She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement - Chapter 247 - May Your Granddisciple Be Safe and Healthy

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Chapter 247 May Your Granddisciple Be Safe and Healthy

The Icy Night T-Rex endured the humiliation and lowered its head. It agreed unwillingly. “So be it. Don’t be so fierce.”

She was clearly a rather cute little girl, but she dared to eat anything when she was angry.

Seeing that the Icy Night T-Rex had finally become obedient, Anna put away her beast form and said to Yu Huang, “Yu Huang, go in. With me here to help and guard you, it won’t dare to rebel.”


Feng Si stared at the huge and dangerous rank 7 demon beast and was a little afraid. He held Yu Huang’s arm and walked into the Icy Night T-Rex’s territory with her.

The Icy Night T-Rex was extremely violent. Without a word, it opened its huge mouth and spat an ice pillar at them.

Yu Huang instantly summoned Xuan Yu.

Little Xuan Yu transformed into a gorgeous and enormous Divine Feather Phoenix in the sky. It flapped its wings and wrapped the ice pillars with the Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame.

In the blink of an eye, the ice pillar melted.

Seeing this, a look of shock flashed across the eyes of the Icy Night T-Rex. He stared at the pair of Vermillion Bird wings on Yu Huang’s back and pointed out dubiously, “The energy released by your beast form is even more overbearing than the flames of the Vermillion Bird. What beast form do you have?”

In the primitive deep forest of the abyss, a group of Vermillion Bird demon beasts lived. The Icy Night T-Rex had once fought with a Vermillion Bird demon beast. Next to his cage, there lived a small adult Vermillion Bird. The small Vermillion Bird’s egg was very delicious.

Therefore, it was very certain that Yu Huang’s beast form and the flames released were far stronger than the Vermillion Bird’s.

Yu Huang told the Icy Night T-Rex, “My beast form is the Divine Feather Phoenix.”

“Divine Feather Phoenix?” Although he didn’t know which bloodline the Divine Feather Phoenix belonged to, as long as it was a Phoenix, it was an ancient vicious beast. The young man called Sheng Xiao in the Divine Domain Academy had awakened an ancient dragon beast. The dean had awakened an ancient alligator. Now, there was a girl who awakened a phoenix. The Divine Domain Academy was getting better and better.

As the number one demon beast in the academy, the Icy Night T-Rex felt proud as well.

“To be able to awaken the ancient Phoenix beast form means that you’re very strong.” The Icy Night T-Rex looked at Yu Huang with vigilance and seriousness. Humans were really surprising. Their bodies were clearly so weak, but they were able to awaken such powerful beast forms. Ten thousand years ago, this world was actually ruled by demon beasts. At that time, humans were very weak and weren’t even nourishing as food. But later, the Prime Master Goldfeather came to the Upper World, and that fellow helped humans awaken their beast form. A portion of the humans had been awakened as powerful Beast Tamers. After five hundred years of battle, the humans finally gained the upper hand. The monsters were forced to hide in the primitive forests and the deep sea to live.

Winner takes all. This principle had never changed.

Although the Icy Night T-Rex had not seen the battle ten thousand years ago with its own eyes, the memories of their race were inherited. It was born five hundred years ago, but it had the memories from ten thousand years ago. It was precisely because the Icy Night T-Rex knew clearly how terrifying a human’s potential was that it didn’t dare to underestimate Yu Huang, who had awakened the ancient Phoenix bloodline.

It gave Yu Huang a deep look and said, “Come, I’ll play with you. Let’s see how long you can last under my attacks.” The Icy Night T-Rex suddenly flapped its wings and flew into the sky. It awakened its combat state. When its pair of ice-blue wings were fully spread, it almost covered half of the Demonic Beast Forest.

Seeing the Icy Night T-Rex unleash its might, the little demon beasts in the demon beast forest were frightened and hid in their lairs. They laid on the ground and did not dare to make a sound.

The chest of the Icy Night T-Rex suddenly turned translucent. Yu Huang’s gaze could pass through the transparent body and see the heart in the body of the violent dragon.

It actually had two hearts!

At that moment, the two hearts were releasing a faint ice-blue light. At the same time, the temperature of the entire Demonic Beast Forest was rapidly falling. Feng Si was so cold that he quickly took out a down jacket and put it on.

Xuan Yu immediately released the Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame.

The Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame and the ice gas of the Icy Night T-Rex engaged in a silent contest in the sky. They did not use any cultivation technique or other skills and only relied on their spiritual power to compete.

Above the Demonic Beast Forest, half the sky was frozen, and half the sky was burning with flames.

This scene was gorgeous and dangerous.

On the Divine Realm Academy’s campus, many students sensed the change in the sky above the Demonic Beast Forest and raised their heads to look in the direction of the Demonic Beast Forest.

When Yin Rong saw the alluring figure in the distant sky, she suddenly asked Xiao Shu, “Do you dare to fight the Icy Night T-Rex?”

Xiao Shu shook his head and asked Yin Rong, “You dare to?”

Yin Rong said, “I wouldn’t dare to.”

The two upperclassmen of the seventh grade did not dare to fight with the Icy Night T-Rex, but the second grade’s Yu Huang did. As upperclassmen, Yin Rong and Xiao Shu felt ashamed.

The Icy Night T-Rex was a late-stage Supreme Master after all. As a late-stage Scholar, Yu Huang quickly felt her spirit energy drying up.

Seeing that Yu Huang was tired, the Icy Night T-Rex snorted and immediately released even more boundless energy from its body.

Yu Huang suffered the attack of that energy and her spirit energy dissipated. Her body instantly flew high into the sky behind her and fell into the deep sea with a thump.

She climbed up from the sea drenched.

Yu Huang wiped her face and flew back to the Demonic Beast Forest. With her long hair drenched, she said to the Icy Night T-Rex, “Let’s fight again!” “Alright!”

This time, both Yu Huang and Feng Si fought the Icy Night T-Rex.

Yu Huang directly executed the Blazing Moon Art and launched an attack at the Icy Night T-Rex.

Seeing the Psychic Sphere in Yu Huang’s right hand, interest finally appeared in the eyes of the Icy Night T-Rex. Anna was right. This friend of hers was indeed a dual cultivator.

When he saw the might of the Blazing Moon Art, the Icy Night T-Rex praised, “The cultivation technique you cultivate is extremely good.” He changed the topic and shook his head while taking pleasure in her misfortune. “Unfortunately, you’re still too weak.”

Yu Huang’s current cultivation was still weak, and she was still unable to bring out the true overbearing power of the Blazing Moon Art. Presumably, when her cultivation increased by a few more levels, then when she used the Blazing Moon Art again, it would definitely become a one-hit killing technique!

Right at this moment, Feng Si suddenly spread open his Bewitching Spotted Butterfly wings and appeared in front of the Icy Night T-Rex. When the Icy Night T-Rex saw the butterfly that suddenly appeared with a multicolored glow, its mind actually became disoriented. The Icy Night T-Rex seemed to have dreamed of seeing its mother.

The Icy Night T-Rex race was a rare group of demon beasts.

When the Icy Night T-Rex was 20 years old, it and its mother went out to hunt for food and met a level 8 demonic beast that had just awakened. In the critical moment, its mother self-destructed her beast heart and sacrificed herself to save the Icy Night T-Rex.

Four hundred years had passed, and the Icy Night T-Rex could no longer remember its mother’s face. However, it would forever remember the look in its mother’s eyes when she self-destructed her beast heart. It was filled with love and blessings. The Icy Night T-Rex only went into a daze for a few seconds, but this was enough for Yu Huang to seize the opportunity to launch a sneak attack!

“Blazing Moon Art!”

Yu Huang pulled the longbow made of black feathers to the limit. She spread out the five fingers of her right hand, and the fan-shaped Psychic Arrow shot towards the Icy Night T-Rex!

When the Blazing Moon Art approached, the Icy Night T-Rex finally came to its senses.

Realizing that he had fallen for that young man’s charm technique, the Icy Night T-Rex did not have the time to vent its anger on Feng Si and hurriedly mobilized the strength of the demon beast in its entire body. The Icy Night T-Rex opened its mouth and spat out a ten-meter thick ice wall, blocking the Blazing Moon Art’s energy outside the ice wall.

Seeing that the Blazing Moon Art was unable to do anything to the Icy Night T-Rex, Yu Huang could only use her strongest technique.

She tapped her glabella with her index finger. A Black Qing Sky Dragon appeared from her glabella and roared furiously above the Demonic Beast Forest.

When it saw the Black Qing Sky Dragon suddenly appear, it felt its legs go weak.

Yu Huang grabbed Black Qing Sky Dragon’s dragon horn and ordered it to turn into a Dragon Sword. Then, she used the tenth move of the Myriad Slash

“Myriad Slash technique!”

Right at this moment, that ice wall was shattered by the Blazing Moon Art!

Without the ice wall’s defense, the Icy Night T-Rex appeared behind the ice wall. It looked up and saw the boundless sword gas striking from the sky. Shock surfaced in its eyes again.

“True Dragon aura…”

The Icy Night T-Rex was a dragon. Against the aura of a true dragon, the blood in his body was suppressed, and his speed of flowing was reduced. The strength of the demon beast also slowed down.

At the same time, Feng Si suddenly flew out from behind Yu Huang. With a flash of light, he turned into a huge female Icy Night T-Rex!

When it saw the female Icy Night T-Rex, the Icy Night T-Rex was suddenly stunned. It had forgotten to immediately mobilize the demonic beast’s power to resist the power of Yu Huang’s Myriad Slash.

It stared dazedly at the female Icy Night T-Rex in the sky, and it actually revealed a gaze of longing and guilt. “Mother!” When it called out ‘mother’, two lines of hot tears actually flowed down the Icy Night T-Rex’s face.

But hadn’t Mom been eaten by the level 8 demon beasts in the center of the abyss long ago to save it?

Realizing that this was a charm technique, the Icy Night T-Rex came to its senses!

It was also at this moment that Yu Huang approached its head!

The Icy Night T-Rex had no time to resist or escape. It could only raise its pair of ice-blue wings to protect its head and use its wings to forcefully resist the energy!


The mountain range where the Demonic Beast Forest was was shaking.

The impact dissipated and the dust settled.

The Icy Night T-Rex coiled in the air, and only after it confirmed that all the remaining might had disappeared did it slowly spread its wings that had been hacked open. It did not look at its injuries, but instead raised its head to look at Feng Si. It stared at Feng Si for a moment and suddenly said, “Can you let me take another look at my mother?”

Feng Si was slightly stunned.

The Icy Night T-Rex said, “I can’t even remember her face clearly.” The Icy Night T-Rex suddenly reached under its stomach and took out a golden pearl.

It raised the golden bead high and said loudly to Feng Si, “This is a jewel I’ve kept for two hundred years! I’ll give it to you. Let me take another look at Mom, okay?”

Dragons liked shiny things. This golden bead was a treasure that the Icy Night T-Rex had cherished for 200 years.

It was willing to use its most precious thing in exchange for a chance encounter with its mother.

Feng Si was moved. He said, “I can let you see your mother again. I don’t want the golden pearls. I only hope that you can train with us well in the future.”

The Icy Night T-Rex immediately agreed. “Okay!”

The Icy Night T-Rex was too huge. The illusion just now almost exhausted Feng Si’s spirit energy.

However, he had already agreed to the Icy Night T-Rex’s request. He could not bear to see the Icy Night T-Rex disappointed. Feng Si closed his eyes and mobilized the last of his spiritual power to conjure the image of the mother in the Icy Night T-Rex’s heart.

He once again succeeded in transforming into the form of the female Icy Night T-Rex.

The female Icy Night T-Rex was extremely large. Her eyes were a gentle light blue color, and her wings were ice blue. She stood quietly in the void and looked at her child with loving eyes.

When the Icy Night T-Rex saw its mother’s face in its memories, it suddenly started to cry. “Mmmm…” The Icy Night T-Rex covered its eyes with its wings and buried its head in its tears.

Demonic beasts getting emotional was a rare thing in the entire Demon Beast Realm.

One had to know that there was never a demonic beast on the Holy Spirit Continent that would shed tears!


Those tears landed on the body of the Icy Night T-Rex, but they did not wet the ice-blue dragon scales on his body. They turned into faint blue light and circled the Icy Night T-Rex.

Feng Si’s spirit energy was unable to support him in maintaining the female Icy Night T-Rex’s appearance. He returned to his original form and leaned weakly against Yu Huang.

Feng Si was shocked when he saw the change in the dragon. “What’s wrong with it?”

Yu Huang was baffled as well.

Right at this moment, the surface of the sea in the distance roiled. An enormous ancient alligator swam out of the sea surface and transformed into a squinting old man in the void.

In the blink of an eye, the old man arrived before them.

The dean only glanced at the Icy Night T-Rex and said to Yu Huang, Anna Tao, and the others, “Yu Huang, hurry back to the campus and get all the disciples who are outside to return to the dormitory!” The dean stared at the Icy Night T-Rex and said, “The Icy Night T-Rex is going to undergo tribulation!” It was going to advance to level 8!

When it saw its mother, who had died to save it, the Icy Night T-Rex broke through the wisdom level of a demon beast and shed tears of enlightenment, developing the wisdom of a divine demon!

Its cultivation base, which had stagnated for decades, finally advanced at this moment.

A demon beast’s tribulation was even more terrifying than a beast tamer’s. Hearing this, Yu Huang hurriedly pulled Feng Si and Anna Tao back to the campus. At the same time, the demon beasts in the entire Demonic Beast Forest quickly evacuated from the Demonic Beast Forest under the organization of the staff.

The sky became more and more gloomy. Lightning could be seen rolling in it.

The Icy Night T-Rex, which was covered in ice, was lying in the nest. It was feeling a little uneasy as it looked at the old man with narrowed eyes beside it and asked, “Old man, after I become a divine demon, I can cultivate and transform into a human. When that time comes, you have to give me a human identity.”

The dean heard the fear in the Icy Night T-Rex’ voice. He narrowed his eyes and touched its torn wings. “Don’t be afraid, Xiao Long. I’ll guard you here.”

The panic in the Icy Night T-Rex’s eyes dissipated slightly.

It looked up at the golden lightning tumbling in the black clouds and suddenly said, “Old man, don’t block the lightning for me. You blocked the tribulation lightning for Professor Mu two years ago. You can’t withstand the second tribulation lightning for the time being.”

The dean suddenly chuckled. “Are you concerned about me?”

The Icy Night T-Rex smirked. “I still think all humans are hypocritical,” it said. “But…” He gave the old man a long look. “You’re a good person.”

The dean shook his head and laughed. “Shut up, the lightning is here!”

Tribulation lightning came as soon as he said it.

Due to their powerful physical bodies, the heavens were especially heartless to them. Each tribulation lightning they suffered was even more ferocious than a human Beast Tamer’s.

The lightning tribulation for advancing to level 8 for a demonic beast was equivalent to a Grand Master’s lightning tribulation. It would have to endure three lightning tribulation bolts.

Yu Huang stood on the balcony of Sheng Xiao’s dormitory and watched as the bolts of tribulation lightning struck down from the sky. The Icy Night T-Rex was indeed powerful. It managed to withstand three bolts of tribulation lightning with its body.

After the tribulation lightning ended, almost the entire Demonic Beast Forest was destroyed by the lightning.

All the students and professors stopped their classes and ran to the Demonic Beast Forest to help out. They repaired the nests of those demon beasts and planted new trees in the Demonic Beast Forest.

According to the rules, students could write a sentence on the tree they planted themselves. It could be their own name or a letter.

Anna Tao wrote on her tree

(Let Mentor be healthy and live as long as the heavens.]

Feng Si wrote: “I hope that Her Highness’ wish will come true.”

Sheng Yang wrote: “May I have a C cup.” Na Luo wrote: “May the world be at peace.” Yu Huang thought about it and wrote on her tree: “I hope everything I wish to become true.”

The dean also planted a tree. He planted a tree called a pigeon tree. This tree was also called a resting tree and was often planted near the cemetery. When Yu Huang passed by the dean, she saw him holding a dagger and writing something seriously on the tree. She tiptoed closer to the dean and saw him writing on the tree(I hope Mingjue smiles in the netherworld. I hope my grand disciple is safe and healthy.] Yu Huang, not daring to think about how much grief the old man felt, stared blankly at the line of words.

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