Rise of the Demon God - Chapter 1285 - 1285: Game

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He talked about blowing up this world if he was bored. That was certainly bad. If the world was destroyed,  he might forever lose the world traveling stone. 

Moreover, forming a friendship with a Heavenly Beast was certainly better since he could take this guy's help to go to higher worlds. That was probably the best option. 

"Friend? No mortal ever dared to call me a friend, you know? Aren't you taking too many liberties with just the first meeting?" Zhu Chang asked, frowning. 

" Anyway, where are you two going?" 

"We're going to a Place known as Dark Spirit Island to find something," Long Chen replied. 

"What are you looking to find?" Zhu Chang asked. "That place does sound interesting though."  .

"What are we trying to find? Nothing special for you. It's just a world-traveling stone," Long Chen explained, knowing that these Heavenly beasts didn't need that stone. 

"World Traveling Stone, huh. That's right. That thing is useless for me. It can only be used to take someone to higher worlds. I can go there anytime I want. Instead, I'm interested in going to the Mortal Worlds," Zhu Chang let out, shaking his head. 

"Then again, coming with you would probably be less boring than staying here alone. I'll come with you," he declared, accepting the offer. 

He didn't realize that this one minor event was going to influence the future in ways unknown, bringing many troubles and opportunities for Long Chen and himself alike.

A world-changing event had just taken place when the meeting of these two. 

"So, where is this Dark Whatever Island? How far is it from here?" Zhu Chang asked. 

"It's in that direction," Long Chen answered, pointing in the direction he had been flying to previously. 

"And it'll take slightly more than a day to get there. And slightly more for the search in the Spirit Island since it's a dangerous place even for us. In short, it'll take somewhere around two days," 

"That's just right. But a one-day long journey? How will that be fun? Is it any better than staying alone?" Zhu Chang asked. 

"I know the journey is long, but it's better than nothing. And we might also face some enemies along the way. We're in the enemy territory since human appearance isn't allowed in this world. So anything can happen in the journey,"  Blood Dragon Emperor answered, smiling. 

"Hmm? That's true as well. It would certainly be fun to face enemies, even though they're weak. Where are they? Let's go find that. It's better than finding a stone anyway!" Zhu Chang exclaimed, smiling. 

"No, we can't. We don't know where the Beast Palace is. Let's just let Destiny take its course. Who knows, that Palace might be in our path itself," the Blood Dragon Emperor responded. He didn't want the stone finding to be delayed since the faster they got it, the faster he could get to his body. 

"Fine, let's go then. Enough talking," Long Chen chimed in. 

"Alright. I'll leave things to my luck," Zhu Chang let out, flying after Long Chen. 

The Blood Dragon Emperor also flew behind Long Chen. 

Even though Zhu Chang had started flying after Long Chen, he soon flew past him. His speed was just too fast. 

"Why are you flying so slow? The other Heavenly Beasts call us slow but compared to you all; I feel the contrary. Come on, increase your speed! Let's go fast!" Zhu Chang told Long Chen, landing ahead of him. 

Long Chen glared at Zhu Chang. "We're not Heavenly Beasts, so of course, we'll be slow. Why don't you fly slow?" 

"Fly even slower than I already am? I'm already flying so slow. Flying even slower would be boring."

"How about we play a game then? So that you can fly slow without being bored?" Long Chen suggested. 

"What game?" Zhu Chang asked, intrigued 

"It's a game known as True or False? All three of us would tell two statements, one would be true, and one would be false. The other two should guess which statement is true and which statement is false."

" If you guess correctly, you get one point. If not, you don't get the point. We can play until one person reaches ten points. And that person shall be the winner who will get something special," Long Chen suggested. 

"What would that person get? I mean, what would I get since I never lose?" Zhu Chang asked. 

"What would he get? Since we're playing this game, let's make it a high-stakes game. The winner can ask for any one wish. He can ask the other two to do one thing for him. No matter what he asks, the losers should do it," Long Chen suggested. "How's that?"

"Well, I can already ask you two to do what I want, but I'll play since it sounds intriguing," Zhu Chang agreed, slightly excited. He hadn't played a game like this before, so it was exciting. 

"Wait, don't you two know each other? Of course, you'll know the truth and lies of each other. It's an unfair advantage to you!" Zhu Chang suddenly let out, realizing something. 

"Not really. He doesn't know anything about me, don't worry. In any case, only one person can win and not two. So why would I make it easier for him? I also want to win, after all," Long Chen let out, rolling his eyes. 

"Hmm. That's true as well. One more question. How will I know you aren't lying? I mean, even if I manage to guess right, what's stopping you from calling me wrong to stop me from getting the point?" Zhu Chang asked, raising another question.

"You just have to trust us as we'll trust you. I mean, only weak trash people cheat in a game like this. I don't want to be that trash. And I'm sure you won't like to be that either. Losing is better than cheating, isn't it?" Long Chen asked, smiling wryly. 

"Hmm. That's true too. You do have a point. Fine, I'll trust you. Let's start the game! Who's going first?" Zhu Chang asked, excited. 

He didn't have friends before, so he never played games. He still didn't consider Long Chen his friend, but the thought of playing and competing against someone in such a manner was fun for him. He was really excited. 

"You can go first since you're our guest. Give us two statements and make sure that only one of them is a lie. You understand?" Long Chen asked. 

"I'm not a kid to not understand! I understand. So, my two statements are this…."

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