touches her chest? Does he know what it means to eat tofu?

As soon as the little guy heard the word “master”, his eyes shrank, and seemed to be a little afraid of that person.

He turned his little head and found no one, so he giggled. “He has been practicing closed doors. He said that he will not come back in half a month. Now ten only ten days have passed, and there are still five days to play.”

After that, the kid actually dropped his small body and put the tender face on the maid’s chest, and he seemed to enjoy the look.

Who knows, just when he just wanted to enjoy the beauty, the ass suddenly hurt, and the whole body flew out like a cannonball.

“Yeah!” The little guy flew in the air while waving his four limbs and kept yelling in his mouth.

At this time, a maid hiding on the other side quickly popped out and caught the little guy.

This maid is already the strength of the middle class of Sky Profound Realm.

At such an age, such strength is a genius, no matter where it is placed, but it was placed here as a maid, which is enough to show that the roots of the Gu people are really not imaginable.

This also proves how much the father loved his great-grandson, and he has already been raised as a peerless baby.

“Who dares to kick my ass, look for death” The little guy was comfortable in the maid’s arms and shouted in the painful ass.

“You dare to say more, today, this father will throw you into the snake to feed.” It was not someone else who just kicked the little guy. It was his old man Feng Yun.

A child who was more than one year old will be kicked so badly that it should be injured as a normal child.

However, Feng Yun knows that his son was an enchanting man. He will walk in eight months. Just one year old, he knows how to say a sentence and communicate with others.

These are not surprising, the strangest thing is that this little guy was actually eating poison like gold silkworm cocoons, and there was nothing at all. It was precisely because this kid was born with an extraordinary physique, and now the essence has reached the metaphysical level, and it will not be a matter of falling a few times.

Feng Yun also thought about his son repeatedly, only to know that this kid was more abnormal than he was.

He sometimes wonders if his son was the reincarnation of the immortal.

“Seen the Master.” several maids came out from the corner and greeted Feng Yun, but their eyes were somewhat unfriendly, and it seemed that they did not treat Feng Yun as a master.

Feng Yun was not strange about this.

They mainly love their son and their love for his son reached a fanatic level. Now he just kicked the little guy it aroused their unfriendliness. Sometimes, he wondered what type of magic this little guy placed on these maids.

The little guy didn’t expect his dad to go out so quickly, and he felt wronged and thought, “Isn’t it going to be closed for half a month? How come back in ten days.”

Of course, he just thought about it in his heart. The surface was still very happy to struggle from the maid’s arms. He jumped to Feng Yun’s feet and hugged Feng Yun’s feet and shouted, “Hey, father you come back, God. I miss you so much.”

His trick may be useful to others, but he always has no use for him.

Feng Yun grabbed Tang Xianling like a chicken, and whispered, “How big is your kid, you want to take advantage of Little Fang, don’t think that I don’t know, I will have you next time.”

The little guy showed the grievances of the sorrow. “What do you say, people don’t have bad thoughts about Fang’s sister, we are just playing hide and seek.”

“Too lazy to tell you.” Feng Yun will drop the little guy and drop him on the ground.

The little guy climbed up without knowing anything. He smiled and smiled at Feng Yun. “Hey, you bully me, I will seek my mother for justice.”

Feng Yun’s face fell, just want to go forward to teach this kid, but I feel that someone is coming behind.

He turned his face and saw his wife, the priestess, coming out of the house.

Feng Yun piled up a smile and said, “Yue’er, why don’t you rest in the house?”

The last time of this wife was almost coming. Her strength was already in the middle of the Heaven Profound Realm, but her face was more and more pale, like a serious illness.

She glanced at Feng Yun, and then came to him, faintly said “stretched over!”.

Feng Yun reveals the dilemma of “wify, don’t, let’s go back to the room and say.”

The priestess reached out and twisted Feng Yun’s ear and said a little loudly, “Ling’er is still so small, you are so jealous that you kick him and punish him. Are you so embarrassed?”

Feng Yun’s heart was so wronged!

However, he did not dare to resist his wife’s punishment, could only plead for mercy. “Ouch, baby not so hard… You should know that jade couldn’t turn into a weapon without hardship, because this guy is still small, I have to tune him so that he can become strong afterward.”

“Fart, I know very well. You just live beating my child in name of training.” Tang Yue said that she increased her strength.

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