Rise Of Evil Sword God - Chapter 450 - Parting

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After hearing the announcement of the envoy all young geniuses who were elected were feeling proud and delighted.

Feng Yun was not left out either, he was also looking forward to going to the empire.

'Feng Yun, I'm going back to my clan and I want to bring you with me. You can freely choose one option if you want to go to the black Turtle Empire or with me. I assure you that you will not regret coming with me.' At this time Fan Xingjuan's voice sounded inside his mind. 

Feng Yun was a little stunned by the sudden transmission of Fan Xingjuan. She never mentioned this to him before, so he never considered this. He fell into the dilemma for a moment.

"Feng Yun, you are the most outstanding genius, I am sure the empire will groom you with utmost care."

"Sorry, but I can't join the empire." Feng Yun spoke courteously, shocking the entire public.

"What do you mean?" The man envoy was stunned and asked.

"Senior, I really appreciate this, but please forgive me as I can't accept this." Feng Yun replied.


"He refused!"

Everyone's gaze once again placed on Feng Yun, he became the center of attention once again.

"Feng Yun, this is a lifetime opportunity, you won't get this regularly." Sect Master Shen Jiahao jumped to persuade Feng Yun, he was also shocked by Feng Yun's action.

"Sect Master, I know what I am doing." Feng Yun replied to Shen Jiaohao. 


"It's okay. It's my decision." At this moment, Fan Xingjuan sent a voice transmission to Shen Jiaohao. Shen Jiaohao was perplexed for a moment and sat down with a light sigh.

"Feng Yun, can you tell me the reason for refusal? If you need something else then you can say it." The man envoy looked at Feng Yun said.

"Please forgive me, but I have different plans!" Feng Yun replied politely.

"Feng Yun, you should understand that the empire could provide an infinite amount of resources that you can't find here. You will have a bright future in the empire." The man obviously wasn't willing to let him like this, Feng Yun's talent was extraordinary. If he brought such extraordinary talent back to the empire, he surely awarded by the empire.

"You are still young. With empire's teaching, you can definitely achieve Heaven Profound Rank in less than ten years, and within a hundred years the sovereign profound rank.

The young geniuses were a little surprised hearing this.

According to the man's speech, I'm afraid there are Experts everywhere on this continent. You have to know how many geniuses even the Heaven Profound Rank need hundreds of years or more to reach, and the man has told Feng Yun to achieve the Sovereign Profound Rank within a hundred years, which makes them feel a little idiotic. All of them couldn't help but look at Feng Yun enviously.

They felt that even if they took Medicine Pill all the way to Advance Rank, they will not reach the Sovereign Profound Rank so quickly.

There is only one chance to take the Medicine Pill to increase Advance Rank at each stage. Once the Medicine Pill is taken, the strength can be rapidly improved, but the next time the Advance Rank is required, the solidifying time will be longer.

Therefore, this is what people think is unrealistic.

Moreover, the more you get to High Rank, the more strength you require accumulating, and the perception between heaven and earth is especially important, and you will definitely not break through as easily as in the previous period.

The man looked at Feng Yun and said, "Well, Join the Black Turtle Empire. You must know how many people are crying and want to join the Black Turtle empire."

"I understand, but I still refuse!" Feng Yun said in a firm tone.

The man envoy tried to persuade Feng Yun a few times, but he was adamant about not joining the empire.

"Okay. If that's what you want then so be it." The man envoy said. After that, he gave a few more lectured before stopping and sitting down.

After everything settled, all the people returned.

Feng Yun and others went to the inn for a drink, tomorrow they were going to the empire so. At this moment, Feng Yun and his all friends were present in the bar, celebrating the winning of Feng Yun. Even Liu Mingxia was also present.

"Brother Feng Yun, why did you refuse? This is a big opportunity." Yao Shi asked curiously.

"I can't join the Black Turtle Empire, I have some different plans for the future set up by my masters. But don't worry I will come to the Black Turtle Empire after. We will meet again then." Feng Yun smiled and replied.

"Feng Yun, when will you return here?" Liu Mingxia asked.

"Hmm! I don't know, it depends on master's task, but it will not take longer than two years." Feng Yun pondered for a moment and said.


"Let's drink!" Feng Yun said. After that, all of them started drinking. They celebrated till midnight before returning to their rooms.

Other than Feng Yun, everyone who was elected by the envoys gladly accepted the invitation, excited to go to the Black Turtle Empire.

The next day, the envoys left with the young geniuses. Yang Jian, Mu Wenqian Zhou Mingyue, and others bid farewell and left with the envoys.

The man envoy once again tried to persuade Feng Yun before leaving, but couldn't able to change his mind.

On the other side, Fan Xingjuan also bid farewell to the Sect Master and others as she had decided to leave with Feng Yun as well.

"Grand Elder, are you really leaving the sect?" Shen Jiaohao said to Fan Xingjuan. 

"Yes, there are some things that I have to take care of." Fan Xingjuan said.

"Hmm! I understand!" Shen Jiaohao said. "You are taking Feng Yun with you, that's why he refused to join the empire." 


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