She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement - Chapter 248 - Friendly Basketball Competition

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Chapter 248 Friendly Basketball Competition

Because the Icy Night T-Rex was injured, Yu Huang and Feng Si had lost their best sparring partner, and they could only give up their training temporarily.

Every year, in the middle of October, the Divine Realm Academy would have a basketball team competition for the Beast Tamer High School. Last year, Yu Huang was a new student and was busy doing missions to earn points. She was busy raising her cultivation level to challenge Xuanyuan Jing in the arena and had no time to pay attention to all this.

But this year was different.

This year, as the eldest in the second year, Yu Huang had even represented the academy to beat up freshmen. She was already a prominent figure in the academy.

When the president of the student union of Year 12 found her and hoped that she could join the basketball team and represent the academy in the competition, Yu Huang was a little hesitant.

She had been tricked by Yin Rong to become a student representative once. Now, if anything seemed like pie in the sky to Yu Huang, she subconsciously wanted to reject it.

She felt that good things did not come her way.

Seeing Yu Huang’s hesitation, the president hurriedly said, “If you successfully join the basketball team and represent the academy in an expedition to the Divine Realm Continent, you will receive a thousand points. If our academy wins the competition and enters the top three, the team members will be rewarded with two thousand points. If you win the championship, the team members will be rewarded with three thousand points.”

When she heard that there were points as a reward, Yu Huang was immediately tempted.

“I’ll think about it.”

Coincidentally, on this day, the academy released their phones. Yu Huang got the phone and called her father, who was a logistics cook in Mo Yuelou’s military camp.

Yu Donghai was peeling potatoes and was planning to make pork ribs potatoes at night. He took the video and placed his phone on a small stool. His hands did not stop moving.

Yu Donghai pinched the potato with his left hand and the peeler with his right. Yu Huang only saw his left hand turn the potato a few times while his right hand swung it a few times without stopping. A potato was peeled completely.

Yu Huang praised, “You’re so good at peeling potatoes!”

“Hehe!” Yu Donghai praised himself, “Last month, the military camp selected the most hardworking logisticians. I even received an award. Your father, I, am now a famous chef in the military camp.”

After entering the military camp, as Yu Donghai dealt with the soldiers and his colleagues, he felt as if he had been revived, and he became invigorated. No matter what he did, he was filled with enthusiasm.

Yu Huang’s eyes curled up from laughter. “Oh right, the Cong Wolf Mystic Realm will be open next month. You will go, right?” Yu Huang asked in surprise, “You even paid attention to this?”

Yu Donghai chuckled again and said, “The prince treated me extremely well and gave my dormitory a computer. Although I’m now an ordinary person, I was once a Beast Tamer. To this day, I’m still a high-level member of the Beast Tamer Alliance’s website.”

Yu Donghai told Yu Huang, “I had nothing to do recently at night, so I went online to see the current affairs of the cultivation world. The most talked about topic recently is the Cong Lang Mystic Realm, which is about to open, and the Divine Realm Continent’s friendly basketball competition.”

When he spoke about these things, Yu Donghai had the feeling that he had traveled back in time to twenty years ago, and had returned to the days when he was still a Beast Tamer.

He was in high spirits and talked non-stop.

He told Yu Huang, “The Cong Wolf Mystic Realm is a good place. Your father…” Seeing that there were people moving vegetables around, Yu Donghai hurriedly changed his words. “Back then, the Prime Master led the top 100 people in the academy’s expert rankings to clear the Cong Wolf Mystic Realm. When they came out of the Cong Wolf Mystic Realm, many people’s cultivation levels had advanced.”

“Are you on the expert rankings now?” The two of them had not spoken for a long time. Yu Donghai was not like Lin Jiansheng, who had a way to obtain information. He could only ask Yu Huang for information.

Yu Huang said, “Yes.”

“You’re so impressive. You’ve just advanced to the second grade, but you’re already in the top 100 of the expert rankings. When the Prime Master

was in the second grade, I could only barely enter the top 150 of the expert rankings. You’re even more powerful than the Prime Master.”


After saying that, Yu Donghai stopped peeling potato skin. He turned his head and stared at Yu Huang, whose gaze was calm in the video. His eyes were filled with pride. He thought that if the Prime Master was still alive, the Prime Master would be proud of Yu Huang.

There were many people around, so it was inappropriate for Yu Huang to discuss her father with Yu Donghai. She said, “Father, guess what rank I am.”

Yu Donghai asked, “Top ten?” He felt that his child was omnipotent.

Yu Huang felt a little awkward. “I’m not that powerful. I’m currently ranked 86th.” Although she was ranked 86th, it was because she had only challenged the person in the 86th place. If she continued to challenge, there was hope for her to enter the top 60.

“That’s already very impressive.” Yu Donghai still felt proud. He said, “Then you can represent the academy at the Cong Lang Mystic Realm. I hope that you will be a Master when you return from the mystic realm.”

“It’s not that easy.” No Beast Tamer had broken through to the Master Realm within three years. It even took Sheng Xiao ten years to do so.

“Right, the academy invited me to join the basketball team.” Hearing Yu Donghai mention the Divine Realm Continent’s High School basketball competition, Yu Huang casually mentioned this matter.

Hearing this, Yu Donghai was even happier. “Hey, you have to participate no matter what. If your school can enter the basketball league finals, you can even invite your parents to watch the competition!”

Yu Donghai hadn’t seen Yu Huang in a long time and he missed her.

When she heard that she could invite her parents to watch the competition, Yu Huang was instantly tempted. “Then I’ll participate!”

“Okay, let’s strive to enter the finals. I will go and watch the competition even if I have to take leave!” It had been many years since Yu Donghai had gone to watch the competition. In his memory, the last time he went to watch the competition was when he was in his eighties. At that time, a young master from the Yin Clan led the Divine Realm Academy to the competition. He was sent to watch the competition and cheer him on.

In the basketball finals, they were very particular about the audience.

The organizers divided every school that made it into the grand finals into independent audience seats. The number of people sitting in the audience, their status, and the identity of the people all brought glory to the participating team.

Yu Donghai thought that if Yu Huang really made it to the finals, he would drag Lin Jiansheng to cheer for her. Then, he thought about Yu Huang’s relationship with Sheng Xiao. Yu Donghai was looking forward to the Sheng family sending their representatives to watch the competition.

If that happened, Yu Huang would be even more proud.

Yu Donghai chatted with Yu Huang for a while longer. Yu Huang said that she wanted to hang up the phone and call her mentor. Yu Donghai hung up the phone quickly and hummed while peeling the potato.

When Head Chef Deng came to work after his break, he heard Yu Donghai humming a song. His phone was on the small stool beside him. He leaned against the door frame and smoked. He asked Yu Donghai, “Uncle Yu, what makes you so happy?”

This plain-looking man with a prosthetic arm was very respected in the logistics team because he was personally brought here by the prince.

The prince did not introduce the man’s identity, but the head chef could tell that the prince respected this man very much.

Who would dare to look down on a person that even the prince had to respect?

Fortunately, although this man was of high status and was very mysterious, he was very down-to-earth and easy to get along with. He was also quick in his work. He seemed to really enjoy and like this job, and was not here to pass the time.

Yu Donghai chuckled and said, “My daughter called me.”

Everyone in the logistics department knew that Yu Donghai had a daughter who studied in the Divine Realm Academy. She was an extremely outstanding lady. However, ordinary people like them could not easily hear the rumors about the Divine Realm Academy


Therefore, even if they knew that Yu Donghai’s daughter was studying in the Divine Realm Academy, no one knew that his daughter was called Yu Huang. She was the new signboard of the Divine Realm Academy, and was the only Beast Tamer and Purifying Spirit Master Dual Cultivator in the Holy Spirit Continent.

Hearing that, Head Chef Deng revealed a look of yearning. He said, “My son also awakened his beast form this summer. I wonder if he can go to a beast tamer school to study in the future.”

At the mention of his son, Chef Deng also looked proud.

Yu Donghai immediately put down the peeler in his hand and turned to ask Head Chef Deng, “How old is our son? What’s his name? If he can enter the Divine Realm Academy in the future, I’ll get my daughter to take care of him.”

Head Chef Deng’s face flushed with excitement. He subconsciously reached out to scratch his head, but ended up grabbing the chef’s hat on his head.

Head Chef Deng put down his hands and crossed his arms. “My son is called Deng Weidong. He lives in the Prosperous Capital with his mother and grandparents. He’s 15 years old this year and has just awakened his beast form.”

“He has just gotten his Beast Tamer license. The alliance thinks that his beast form is high-level. If he works hard, he might enter the Divine Realm Academy.”

Head Chef Deng smiled good-naturedly at Yu Donghai and said, “If he really enters the Divine Realm Academy, I will have to rely on your daughter to take care of him.”

“Hey, it’s no big deal.”

The two of them chatted for a while until there were gradually more people and it was time to cook dinner. Then, they ended the chat.

In the end, Yu Huang agreed to join the basketball team.

There were eight people on the basketball team, five official members, and three substitute members.

The rules of the cultivation world’s basketball match were different from those of ordinary people’s. There were many rules for ordinary people to play basketball, but for beast tamers to play basketball, there was only one

They had to try their best to score!

In other words, in the basketball match, when the players on both sides were defending, they could totally attack the other party.

When a Beast Tamer played basketball, what she competed in was not pitcher techniques, but combat techniques.

The basketball manager was Yin Rong.

The five formal members were Yu Huang, from the second grade, Xiao Shu, from the seventh grade, Zhong Luoxue, from the eighth grade, Lie Gang, from the ninth grade, and Yin Yang, from the twelfth grade, respectively.

The substitute team consisted of the second grade’s Liu Lifeng, the 11th grade’s Dongfang Shunan, and the fourth grade’s Xuanyuan Jing, who had just returned to school this semester.

Yes, Xuanyuan Jing had returned.

After returning to the academy, he looked much more low-key and reserved. The battle with Yu Huang in the Yin Clan had really taught Xuanyuan Jing to be low-key and humble.

On the first day of team training, Xuanyuan Jing even took the initiative to greet Yu Huang and treat her to a drink.

When Yu Huang saw Yin Rong and the others accepted the water, she took it too.

But she didn’t drink it. When the training ended, her bottle of water was still full. She couldn’t drink this water. If she did, the amnesiac Sheng Xiao would definitely be jealous.

Yu Huang could not bear to make Sheng Xiao jealous.

Xuanyuan Jing realized that Yu Huang didn’t touch the beverage, but he didn’t say anything. He and Yu Huang would never be good friends. After all, they were once an engaged couple. It was already very good if they could get along as schoolmates in the future.

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