Second Life Ranker - Chapter 523 - Warrior Corps (9)

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Chapter 523 - Warrior Corps (9)

Bolstered by all the Great Blessings, Yeon-woo collided with the Crawling Chaos’ incarnation. Flash! The scattered particles of the Crawling Chaos’s divinity started to unite, transforming into hundreds of otherworld gods. The Crawling Chaos’ familiars had finally made their appearance.

Glory to our god!

Let’s bring victory to our god! The legends of our god will only have only victories!

We will sing praises of our god and spread his influence!

The half-giant warrior corps rushed at the newly formed otherworld gods while cheering for their god, Yeon-woo. They swung their swords wildly, and dark-red flames flashed across the battlefield, devastating the rest of the fortress.

As Great Warrior Valdebich exclaimed, this was a holy war for their people and their god. It was a war that would help their god become a transcendent being who surpassed the heavenly gods and demons. They would not permit even the thought of defeat, and thanks to this, the battle grew intense.

Slash and cut, then cut again. Kill and kill, again and again. Death to their enemies, and increase “fight” for their allies. The battle seemed to go on forever. Any observer would think that the half-giants’ actions were desperate yet beautiful, like a painting depicting a great holy battle. Because of this, the otherworld gods trying to prevent the warrior corps from reaching the Crawling Chaos could not hide their despair.

Why. Is. This. Happening. Does. Not. Make. Sense.

The Crawling Chaos and his familiars had been ignoring Yeon-woo and the warrior corps’ progress through the Crawling Chaos’ holy territories. Only the most skilled of the Crawling Chaos’ familiars served next to him, while the rest were sent to manage the other territories. The familiars who served next to their master had almost reached his level, but even they were shocked at the unexpected strength of the warrior corps.

The half-giants seemed no different from the ancient giants! Even though the half-giants always had this potential, their rapid development was unbelievable.

What do you mean it doesn’t make sense! Valdebich screamed as he looked at their expressions. He hated it when others underestimated him and his people. Did they think the half-giants would be their slaves forever! Bam! Bam! Bam! Valdebich’s growing anger made his fighting spirit rise even higher, and Yeon-woo’s legend, which resided deep within him, began to grow.

Ring! The situation forced the envoys to move in earnest; aside from providing the Great Blessings, they were also bound to participate in the battle. It was exhausting. It was already difficult enough to focus on the war against Allforone, but now they had to increase the number of fronts they were fighting. They were also terrified that they’d have to continue giving Yeon-woo strength, even though he might be their enemy in the future.

However, things had gotten to the point that even if they did not want to, they had to fight to survive. Thud! Thud! The true bodies of the envoys began to descend on the battlefield one by one, their auras growing more majestic and powerful. However, their societies were forced to bear a great deal of the laws of causality.

Although they’d just been dragged around by Yeon-woo, the gods and demons now released their powers to demonstrate how they’d reached the higher levels of divinity. The area collapsed and restored itself multiple times as attacks that would have destroyed a planet bombarded the hidden stage. Some of the demons were enjoying the situation.

[At Fenrir’s request, the other ‘Siblings of Disaster’ have shared their power with him!]

Fenrir grew ten times larger and seemed to block out the sky. The Siblings of Disaster included the serpent that devoured the world, Jormungandr, and the goddess who ruled the underworld, Hel.

Bang! Puff! Now that he was much larger than any otherworld god, Fenrir slammed his gigantic paws in the center of the Crawling Chaos’ familiars. The shockwave spread out as the ground flattened, throwing the otherworld gods around like ragdolls.

Agares, who had been looking for an opportunity to attack, stepped forward.

[At the request of ‘Agares’, the ‘East Demon King’s Army’ has appeared!]

My children, let’s decorate this fun stage today! Agares, who now appeared as a handsome man with dozens of pairs of black wings spread open, burst into a cruel laugh as he looked up at the sky. The sky opened up and a demonic legion rained down, striking the reeling otherworld gods and ripping them to pieces.

The battle for the Crawling Chaos’ last holy territory grew intense, with neither side willing to give an inch.


“How funny. Is this what I think it is? The thing that put him to sleep. There’s definitely something special about it.” The Crawling Chaos’ incarnation burst into laughter as he examined the black chains wrapped around him. It was a chain that could bind even the gods, and even though the Crawling Chaos was an entity that repudiated the laws of nature, the chains also held him in place.

Regardless of how much force or divine power he used, the chains did not budge. In fact, the more he struggled, the more tightly the chains seemed to wrap around him. “However, I want to avoid this. No matter how boring the world is, there’s still so much I want to see.” The Crawling Chaos chuckled. Life suddenly disappeared from his incarnation’s eyes, and his head dropped down, a smile still lingering on his face.

Sss! The incarnation imploded like a sandcastle and scattered. He had freed himself from the chains by severing his will, which was connected to his incarnation. The chains bound the incarnation, not his soul, and so the Crawling Chaos easily sacrificed it. It wasn’t a big loss, considering his divine power.

“You’re being so annoying.” As he retracted the chains, Yeon-woo searched for the Crawling Chaos’ true body by filling his Draconic Eyes with magic power. Dealing with the incarnations would just drain his energy and waste his time.

[Draconic Eyes]

[Fiery Golden Eyes]

[Black Gubitara – Philosopher’s Eyes]

As his golden Draconic Eyes looked for the Crawling Chaos’s true body by scanning the cross-sections of countless folded spaces and reaching its core, Yeon-woo suddenly instinctively flinched in surprise. ‘What’s that?’

He’d seen the Crawling Chaos, whose gigantic body Yeon-woo couldn’t even fathom. It was wriggling, and although he didn’t have anything resembling a face, the Crawling Chaos seemed to be smiling. However, Yeon-woo was stunned by where he found the Crawling Chaos. ‘Everywhere?’

His back stiffened. The Crawling Chaos was located right under his feet, under the space where his familiars and the envoys stood. They weren’t in his holy territory; they were within the Crawling Chaos himself! At that moment, Yeon-woo realized what the Crawling Chaos was planning. He turned and yelled out to all his people and envoys. Everyone, watch out!

The Crawling Chaos just smiled coldly.

You. Are.

Already. Too. Late.

As soon as he finished speaking—Boom! A huge explosion erupted from the spot Yeon-woo was standing on. It smashed the entire space and turned over the ground, hurling the central holy territory away. The Crawling Chaos had just tried to manifest his true body.

However, the Crawling Chaos’ spiritual pressure and the data of his existence was too much for the stage to handle. The hidden stage was already overloaded with so many gods and demons that it simply collapsed. The Crawling Chaos’ spiritual pressure crushed many of the gods and demons, who perished without even having the chance to scream.

Fortunately, since, they were mostly high-level transcendent beings, so they managed to avoid complete termination, but they couldn’t avoid experiencing a major blow to their existences. They were swept away by the aftershocks, their remains scattered everywhere.

[Error! An irregular presence has been confirmed.]

[A bug has occurred.]

[A bug has occurred.]

[The level of the firewall has been increased.]

[The irregular presence is being blocked.]

Countless error messages popped up as the Tower’s defenses activated, pushing the Crawling Chaos back. The envoys and half-giants who were scattered throughout the hidden stage began screaming from their serious injuries. Even the otherworld gods hadn’t escaped from the carnage. Many of them screamed in their collapsed spirit forms; it was clear they hadn’t received any forewarning from their master.

Fortunately, when Yeon-woo realized what the Crawling Chaos was aiming for, he raised his shadows to create a wall of souls, which helped him survive. However, he was enraged. He’d lost the link with many of his familiars due to the Crawling Chaos’ assault. He sighed in frustration. He’d never expected that the Crawling Chaos would carry out such a reckless attack.

Ha. Ha. So. Much. Fun. The Crawling Chaos seemed to be smiling broadly as if he had been expecting Yeon-woo to survive. It was the first time in thousands of years that he’d enjoyed himself so much. However, his delight made Yeon-woo completely lose what remained of his reason.

Yeon-woo had had to beef up his strength with the blessings just to catch the Crawling Chaos, but all the Crawling Chaos had to do was manifest in order to destroy his attempts. The Crawling Chaos disappeared back into the darkness, as though he were teasing Yeon-woo like a child sticking out his tongue.

The Tower’s firewall was rejecting the Crawling Chaos and throwing him out. Yeon-woo instinctively knew that if he let the Crawling Chaos go, it would be a long time before he would have another chance at encountering the Crawling Chaos’ true form.

All the other holy territories and newly built temples had been blown away by the explosion. Even if the central territory remained, the hidden stage had already lost its function as a holy land. It was no more than a wasteland now.

This meant that part of the Tower was forming cracks, and in the future, all the Crawling Chaos needed to do was follow the trail of divine power he’d left behind after manifesting. He could simply project his will onto his divine power and re-enter the Tower. He’d lost nothing today.

Even if the half-giants had gained their freedom, their grudge against the Crawling Chaos would still linger. Yeon-woo could not stand this thought. Sss! Yeon-woo lashed the black chains at the disappearing Crawling Chaos.

Crackle! Yeon-woo felt the end of the chains embed itself into the Crawling Chaos’ body, and the chains suddenly grew taut as though they would snap at any time. Yeon-woo looked to the other side. ‘Demonism!’

At that moment, a void opened up and a chain-wrapped Vigrid appeared. Urrrng! Urrrrng! Vigrid shook more violently than ever.

Keekeekee! I told you! In the end, you would have no choice but to call me! The Demonism burst into laughter as soon as he saw Yeon-woo.

“Shut up and make a decision. Will you cooperate or not?”

“If we cooperate, what do I get?”

“Tasty food.”

“OK. That’s enough. Spring chicken, I’ll let you off easy this time around. Keekeekee!” While the Demonism laughed menacingly, Yeon-woo released all the chains that bound Vigrid. He stretched out his right hand, and Vigrid flew into it, fitting into his palm snugly. Yeon-woo could feel his heart pounding—he hadn’t felt this way in a long time.

The first thing he had ever learned from the Martial King was swordsmanship, and he felt as though he’d returned to those days. The magic power poured out of his Sin Stone and combined with the magic that sprung out from Vigrid. Yeon-woo was captivated by the mysterious sensation that his world of Consciousness was expanding infinitely.

However, this time, the Demonism didn’t take over. Yeon-woo still possessed his will and retained his consciousness. His body overflowed with a powerful force that he’d never felt before.

Fusing with Demonism.


Two divinities.

Full release of the Sin Stone.

Great Blessings.

And Dragon Heart.

When it all came together, an entity that looked like Yeon-woo came into being.

###! Valdebich called out Yeon-woo’s name.

“I’ll be back soon, Valdebich. As my Apostle, I task you with taking care of this place while I’m gone.” Yeon-woo pulled on his chains, and his body floated into the air, vanishing beyond space towards a place where the Crawling Chaos was.

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