She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1002 - Goodbye!  

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Chapter 1002: Goodbye!

Caleb kept his silence and did not speak.

Trueman went on. “Although you and I share a body, you don’t actually know the things I’ve done. But I’m willing to tell you all these details now… I just hope that you can refrain from hurting her in the future!

“Even if you survive, you will still have to live under the special department’s surveillance for the rest of your life, so you won’t be able to try any tricks. In that case, I shall fill in for you the details of how I had interacted with them and let you become the real me…”

Trueman heaved a quiet sigh and added, “… as thanks for your appearance back then, which saved me.”

Back then, in the mysterious organization’s laboratory, as Trueman watched his brothers and sisters die one by one, he had been extremely furious. He was violent and angry, yet also helpless.

It was at this time that Caleb had appeared.

With his appearance, Trueman stopped butting heads with the mysterious organization and started to adopt a soft approach instead. Not only did he become the sole survivor, but he even gained the old King’s approval and became the mysterious organization’s heir!

Back then, the old King had wanted him to conceive a child with Nora.

However, the furious Trueman didn’t want to obey his orders. As though he was playing a prank, he found a handsome guy to take his place, planning to use him to neutralize the fatty’s genes…

At that time, Trueman’s intentions really were to just defy the old King…

Trueman’s personality was indeed like what outsiders described him to be—untamed and uninhibited like a devil. Yet, at the same time, he was also a bit guileless.

Growing up in the basement, no one had ever taught him to differentiate between good and evil, so he didn’t understand what was good and what was evil. He was a little devil who wouldn’t even know if he did something wrong.

As a result, Xander, who grew up under his care, also had a similar personality.

Even if he was inherently good, he did not know how to differentiate between right and wrong, or good and evil.

However, Xander had Nora and Justin to teach him whereas Trueman didn’t!

On the other hand, Caleb was a hypocrite. He smiled all the time, but in truth, he was cunning and vicious. That was why he had planned this whole conspiracy and pretended to be Trueman to cheat Nora out of the V16!

In fact, he had even tricked Nora into treating his mental illness so that he could fully take over the body!

Trueman couldn’t resist even if he wanted to.


It didn’t become like this because Nora had treated his illness; it was because he had been secretly taking medicine behind Trueman’s back, causing their control of the body to gradually go out of balance and lean toward him…

It was now impossible for Trueman to appear even if he wanted to!

Upon hearing Trueman, Caleb sneered and asked, “So, are you saying all this so that I would let you say goodbye to Xander?”

Before their personalities could switch to Trueman, Caleb said, “That’s impossible!”

He would never give Trueman the chance to take back the body and expose the truth.

Therefore, he would never let Trueman say his goodbyes to Xander.

Trueman’s lips curled into a smile as he said, “I know you’ll definitely be afraid and refuse to let me do it. I’m dying anyway; does it matter whether I say goodbye or not?”

“That’s true. In that case, sweet dreams, my brother.”

After speaking, Caleb closed his eyes. By the time he opened them again, the look in his eyes had become gentle again.

The next day.

Xander woke up even later than last time. This time, he slept all the way until eleven o’clock at night.

By the time he woke up, the sky was already dark.

Everyone accompanied him to dinner. Then, the group marched to Caleb’s room.

In the room, a dish with a lid over it sat on the table.

As soon as they entered, Caleb pointed to the dish on the table and said, “Xander, this is for you.”

Xander was taken aback.

He looked at the dish, his eyes lighting up. “Are you the Daddy Trueman who treats me nicely every time?”

Caleb did not say anything.

Xander slowly walked toward the dish and reached out for it.

Caleb’s eyes were fixed on him.

No one noticed the corners of his lips curling upward slightly, nor the instantaneous change in his eyes.

Xander removed the lid…

Underneath the lid was a cheeseburger!

Xander broke into a smile. “Daddy, you remembered that I like cheeseburgers!”

He picked up the burger and took a couple of bites.

Caleb, however, suppressed the smirk on his lips.

At the same time, two personalities appeared in his mind.

“… You already knew!” Trueman exclaimed.

Caleb sneered. “Yes. There was no way I was going to trust you when you were telling me so much, of course. If I had prepared ramen for Xander like what you told me to, I would probably have given myself away by now, right? Come on, do you really think that I haven’t been doing anything all these years? I am aware of all the times you visited that boy! I had installed a surveillance camera at the place where you locked him up!”

Trueman: “!!”

Caleb went on. “I certainly am not very sure about your history with Nora, but it doesn’t seem like it’s necessary for me to know anymore anyway.”

Trueman was furious and raging. He screamed, “You’re shameless! Caleb, you’re so shameless! She is my little servant! And he is my son! You are so shameless!”

“Trueman, whether it’s Nora or Xander, they are both mine now.”

Caleb laughed.

He opened his eyes and looked at Nora. “Let’s do it. Is this the last acupuncture session?”


Nora walked over slowly and picked up a silver needle. She said to Caleb, “It may take a bit longer this time, and you will also fall asleep. The next time you wake up, he will be gone forever.”


With a gentle smile, Caleb lay down on the specialized bed meant for conducting acupuncture and rested both his hands on his chest. When he thought of how Trueman was about to disappear whereas he would fully take over the body and become a good person… A smile appeared on his face.

His smile was so relaxed.

Then, he felt Nora inserting the needle in her hand into his head.

In his ear was her low and mellow voice. “Go to sleep.”

He said, “Nora, have I ever told you that I was in love with you too?”

Nora kept quiet and inserted another needle instead.

Caleb began to doze off.

Before he fell asleep, he could vaguely hear Trueman’s furious shouts in his mind. He seemed like he was about to dissipate and fade away as he yelled, “Shameless! You’re shameless!”

The corners of Caleb’s lips rose into a smile. “Goodbye, Trueman.”

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