Rise of the Demon God - Chapter 1287 - 1287: Confused

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Zhu Chang became frustrated at the noise being created. The howls of the wolves were annoying him to an extreme extent. 

"Silence!" He yelled, enraged. 

At the same time, he waved his hand, making an attack. 

A turtle-like shell appeared in the sky above the two wolves, falling down with incredible force. The shell stomped on the ground, smashing the two wolves into an unrecognizable mess. Both the wolves died.

The shell soon disappeared, revealing a deep crater and blood where the Wolves used to be previously. The noise had finally stopped. 

"That's much better," Zhu Chang muttered, smiling.. He didn't stop either, entering the City. 

Behind him, Long Chen and Blood Dragon Emperor also entered. 

It was the first time Long Chen had seen the attack of Zhu Chag. It was nothing short of impressive, especially since Zhu Chang was also bound by the forces of this universe. He also couldn't use more strength than the limit of this world. 

So in a way, he and Long Chen had the same threshold at the moment, but Long Chen could feel that this attack was much stronger than his own attacks. It was a large-scale attack that was very powerful. 

' I think I won't even need to join the battle since he'll take care of everything. It's good too. Let him play around,' Long Chen thought, entering the City with Zhu Chang. 

Zhu Chang soon found the arena where the Snow Beast King and the others were present. It hasn't been a long time since the Howl, so the beasts hadn't been able to leave this place.

"Ah, so many beasts. Awesome. I can enjoy this place. Long Chen, go ahead and fight them. Let me see the show!" Zhu Chang exclaimed. 

"You want me to fight?" Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"Who else? It would be too easy if I fought. There won't be any challenge, and there won't be any fun. But it's different if you fight, isn't it?" Zhu Chang asked, smiling.

"Hmm? But if I fight, that would be fun for me. Are you sure you're fine just by watching? You know, those people might think that you're my subordinate and I'm your leader if I fight them. I mean, I'm fine with this, but won't that be insulting for you?" Long Chen asked, trying to make Zhu Chang change his mind. 

"Hmm? Now that I think about it, you do have a point. First impressions are certainly important," Zhu Chang muttered, rubbing his chin. "I'll leave to think about it deeply."

Zhu Chang floated down, landing inside the arena, still lost in deep thought. "If I fight, it'll be too easy. And if I don't fight, it'll be insulting."

Seeing Zhu Chang lost in thought, Long Chen couldn't help but shake his head. This guy was really like a child sometimes.

"You intruders! How dare you enter the Beast World!" A powerful roar filled the arena, coming from the person who was sitting on the throne. 

The Snow Beast King also looked similar to a human. In fact, he had human-like skin too. He had beautiful white eyes and two crystal horns on his head. 

Instead of a hand, he had snow claws. 

The Snow Beast King was sitting bare-chested, revealing his muscles. 

"Silence! Let me think! Don't disturb me!" Zhu Chang yelled, frustrated. He didn't want any disturbance as he thought about Long Chen's question. He wanted to find a way where he could have fun while maintaining his dignity too. 

"Nonsense! Guards! Kill that vile thing!" The Snow Beast King was enraged as someone talked to him in such an insulting manner. His anger overwhelmed him as he thought about how embarrassing it was. 

He commanded his guards to attack Zhu Chang with the intent to kill. 

"Ah! I thought of a way! I can restrict my powers to only a fraction of what I'm allowed to use here. That would bring me close to their level and make things slightly difficult! That can be fun and interesting!" Zhu Chang suddenly exclaimed, thinking of an idea. 

Standing behind him, Long Chen smirked. He was out of the picture now. Everything was going to be handled by Zhu Chang, and he was free. 

With his hands behind his back, Long Chen stood calmly in the back, watching tens of Snow Beasts advancing towards Zhu Chang. He couldn't help but shake his head.

These people didn't even know that they weren't facing a human but a Heavenly Beast who could easily destroy this world. Not only were they offending him, but they were also engaging him in battle. So many stupid decisions were taken that Long Chen was surprised.

Zhu Chang temporarily restricted his powers, even more, grinning. He cracked his knuckles, watching the enemies coming towards him. 


"Did you not find my son even now?"

In one of the Heavenly Realms, a meeting was taking place. The Black Tortoise Clan patriarch was sitting on the throne, upset as he glared at the man who was standing down. 

"I'm sorry, Your Majesty. We did find him a few times, but he always runs away. It's all because of the treasure he has; no matter what we do, we can never stop him," the man answered. 

" That treasure is really too powerful of an escape treasure! As long as he has those treasures, we can't stop him!" he continued. 

"This kid! Why does he refuse to come back! Is it that fun to mingle with the mortals? How can he continue this?" The Patriarch asked. "That freaking treasure! Of all the treasures, he just had to steal that one treasure before leaving!"

The General kept his head down, not interfering. 

"That's what I was saying. We need to take care of that treasure first if we want to bring him down. But the question is, how do we do that?" he asked. 

"Fine! This time, we will personally come there to bring him back. This time when you find him, don't approach him! Instead, inform us about this first! We'll come ourselves and talk to him," the Patriarch declared. 

"Yes, your Majesty. This time when we find him, we'll inform you first," the General said as he bowed respectfully before leaving. 

As the General left, the Black Tortoise Patriarch was left alone in his chamber, lost in some deep thought. 

Not even a single minute had passed when a person stepped inside the chamber. 

"Your Majesty, the Phoenix Queen is here to meet you," he informed the Black Tortoise king. 

"Hmm? What is she doing here? Fine. Send her in," he said calmly.

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