Rise of the Demon God - Chapter 1423 - 1423

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Zhu Chang passed through the first obstruction only to end up with a second. 

There was another end to the hallway they were treading on. 

There were three doors before them and only one key, which was floating in the middle. 

"Three doors... One key." Long Chen walked to the key and took the key. "Which one should I open first?" 

"Since it was floating in the middle, let's try the middle one. We can try the other two after that," Zhu Chang replied. 

"That's while expecting that the key will work on all three doors," Xun chimed in. "It might also be a part of rest."

"What do you mean?" Zhu Chang asked. 

"The test of deception. I've heard about similar tests. If it's one of those, then the key belongs to only one of the three doors. And if you place it in the wrong door..."

"Then...?" Zhu Chang asked. 

"Then the true trap should activate. But then again, it might be something else entirely," Long Chen finished the sentence instead. "She is right."

"So we can't be hasty about selecting the door," Xun said. "The key was floating in the middle. That might be to fool us to select the middle door since most would do that. The chance of the middle door being the true one seems to be the lowest."

"First floor is also something that most would choose. So shall we go with the third door?"  Zhu Chang commented. 

"Not sure. Maybe it's a trick? Maybe the middle is the right one? It could be some reverse psychology type of thing," Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"So, how will we select the right door?" Zhu Chang asked. "This seems to be something where we could only guess. There's no logical answer."

"That's certainly true. Since we're guessing, let's leave it to luck indeed," Long Chen added as he entered the key in the center door.

As soon as he entered the key, the key disappeared. Long Chen didn't even have the time to twist the key. 

The key wasn't the only taking that disappeared as the other two doors also disappeared. What was left was only the middle door.

"Does this mean we selected the right one?" Zhu Chang asked. "Open it."

Long Chen pushed the door open, revealing a much different sight than he would have expected. Instead of seeing a dark hallway on the other side, he saw a different field. 

It was as if the door led to the outside world. He could even see the sky there. 

"Strange. Was this all to the Dungeon! We are already at the exit?" He asked, looking back. 

"Did we take a wrong turn and walk back instead of moving forward?" Long Chen asked. 

"I don't think that is possible, but maybe. It's strange that we reached the exit of the tomb," Zhu Chang said. "Shall we go back and check?"

He soon shook his head. "The door will close by then. We should go through the door. Maybe it's a test as well, to see if we're clever enough?" 

"Possible. Let's leave then. Try our luck," Long Chen said, reaching out his hand towards Xun. 

After holding the hands of Xun, he passed through the door. Zhu Chang left after Long Chen. After the three of them left, the door closed. 

The other two doors once again appeared with the key floating in the middle. 


In a different part of the Dungeon, Zhu Qi and his friends were having a much rougher time compared to Long Chen. 

Instead of facing smaller obstructions, what they faced was much worse. After falling when the floor had disappeared, they dropped into a pond of water which was filled with fishes that had electrified the entire pond. 

After barely holding against the electric current, they left the pond, only to notice that the pond had somehow destroyed their clothes as well. 

They immediately changed their clothes and continued their search, however not long after, they came face to face against the two Stone Statues that were made by the first ancestor to test people.

"Sigh, the tomb is certainly very challenging. We aren't even close to the core, but we still face such hard challenges. I can only imagine what Zhu Chang would be facing."

"Heh, hopefully, he is facing something worse. That'll delay him, giving us the time to catch him."

"Heh, after that, we'll just have to follow them without worrying about any troubles since they will take care of everything before us."


Long Chen and Zhu Chang stepped out of the tomb, landing in massive green fields. As far as the eyes could see, only grass could be seen. 

"This... This isn't my realm!" Zhu Chang exclaimed. 


"I mean, this isn't my home. The energy in this realm... It's different. It's not what I have in my realm. I can feel the difference."

"You mean we aren't out of the tomb?" Long Chen asked. 

"We are out of the tomb. I can't feel the tomb's aura, but we aren't back home. This place is neither the tomb nor my home."

"So what place is this...?" Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"I'm not sure. Maybe we are in a different realm? Hopefully, it won't be a messy place."

"Messy place?" Long Chen asked, looking back.

"You know, not everyone is a fan of everyone? Similarly, we Black Tortoise also have some enemies. If I'm in their realm, it might be troublesome if I'm seen."

"Sigh, this is another mess then," Long Cheh let it, sighing. 

He brought a cloak out of his storage ring and tossed it towards Zhu Chang. "Wear this cloak. Try to hide your looks until we find out where we are."

Zhu Chang rolled his eyes. "This won't work. You might have recognized me from my looks, but the enemies won't. They'll find out even if I hide my looks."

"Then what is the plan here? Walk openly and get caught?" Xun asked. "Just take whatever precaution you can. Cover your looks and try to keep your aura hidden."

"You... Fine. But it's not because I'm scared. I just don't want to argue with you just for wearing a cloak." Zhu Chang wore the cloak, giving in.

"Let's select a direction and fly until we can confirm where we are. We should be able to find someone soon," Long Chen suggested. 


"I suggest that direction!" All three of them said, selecting a different direction altogether. 

"Fine.. We'll go in that direction then," Long Chen determined, selecting the direction which no one had selected. 

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