She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement - Chapter 379 - I Won't Forget You Even If My Cultivation Is Gone

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Chapter 379: I Won’t Forget You Even If My Cultivation Is Gone

Sheng Xiao had just lost his mother today. Now, his father’s life was in danger. No matter how calm he usually was, he was flustered now.

Yu Huang rushed to their side and reached out to check Sheng Lingfeng’s breathing. She heaved a sigh of relief when she found that Sheng Lingfeng was still alive. “Father is still alive.”

Sheng Xiao came to his senses when he heard Yu Huang say that his father was still alive.

He checked his father’s breathing and found that Sheng Lingfeng was indeed still breathing weakly. He heaved a sigh of relief. “Let’s go to the healing center!”


Every large city had a healing center, which was the best place in the city for medical resources. Sheng Lingfeng was sent to the nearest healing center and was personally received by the dean.

The dean surnamed Fu was a Grand Master Healer. After he examined Sheng Lingfeng’s body, his tense expression softened. “The president has successfully endured the tribulation lightning. The meridians in his body are currently reconstructing, so his life won’t be in danger. He will be fine after lying down and recuperating for a few days.”

Sheng Xiao looked at Sheng Lingfeng, who was lying on the bed. Sheng Lingfeng’s breathing was stronger than before. It seemed that his body was indeed getting better.

With a 40,000-year-old Monster Core protecting his body, even the Prime Master tribulation lightning would find it difficult to take his life.

“Thank you, dean.”

“This is what I should do.” Mr. Fu said, “Many people were injured in the battle tonight. I’m afraid my treatment center will be busy for the entire night.”

“I won’t disturb you anymore, thank you.”

“Call me if there’s anything. I’ll go treat other patients first.” Mr. Fu was busy treating other seriously injured patients and left in a hurry.

Yu Huang called Sheng Yang to explain the situation while Sheng Xiao sat in the ward with Sheng Lingfeng.

Sheng Lingfeng’s interspatial ring had Sheng Xiao’s fingerprint on it. Sheng Xiao could control it too. He touched the interspatial ring gently and the little Magic Snake climbed out.

It was really small and looked like an eel. Its dark green body was lying on Sheng Lingfeng’s back. It looked petite and cute.

Sheng Xiao shouted at the green snake, “Mommy.”

When he was very young, he had called Madam Sheng Mom. When he grew up, he always felt that calling her Mom was too girly, so he called her Mother instead.

Sometimes, Madam Sheng would complain that Sheng Xiao wasn’t considerate and cute enough. He wasn’t as obedient as Sheng Yang.

Every time Sheng Xiao heard Madam Sheng’s snub, he would say, “A man should be level-headed. Why do you keep mentioning your mother?”

Now, he was willing to call her Mommy every day, but she would never respond to him again.

The green snake was so frightened that it hid under Sheng Lingfeng’s palm when it heard him call her mother. It hid under Sheng Lingfeng’s palm. After a while, it secretly stuck its head out from between Sheng Lingfeng’s thumb and forefinger and looked at Sheng Xiao curiously and fearfully.

Sheng Xiao looked into the little snake’s confused and vigilant eyes and suddenly burst into tears.

“Mom, I’m Xiao’er, your child.” Sheng Xiao reached out his right hand to touch the snake.

The little snake noticed Sheng Xiao’s action. It suddenly stood up warily and quickly jumped out to bite Sheng Xiao’s finger.


Sheng Xiao retracted his finger and looked at the skin on his finger that had been bitten. He then looked at the snake that had hidden itself under Sheng Lingfeng’s palm again. He suddenly felt helpless.

His mother, who loved him so much, had actually hurt him.

Sheng Yang had been in seclusion recently to research cultivation techniques and strive to increase her strength before the Saint Tomb opened.

She didn’t know what had happened today.

Yu Huang called back and was picked up by the butler. After knowing the Madam’s situation, the main butler said, “Young Madam, please wait a moment. I’ll go look for Miss Sheng Yang.”

The butler wiped his tears as he ran to the Cultivation Hall to call Miss Sheng Yang.

When Sheng Yang found out that her mother had lost her human form after sacrificing the Monster Core to save her father, she immediately shed tears. Sheng Yang cried as she ran. When she returned to the residence, she picked up her phone and her sobs traveled into Yu Huang’s ears through the receiver.

“Sister-in-law, is my mother really… gone?” Sheng Yang’s heart ached. The thought of never seeing her mother again made her feel dizzy.

Before she went into seclusion, her mother was still hugging the leopard cat and reprimanding her for being naughty and not wanting to improve. Why did her mother disappear in the blink of an eye?

Sheng Yang’s cries broke Yu Huang’s heart. “Yang Yang, come to Zhou Ping City’s treatment center. Dad is seriously injured and has to recuperate here for a few days. Mom…”

After some thought, Yu Huang told Sheng Yang the truth about Madam Sheng’s current situation. “Father’s beast heart was broken and his life was in danger. It was Mother who sacrificed herself and gave her Monster Core to Father. After losing her cultivation, she degenerated into a little Magic Snake.”

“Little Magic Snake?” Sheng Yang’s eyes suddenly shone with a hopeful light. “Mom is still alive and only became a little Magic Snake?”

“…Yes.” But it was very difficult for the little Magic Snake to cultivate from the beginning.

The little Magic Snake could cultivate the Monster Core again and become a demon beast. However, it was very difficult for her to regain her wisdom and become a divine demon.

There were very few demon beasts that could become divine demons.

Would Mrs. Sheng be lucky enough to become a divine demon a second time?

Sheng Yang wiped her tears with her sleeve and sobbed. “My mother is very powerful. She will become a divine demon again and return to our side. I believe in her!”

“I’ll go to Zhou Ping City now!” Sheng Yang hung up the phone, changed her clothes, and rushed to Zhou Ping City.

That night, all the major hospitals and treatment centers were packed.

The Grand State Master was dug out from under the snow mountain by Lin An. He looked extremely disheveled. His embroidered crane robe was stained with blood, and the hat that he always wore on his head was gone.

Lin An found the Grand State Master and realized that his black eyebrows had turned white overnight due to his serious injuries. His eyes instantly turned red from heartache.


Lin An gently carried the Grand State Master and shouted a few times before waking him up.

Mo Xiao opened his eyes and saw Lin An crying. He said weakly, “Why are you crying? I’m not dead yet.”

Lin An didn’t dare to cry anymore.

Mo Xiao asked him, “Su Xuanye escaped?”

Lin An nodded and said, “He escaped.”

“How are the casualties?”

Lin An reported honestly, “Under the protection of the few lords, the casualties around Kui Mountain aren’t serious. However, many houses have collapsed, and a portion of people still died, but there were no large-scale destructive deaths.”

The Grand State Master heaved a sigh of relief and asked, “Where are the old dean and Patriarch Sheng?”

Lin An shook his head and said, “I don’t know. After the accident, I came to you immediately.”

“I understand.”

Lin An placed the Grand State Master on a soft couch in the aircraft. He saw that the Grand State Master had yet to discover the changes in his body, so he told him softly, “Grand State Master, your eyebrows are all white.”

The Grand State Master was stunned, but he quickly regained his composure.

He waved his hand indifferently and told Lin An, “I’ve stopped at the Prime Master Realm for a few hundred years. I don’t have much longer to live.” This time, I was seriously injured, so I don’t have many years to live.

“Don’t be sad. I’ve already found a successor. Even if I leave, there will be a new fortune-teller protecting our continent.”

Lin An wiped his tears and said, “I know that Miss Yu Huang will become a powerful fortune-teller. But I just can’t bear to part with the Grand State Master.”

“Shut up and stop crying. It’s annoying to hear.”

Lin An hurriedly shut his mouth and drove the aircraft towards the nearest treatment center.

On the other side, Gold Ingot also found the old dean in the deep sea. The old dean’s beast form was an ancient alligator, and he didn’t suffer any serious injuries after falling into the deep sea.

Lin Jiansheng was the least injured among them because Kong Qing had caught him after he was sent flying. However, he was affected by the explosion and still fainted.

After returning to the manor, Kong Qing placed Lin Jiansheng on his bed and fed him a few medicinal pills while waiting for him to wake up.

When the sky was about to brighten, Lin Jiansheng woke up slowly and realized that Kong Qing had curled up beside him and fallen asleep. He raised his hand and patted Kong Qing’s little head lovingly.

Kong Qing immediately woke up.

Seeing that Lin Jiansheng had finally woken up, he suddenly relaxed, and he instantly broke down.

As Kong Qing cried, he choked on his tears and said, “After Feng Si and I completed the mission, we hid nearby, so we were able to successfully save you. Dad, you won’t die, right?”

Lin Jiansheng’s expression darkened. “What nonsense are you talking about? How could I die? I only suffered some light injuries.” He didn’t see Yu Huang, so he scolded, “Yu Huang is heartless. Her mentor is injured, but I didn’t see her come to see me.”

Kong Qing explained, “Patriarch Sheng’s injuries are very serious. He landed on the Single Horned Pagoda of Zhou Ping City. The tip of the pagoda pierced through his body and shattered his beast heart.”

After the battle last night, the reporters from the Beast Tamer Alliance went to the vicinity of Kui Mountain to do a large number of interviews and reports. They also called to interview Lin Jiansheng and the Grand State Master about their situation.

Kong Qing had received a call from a reporter last night and asked about the injuries of those few adults. That was why he knew about Sheng Lingfeng’s broken beast heart.

After knowing that Sheng Lingfeng had actually broken his beast heart, Lin Jiansheng immediately sat up on the bed. He asked in shock and worry, “How is Patriarch Sheng now?”

His beast heart was ruptured, and his body was pierced by the steeple. Could Patriarch Sheng survive?

Kong Qing told Sheng Lingfeng, “There’s a report on the Beast Tamer Alliance online, but I can’t read it. I’ll go get my phone. Daddy, read the news yourself.”

Kong Qing took Lin Jiansheng’s phone.

Lin Jiansheng entered the Beast Tamer Alliance’s website and saw a new red panel on the website. This panel was filled with news about the battle of the century last night.

The first message on the board was—

[Saint Xuan Ye’s true identity as the Blood Peacock has been exposed!]

Lin Jiansheng clicked on this piece of news and saw a detailed report—

[The respected Level 9 Purifying Spirit Master, Saint Xuan Ye, is actually a hidden dual cultivator.

Last night, the Divine Moon Empire’s Grand State Master Mo Xiao, the Divine Realm Academy’s dean, Prime Master Di Ruofeng, the Beast Tamer Alliance’s President Sheng Lingfeng, and the Level 9 Purifying Spirit Master Saint Ling Xiao gathered at Kui Mountain to expose the truth of Su Xuanye’s identity, which he had hidden for hundreds of years…

The report revealed in detail that Su Xuanye was a Dual Cultivator and that he was the Blood Peacock. It also described the feud between Su Tingxue and the Su family of Kui Mountain six hundred years ago.

In fact, everything that happened last night had already been broadcasted to every beast tamer on the Beast Tamer Alliance’s website.

At this moment, the beast tamers who had seen the live broadcast went online one after another and left comments under this news report to discuss—

First post: “I was so shocked that I couldn’t sleep the entire night. I really didn’t expect Saint Xuan Ye to be a Blood Peacock. He’s also a dual cultivator!”

Second post: “I heard from the elders in the family that Saint Xuan Ye is very compassionate. Wherever there is a calamity, there will be him purifying spirits. I really can’t believe that Saint Xuan Ye is actually the Blood Peacock that slaughtered beast tamers.”

Third post: “Actually, think about it from another perspective. If we were Saint Xuan Ye, after seeing our mother being eaten with our own eyes, we would definitely develop a psycopathic personality. The reason why Xuan Ye became like this is because of the beast tamers from the Su family of Kui Mountain. You can’t blame him for wanting to slaughter all the beast tamers in the world.”

Fourth post: “What are you saying? From Saint Xuan Ye’s point of view, the Su family of Kui Mountain deserves to die, but the other beast tamers are innocent! Moreover, Xuan Ye deliberately revealed Madam Sheng’s identity as a divine demon last night. He just wants to stir up trouble!”

Fifth post: “But to be honest, those people who hunted and divided the divine demons really deserve to die. Since the divine demons have awakened their consciousness and turned into humans, they are humans! On what basis can divine demons be treated as beasts?”

Sixth post: “Fifth post, you’re right. A divine demon is not a demon, but a human. Last night, in order to save Patriarch Sheng, Madam Sheng sacrificed the Monster Core to him. This means that a divine demon has feelings! A divine demon is the same as a human!”

Seventh post: “My dear Mrs. Sheng!”

When Lin Jiansheng saw this, he hurriedly exited the news and opened the second report—

[For love, Mrs. Sheng sacrificed her Monster Core to save her husband, whose Beast Heart was broken]

Lin Jiansheng’s hands trembled as he opened the news report.

After reading the report, he learned that Madam Sheng had taken the initiative to sacrifice the Monster Core at the last moment to save Sheng Lingfeng. Meanwhile, her cultivation level had dissipated, and she had become an ordinary little Magic Snake. Lin Jiansheng closed his eyes in heartache.

How did so many things happen in just one night?

In order to save her husband, Madam Sheng took the initiative to sacrifice the Monster Core and disperse her cultivation. This touched everyone. For a time, a commotion broke out in the cultivation world.

# The topic of ‘divine demons are humans. Divine demons can also be lovers’ became the hottest topic of discussion other than condemnation of Su Xuanye.

The Beast Tamer Alliance would receive many suggestions from beast tamers, and they had officially decided to add the Divine Demon Protection Law to the discussion content of the Beast Tamer Alliance next month.

Sheng Lingfeng slept for five days before waking up. When he woke up, Sheng Xiao had brought him back to Yufu City.

Sheng Lingfeng sat up in bed and realized that his damaged skin had basically been healed. He had also changed into a clean set of home clothes. He guessed that Sheng Xiao did it. Then, he lifted the blanket and got off the bed.

After becoming the Prime Master, Sheng Lingfeng’s body underwent a complete transformation. As he walked, he felt that his body had become much lighter.

He walked through the master bedroom and was about to go downstairs. He turned around and saw Mrs. Sheng’s dressing table. It was filled with the skincare products and cosmetics that Mrs. Sheng used every day. His heart ached.

Sheng Lingfeng turned back to look at the bedroom. He felt that traces of Mrs. Sheng were everywhere.

When he looked at the window, he remembered the scenes of them hugging each other and looking at the stars from the window. Their skin was touching. When he looked at the bed again, he would immediately recall more intimate and ambiguous scenes.

Madam Sheng’s scent and traces filled the house.

The memory of her was still so clear, but Madam was no longer around. At the thought of this, Sheng Lingfeng felt extremely pained. He held the door with his hand and closed his eyes to hide his red eyes.

After a moment, Sheng Lingfeng felt better. He wanted to see the little snake, but when he opened his interspatial ring, he realized that the little snake wasn’t inside.


Thinking that he had lost Madam’s original body, Sheng Lingfeng was so frightened that his face turned pale. He suddenly opened the door and ran downstairs. As he ran, he shouted, “Butler! Ah Zhen! Did you see Madam?!”

Sheng Lingfeng ran down the stairs and smelled the spicy hotpot. He turned to look at the dining room and saw his three children eating a spicy hotpot with red mouths.

His wife was sitting on the table and drinking the lime wine in her cup.

Sheng Lingfeng was speechless.

He suddenly didn’t know how to react.

“Father, you’re awake.” The three children were very happy to see him wake up.

Yu Huang stood up and said to the kitchen, “The Patriarch is awake. Bring out the fresh shrimp porridge.” With that, Yu Huang turned around and said to Sheng Lingfeng, “Dad, come and eat something.”

Sheng Lingfeng walked over thoughtfully. He sat down on the chair behind the green snake. After sitting down, he stared at the snake.

The little snake was a little drunk. It drank a few more mouthfuls of wine and looked up at Sheng Lingfeng.

The little snake stared at Sheng Lingfeng without moving, as if it knew him.

Sheng Lingfeng tried to reach out his index finger to the snake. Seeing that, Sheng Xiao reminded his father, “Be careful. I’ll bite you.” The snake only trusted him after he was bitten more than ten times.


The little snake only tilted its head and stared at Sheng Lingfeng for a moment before reaching its head over the cup and landing on Sheng Lingfeng’s finger.

It climbed into Sheng Lingfeng’s palm along the finger and finally coiled around his wrist. This made Sheng Lingfeng look like he was wearing a jade green bracelet.

Sheng Xiao looked at the bite mark on his index finger and felt sad.

His mother loved his father more.

Seeing this, Yu Huang suppressed her laughter and said, “It seems that our mother has lost her mind and loves our father very much.”

Hearing this, Sheng Yang nodded vigorously. She told Sheng Lingfeng, “Dad, you don’t know. Previously, when my brother and I approached our mother, Mom would bite us every time. But you’re different. She can’t bear to bite you.”

Hearing his daughter-in-law and daughter’s words, Sheng Lingfeng looked at the little green snake differently.

He stroked the little snake’s head with his finger and said happily, “After your mother’s cultivation level dissipated and she degenerated into a small snake, she is still close to me.”

“I’m the man she loves most, after all. It must be different.”

The three children listened silently and didn’t retort.

Sheng Lingfeng looked at the magic snake on his wrist and suddenly had hope for the future.

This small snake was filled with spiritual energy. It would definitely cultivate faster than ordinary small snakes. When it cultivated a Monster Core, he would feed her more natural treasures. When it became a demon beast, he would think of a way to make her a divine demon.

One day, his wife would return to his side!

With a new goal, Sheng Lingfeng immediately pulled himself together and even finished the bowl of porridge the fat chef made.

After eating the porridge, Sheng Lingfeng wiped his lips and said, “It’s not necessarily a bad thing that your mother has become like this.”

Upon hearing this, the three children put down their chopsticks and turned to look at him while waiting for him to continue.

“Su Xuanye deliberately revealed your mother’s identity as a divine demon on the live stream. Now, the entire cultivation world knows that your mother is a divine demon.”

“Next, the Holy Spirit Continent will definitely fall into chaos. In this chaotic situation, it’s inevitable that people will have ulterior motives and secretly harm your mother.”

He stared at the petite and beautiful little green snake and laughed before saying, “Now that she has become a small snake, no one will target her.”

Hearing that, Sheng Xiao and the others laughed. “Father, you’re right. It’s a blessing in disguise. Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise for Mother that her cultivation is gone. After this calamity, Father and Mother will definitely reunite.”


Sheng Lingfeng asked them, “What day is it today?”

Sheng Xiao said, “May 2nd.”

“There are less than two months left until the opening of the Saint Tomb.” After a pause, Sheng Lingfeng asked Sheng Xiao, “I heard that a girl in the Yin family performed a blood transfusion technique to become a blood relative. Is that child still alive?”

Knowing that Sheng Lingfeng was asking about Yin Rong, Sheng Xiao said, “I heard that she survived.”

“This girl is quite stubborn.”

“There are a total of eight Saint Tombs in the Saint Tomb, and four of them have the power of inheritance. One of the Sheng Clan, one of the Yin Clan, one of the Liuli Clan, and one of the Lianye Clan of the Canglan Empire.” Sheng Lingfeng looked at Sheng Yang and Sheng Xiao before saying, “You two, work hard and get me the inheritance as soon as possible.”

Sheng Yang stuck out her tongue. She said, “Mom said that I’m inferior to my brother. I won’t get it.”

Sheng Lingfeng glanced at his daughter and said, “Your mother is just telling the truth.”

Sheng Yang got up and left angrily.

Seeing his daughter lose her temper, Sheng Lingfeng shook his head and patted the little green snake’s head. He sighed. “Yang Yang still acts like a child who won’t grow up.”

“Dad.” Yu Huang suddenly called Sheng Lingfeng.

Sheng Lingfeng looked at Yu Huang and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Yu Huang said, “I’ll strive to get you the inheritance too.”

Sheng Lingfeng frowned, not understanding what Yu Huang meant. He thought that Yu Huang didn’t know the requirements of the inheritance, so he specially said, “Only the bloodlines of the various clans have a chance of obtaining the inheritance. Ah Huang, it’s good that you have this ambition.”

“I know.” Yu Huang picked up a piece of roasted beef and placed it in Sheng Xiao’s bowl. She said coldly, “I plan to get the Yin family’s inheritance back.”

Sheng Lingfeng was speechless.

A look of confusion appeared on Sheng Lingfeng’s usually calm and handsome face. He frowned and asked Yu Huang, “Ah Huang, what do you mean? Only the direct bloodline of the Yin Clan can obtain the inheritance. You…”

Sheng Lingfeng thought of a possibility and his eyes widened. “You!” Sheng Lingfeng suddenly stood up from his chair. He stared at Yu Huang’s beautiful and young face and suddenly thought of another person.

“Ah Huang, how old are you this year?” Sheng Lingfeng clearly knew Yu Huang’s age, but he asked again.

When Yu Huang heard this question, she knew that Sheng Lingfeng had already guessed the truth.

Yu Huang put down her chopsticks and wiped her mouth. She looked up and answered Sheng Lingfeng, “21 years old.”

“21 years old… 21 years old…” Sheng Lingfeng’s eyes trembled as he cried out, “The Prime Master died 21 years ago, and his beloved daughter had disappeared for 21 years. You…”

“You’re the child of the Prime Master?”

Sheng Lingfeng looked at Yu Huang in pleasant surprise.

Yu Huang nodded and said, “When you first saw my adoptive father last year, didn’t you say that my father seemed familiar?”

“Yes, he does seem like an old friend of mine. He said that we met once in a mystic realm.” Sheng Lingfeng asked in bewilderment, “Could it be that we’ve known each other for a long time?”

Yu Huang reminded Sheng Lingfeng, “Do you still remember that there was always a follower beside my father when he was alive?”

Sheng Lingfeng tried to recall it.

Seeing that he couldn’t remember anything for a moment, Yu Huang reminded him again, “He was originally my father’s slave. Because he successfully awakened his beast form, my father freed him and he became a free man. His name was also given to him by my father.”

“Donghai!” Sheng Lingfeng clapped his hands and said loudly, “It’s Yin Donghai!”

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