She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement - Chapter 732 - Untitled

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Chapter 732: Untitled

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Feng Yuncheng’s reaction was half a beat slower. Just as his finger was about to be bitten by the Ghost-Wrapping Flower, a large hand suddenly reached out from the side and quickly pulled Feng Yuncheng’s arm away. The Ghost-Wrapping Flower and made a bone-chilling sound when its teeth clanged.

Feng Yuncheng stared at the flower bud with lingering fear and said, “Damn! This thing actually bites people!”

Xiao Shu picked up the fertilizer with his hand and carefully piled it beside the roots of the Ghost-Wrapping Flower. He said, “The Ghost-Wrapping Flower is a plant demon beast. Of course they will bite people. Although this thing looks like cabbage, they are pure carnivores.”

Seeing that even the Ghost-Wrapping Flower didn’t dare to ambush Xiao Shu, Feng Yuncheng muttered, “What’s going on? I’m clearly prettier than you, but they only attack me and not you. Could it be that the Ghost-Wrapping Flower specifically targets handsome people?”

Xiao Shu smiled and said, “You’re wrong. The Ghost-Wrapping Flower bullies the weak and fears the strong.”

Feng Yuncheng snorted. “Are you calling me trash in a roundabout way, Senior Xiao Shu?”

“Aren’t you trash?” Xiao Shu looked at Feng Yuncheng in disdain. He said, “You’re only a year younger than me. I’m already an early-stage Supreme Master. What about you?”

Feng Yuncheng was speechless.

“Hurry up and work, so we can go back to the dormitory to sleep for a while longer. We still have to get up tomorrow morning to sweep the floor.” As cleaners, the two of them had a lot of work to do. They had to mop three buildings every morning, cultivate with the students during the day, and take care of the Ghost-Wrapping Flower at night.

They spent 24 hours like 30 hours.

Soon, the two of them finished applying the fertilizer. Xiao Shu stood up and clapped his hands. “Let’s go.”

Feng Yuncheng said, “Go back first. I still have something on.”

“What are you going to do?”

Feng Yuncheng said, “I want to try and see if roses can be cultivated here.” Feng Yuncheng revealed a shy expression. He lowered his head and said, “Her Highness seems to like roses. We still have to live here for a few years. I want to plant a rose field for Her Highness.”

Xiao Shu wanted to mock Feng Yuncheng, but when he saw the smile on Feng Yuncheng’s face, he couldn’t say anything harsh. He suddenly said, “Have you ever thought that Beatrice might break up with you in the end? Is it worth it for you to do so much now?”

Feng Yuncheng picked up a small hoe and dug. He said, “So what? Before that happens, why should I prepare for the worst? If I like someone, I’ll do anything for her. I just want her to be happy.”

“I like Her Highness, so I want to plant a rose field for Her Highness. So I only need to think about how to successfully plant this rose field.” Feng Yuncheng inserted a rose root into the soil and looked up at Xiao Shu. “What about you? What were you thinking when you agreed to stay in the Yin Clan?”

“Did you purely hope that Yin Rong could successfully take revenge? Or did you hope that Yin Rong would be moved by your sacrifice after knowing your choice?”

Xiao Shu thought about it seriously and said, “At that time, I only hoped that she could successfully take revenge and have an easier time.”

Feng Yuncheng smiled. “Look, this is love.”

Xiao Shu looked up at the moon behind the dark clouds and thought of another woman.

At that time, he was already prepared to give up his cultivation for that woman and choose to be human. But in the end?

What he awaited was betrayal and the tragic outcome of his entire clan almost being destroyed.

What about Yin Rong?

Would Yin Rong always be by his side?

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