Rise of the Demon God - Chapter 1420 - 1420: Exception

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"Seems like that. It's too small. No one can enter through it," Zhu Chang said, frowning. 

"Let me make it a bit bigger." He clenched his fist and punched the wall with the intention to break the wall. 


Even with his full strength, he wasn't able to shatter the wall. The wall remained intact as if nothing could ever shake it. 

"Just what is this wall? Even with such a powerful attack, I wasn't able to break it."

"How can I go to the other side like this?" he asked. 

"Let me try," Long Chen said. He brought out his Sword of Time. 

No matter how strong the material was, he believed the Sword of Time could destroy it. 

Seeing Long Chen prepared to use his sword, Zhu Chang stepped before him.

"Wait! You can't use a treasure!" 


"Why do you think I didn't use my Soul Weapon here? You can't attack the tomb with a treasure! It's considered disrespectful. Moreover, the tomb will kick us out for this disrespect," Zhu Chang explained. 

"Our trip would be cut short because of it. So don't even try."

"Fine." Long Chen sent his Sword back. "So, how do you want to do it then? I can Teleport to the other side, but I can't take you without using my Portals. And I want to reserve my portals for emergencies."

"Don't worry; I'll find a way. There must be one!" Zhu Chang said. "I refuse to believe that this is intended to be a dead end."

He sat on his knees and looked through the small door to see what was on the other side. 

"See anything?" Long Chen asked. 

"No. It's just dark there. Can't see anything," Zhu Chang said, sighing. 

"Can't see anything?" Long Chen frowned as he went down to see. "You're right. I can't see anything either. It looks like I can't teleport either."

He needed to have a sight on the other side to teleport successfully. He could try without seeing as well, but there was a risk in attempting that. 

Long Chen simply shook his head, sighing. 

"We really need to find another way. Do you have any idea?" he asked Xun. 

Xun shook her head. "I am not sure. There are no clues here."

For the next one hour, Zhu Chang and Long Chen continued trying to find a way. They checked the wall, trying to find a secret switch or something. They couldn't find anything. 

After an hour of hard search, they sat tired before the wall. 

"I think using a treasure is the only way out," Long Chen said. "And even if we are kicked out of the temple, can't we come in again? We should find the broken wall when we come next time."

"We won't be able to come. Once you are kicked out by the Tomb, you can't come again. No matter how many times you try to sneak in, you'll be kicked out," Zhu Chang said. "Maybe the destiny doesn't want us to continue our search?"

"Destiny?" Long Chen muttered. "The words we read before... Could they be talking about this? Destiny cannot be fought?"

"Who knows. All I know is that I see no way in."

"I don't think so. I can go back, but I can't go back because of destiny!" Long Chen said, frowning. 

He stood up and brought his Sword of Time out again. 

"I will destroy it. If the Destiny wants to stop us, I'll destroy the obstruction."

"What are you saying? You want to be kicked out?"

"Doesn't matter. The destiny wants to stop us. So I'll break this obstruction. At best, I'll be kicked out. But you can continue your search. Destiny can't stop both of us."

Filled with determination, Long Chen swung his Sword of Time, slicing the wall before him. 


Following a massive explosion, the unbreakable wall was destroyed. It came crashing down, opening the pathway. 

The darkness which was hiding the path ahead disappeared, letting light fill up the pathway. 

Long Chen held Xun's hand, prepared to be kicked out with her, but nothing happened. 

He observed his surroundings, unable to find any spatial distortion. He wasn't kicked out. 

Just to be sure, he waited for ten minutes before looking at Zhu Chang. "What is happening? Why am I still here after using my treasure?"

"How should I know? Were those rumors a lie? How can that be? So many people wouldn't lie. Even father told me to not use my soul weapon, and that treasure would get me kicked out? How can that be a lie?"

"I think I understand what happened here," Xun said, smiling. 


"The Tomb was created by your first Ancestor. And only people from your Species could come here using their blood. But that also means that this tomb was made keeping you people in mind."

"Human treasures are useless for Godly Beasts! You don't even consider them Treasures you could use. It was the same in the past, if not worse. The Godly Beasts had contempt for human treasures."

"I think the treasures that get people kicked out are the ones that you people truly consider treasure, like your Soul Weapons. Since Long Chen used a human treasure, it wasn't considered a treasure, and he wasn't kicked out."

"That... It does sound possible but isn't that unfair. Humans were given more advantage than us?" Zhu Chang asked. 

"What do you mean more advantages? Could humans come here without your permission? The humans weren't even given a chance to come here without the support of you. And the Godly Beasts consider humans weak."

"So no one tried before. I think that's why no one knew about this loophole," Xun said. 

"That is certainly good for me. If he can use the treasures, the path ahead might be easier." Zhu Chang nodded, smiling.

"But there is one thing I wanted to ask from you as well." He looked at Long Chen. 

"What thing?" Long Chen asked. 

"Don't use your treasure unless we have no way out or unless I ask. I want to take the true experience of this time and not attempt an easier path," Zhu Chang said.

"I'll try," Long Chen said, sending the Sword of Time back as well. 


Long Chen was inside the Tomb, but quite a lot of people were still on the top of Plum Blossom Mountain, unaware that danger was closing in on them, which was capable enough of taking them all out. 

One of the sellers of the Plum Blossom Mountain had already left the mountain in fear of Zhu Chang destroying half the mountain like last time, only to come face to face with something even worse. 

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