Rise Of Evil Sword God - Chapter 449 - Rewards

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With an enormous bang, the crimson sword-light of Feng Yun and the huge sword of Yang Jian collided in the air.

Both of them pushed a few steps back due to the shockwave. 

Yang Jian was not the person who will give up easily, clenching the sword handle tightly in his hand, he rushed towards Feng Yun with an amazingly fast speed.

"Shadow Steps!" 

Feng Yun used the shadow steps to increase his speed to match with Yang Jian. The swords once again collided in the battle arena. The sword Qi overflowed from their bodies and swords as they fought.

Their battle continued for hours, both of them consumed lots of amounts of their spirit Qi and right now they were exhausting their stamina to fight. 

The crowd was watching their fight attentively, not wanting a single thing. Yang Jian's sword Qi overflowed into his sword as he attacked Feng Yun again and again.

Sword Piercing Heaven!" Yang Jian said as he thrust his sword straight at Feng Yun like a spear. His sword seemed to extend many times, in no time, the tip of the sword reached Feng Yun's throat.

Feng Yun instantly bring his sword forward to defend himself from Yang Jian's sword thrust.


The Heavenly Slayer Sword in Feng Yun's hand was glowing with crimson color as it responded to Yang Jian's sword. Both of them felt a bit of numbness in their hands due to the sword collision.

"Let's end this now!" Feng Yun said to Yang Jian as he charged forward at him.

"Second Steps of Heaven! Sixth Sword Form!" Feng Yun boost his strength using the nine steps of heaven and made a final attack.

A crimson light came out from his sword carrying a terrifying destructive power, the crimson sword light moved towards the head of Yang Jian. Yang Jian obviously didn't dare to be careless, he motioned his sword to defend against the crimson sword light.

While Yang Jian's attention was occupied by the crimson sword light, Feng Yun didn't stop moving forward at him.

Heaven Collapsing Palm!" Feng Yun punched heavily, Yang Jian who was yet to resist the previous attack completely met another attack of Feng Yun then third, fourth so on. Feng Yun attacked nonstop. This sudden strength boost was causing a great deal of toll on his body, so he needed to finish this match quickly.


Yang Jian flew back in the air, vomiting a mouthful of blood on the arena.

"Feng Yun, you really didn't disappoint me… I look forward extremely to the battle between us in the near future. I admit defeat!" Yang Jian said to Feng Yun, he has a pale face, his breathing was haggard due to exhaustion.

"Anytime!" Feng Yun replied unhurriedly with a smile.

As Feng Yun won the match, he also became the champion of the tournament. The crown burst into the cheers. The whole stadium was filled with noises.

"I originally thought that Yang Jian or Long Yi would win the championship, yet who would have known that a turn in events occurred, and Feng Yun actually obtained the number 1 rank in the competition this time!" Someone couldn't help but exclaim with astonishment.

"That was amazing!"

"Both of them are great!"

"Wow, Brother Feng Yun really won. He won the competition."

"He is so awesome." The people of the Mystic Heaven Peak were excited, some were surprised because of the defeat of Yang Jian, but it doesn't matter, the winner was also one of their own.

"Sect Master Shen, you are lucky to have these two disciples both of them are very talented, i am sure they will became a great figures in the future." The male envoy said to Sect Master Shen Jiaohao.

"Haha." Sect Master Shen laughed out, a proud expression could be seen on his face while he looked at Feng Yun and Yang Jian.

Long Shan's voice sounded out once more, quieting down the noise of the crowd. "The winner is Feng Yun from the Mystic Heaven Peak. With this, I declare the completion of the competition. Now, I call upon the young geniuses that are ranked in the top ten to come forward."

Instantly, ten people, including Feng Yun arrived at the battle arena.

"The first in the competition will obtain a High-Grade Heaven Grade Martial Technique, A High-Grade Heaven Ranked weapon, one Thousand high-grade spirit stones, and 100ml of the Ten-thousand Years old Spiritual Water." The Referee passed over the Spatial Ring that contained the prizes to Feng Yun.

"Thank you." Feng Yun nodded and accepted the storage ring. 

For a time, Feng Yun had once again drawn the attention of everyone. Every reward was a precious treasure, and he was rewarded with four. 

In reality, Feng Yun did indeed not care about the prize he'd just obtained and casually tossed the Spatial Ring that held the reward into his Spatial Ring, and he utterly didn't have the intention of opening it to take a look right now.

Feng Yun's prize was the best.

The second in the competition, Yang Jian only obtained a Mid-Heaven Ranked Martial Skill, A Mid-Heaven Ranked Weapon, and seven hundred high-grade spirit stones.

The third, Long Yi, obtained a Mid-Heaven Ranked Martial Skill, A Mid-Heaven Ranked Weapon, and five hundred high-grade spirit stones. 

So on. The top young geniuses were all rewarded with treasures. 

After the rewards were completely distributed, most of the people were immersed in joy, and only when Long Shan spoke out once more did the scene quiet down. "The rewards distributed earlier are not only the rewards for the competition." Long Shan's voice entered clearly into the ears of every single person present.

Long Shan's words caused many young geniuses to have excited expressions as they understood what Long Shan's words meant, yet all of them still looked at Long Shan with anticipation.

They were able to discern that there was a continuation to Long Shan's words.

"Today, our envoy of Black Turtle Empire will be recruiting disciples." Long Shan said with a sonorous voice, "Once all of you join the Black Turtle Empire, The Empire will bestow more techniques, spirit weapons, and medicinal pills to all of you. Even the power all of you are from will obtain generous rewards!"

As soon as Long Shan finished speaking, many young geniuses present were moved by this. This was the moment, everyone was waiting for.

Now, it was Envoys's turn to speak, he was going to announce the name of the participant who was deemed qualified to join the Black Turtle Empire.

The man envoy stand up and started speaking, firstly he gave a brief into of the Black Turtle Empire mostly praising the empire and its strength then finally came to the main topic, "You all are good seedlings, top geniuses in this dynasty, but the empire has only a small amount of spots. This is a list of the disciples who are eligible to join the empire, Feng Yun, Yang Jian, Long Yi, Hu Daiyu, Meng Jinhai, Xiang Yi, Mu Wenqian, Long Yue, Xiang Gen, Lu Mountain, Gu Shoushan, Deng Liqin, Lin Mengyao, Zhao Mingyue, Lin Meifen..." He announced almost twenty names in one go who are eligible to go to the Black Turtle Empire.

"Now, any of you who didn't want to join the empire can back out now.. But let me remind you, this is a one-time opportunity."

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