She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement - Chapter 378 - Madam's Sacrifice, The Prime Master's Tribulation  

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Chapter 378: Madam’s Sacrifice, The Prime Master’s Tribulation

“Burial together?” Su Tingxue sneered. “My bones have long been weathered by the Black Dome. Su Xuanye, we can’t be buried together.”

Su Xuanye immediately stopped laughing when he heard this.

He extended his finger and locked Su Tingxue up with a psychic cage. There was a chain on the cage and the other end was tied to Su Xuanye’s wrist.

He stared at the ghost in the cage and said with a smile, “Then Mentor, accompany me and watch me purify this world. When everything is over, I’ll accompany you.”

Su Xuanye stood up and dragged the cage towards the abyss step by step.

Su Xuanye escaped.

The Grand State Master, the old dean, and Lin Jiansheng were all seriously injured, but they were still alive.

Only Sheng Lingfeng was missing.

At this moment, Sheng Lingfeng was hanging on the top of the steeple with his last breath. He was in so much pain that he almost fainted.

Just as Sheng Lingfeng thought that he would die silently, he suddenly heard something flying over from the darkness. Sheng Lingfeng’s eyes turned slightly and saw a huge dark green python leaning towards him.

The huge python wrapped its thick and long snake tail tightly around the tower’s body. Its huge head floated on the top of the tower while it lowered its head and looked down at the seriously injured Sheng Lingfeng.

Those beast eyes were filled with heartache.

Sheng Lingfeng stared at the huge snake head and slowly extended his left hand. He couldn’t hide his pain as he said, “What are you doing here? Leave quickly.” She could no longer hide her identity as a divine demon. Now that he was seriously injured and his beast heart was broken, he was afraid that he couldn’t protect her.

Lan Yao turned into her human form and floated beside Sheng Lingfeng. She held his left hand and placed it beside her cheek. “Where are we going? My husband is here. I’m not going anywhere.”

Sheng Lingfeng’s hand became colder and colder. His entire body was cold. When he spoke, his lips were trembling from the pain. “Go to the center of the abyss. The demon beasts there won’t hurt you.”

Lan Yao lowered her head and kissed the blood away from Sheng Lingfeng’s mouth. She said, “But you and the children aren’t there.”

“I’m not going anywhere! I’ll be wherever you are!” Lan Yao suddenly hugged Sheng Lingfeng and pulled his body out of the steeple.

Blood spurted out of the bloody hole in his waist, and the blood was blown away by the wind onto the glass of the high-rise building.

Sheng Lingfeng’s face contorted in pain as his entire body twitched.

Lan Yao transformed into a huge python again. Her huge body circled in the sky and placed the bleeding Sheng Lingfeng on her abdomen.

Lan Yao raised its head and suddenly roared into the sky.

“Ah!” Accompanied by her heart-wrenching cry of pain, a Monster Core the size of a head spat out from her mouth.

Sheng Lingfeng stared at the dark green Monster Core that was getting closer and closer to his mouth. He realized that Lan Yao was going to transfer her Monster Core to him and immediately shook his head.

“No, no! I don’t want to!”

Lan Yao’s snake tail wrapped tightly around Sheng Lingfeng’s body, and her upper body returned to human form. She pulled Sheng Lingfeng’s lips away and fed her Monster Core to him without hesitation.

When Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang arrived, they saw this scene.

Sheng Xiao’s eyes turned red when he saw that his mother had fed the Monster Core to his father. “Mother!”

When Lan Yao heard the child’s voice, she looked up at Sheng Xiao. Her lips moved. She must have called his name. Then, Lan Yao laid on Sheng Lingfeng helplessly.

The powerful and overbearing Monster Core was injected into Sheng Lingfeng’s body. His body, which had overbled, immediately felt warm.

The Monster Core rampaged in his body, but it didn’t harm him at all. It arrived at the location of Sheng Lingfeng’s Beast Heart and quietly circled there, becoming his second Beast Heart.

The blood in Sheng Lingfeng’s body recovered at a visible rate. Not only did he not lose his strength, but the spiritual power in his body became even more abundant and powerful.

After all, it was the Monster Core of a Divine Demon that had cultivated for 40,000 years!

Right at this moment, the sky suddenly became covered in dark clouds, and lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. Sheng Lingfeng had experienced countless tribulation lightning, and he knew very well that this was a sign that the tribulation lightning was about to descend.

Lan Yao laid on his body weakly. She stared at the rolling dark clouds in the sky and reminded Sheng Lingfeng weakly, “Sheng Lingfeng, you have to survive. When I’m not around in the future, you have to protect Xiao’er and Yang Yang for me.”

Sheng Lingfeng suddenly burst into tears.

There were only tears flowing, but no sound could be heard.

Lan Yao slowly wiped away his tears. She leaned against Sheng Lingfeng’s face and said without regret, “Sheng Lingfeng, I’ve cultivated bitterly for 40,000 years to transform into a human for you and cultivate from the beginning. I… never regret it.”

With that, Lan Yao’s huge python body suddenly disappeared. She turned into a small green snake that was only as thick as a thumb and laid in Sheng Lingfeng’s arms in fear.

After losing its cultivation, Lan Yao degenerated from a majestic and powerful divine demon into an ordinary little demon snake without a divine sense or a Monster Core.

Sheng Xiao burst into tears when he saw his mother lose her power and divine sense and become a confused little demonic snake.

Yu Huang pressed Sheng Xiao on her shoulder and said, “This is her choice. Sheng Xiao, you have to support her.”


Before Sheng Lingfeng could feel the pain of losing his wife, he welcomed his Prime Master tribulation lightning!

In his panic, Sheng Lingfeng subconsciously stuffed Lan Yao into his interspatial ring.


The first tribulation lightning arrived and smashed into Sheng Lingfeng’s body, instantly charring him black. However, Sheng Lingfeng sat cross-legged in the void and didn’t move!


The second bolt of lightning struck Sheng Lingfeng’s flesh.


The third bolt of lightning followed closely behind, striking Sheng Lingfeng until he was on the verge of collapse.

The fourth bolt of lightning struck down, causing Sheng Lingfeng to fall from the sky.

Late at night, there were no pedestrians in the city. He fell in the middle of the road and created a huge pit. The residents hid in their houses and didn’t dare to open the windows or look up at the tribulation lightning on the stage. They only knew that a big shot was undergoing tribulation.

Sheng Lingfeng laid on the ground and was on the verge of death.

The last bolt of lightning was especially powerful. When Sheng Lingfeng was unable to withstand the lightning, Sheng Xiao suddenly flew down from the house in the distance.

Before he could get close to Sheng Lingfeng, he was slapped away by Sheng Lingfeng. He didn’t know why he suddenly had this power. “Move aside, Xiao’er! I’ll do it myself!”

When Sheng Xiao was pushed away, the last bolt of lightning landed on Sheng Lingfeng!


Sheng Lingfeng’s skin and flesh were lacerated. There wasn’t a single spot on his body that was intact.


Sheng Xiao got up and ran to his father. He hugged his unconscious father tightly. This was the first time he had hugged his father in such a manner.

Her father was like a child, leaning weakly in his arms.

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