Shoujo Grand Summoning - Chapter 1232: Transformation, the avenger returns.

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Chapter 1232: Transformation, the avenger returns.

Tengu city, hidden DEM facility.

Westcott and Ellen looked at the modification pod in front of them. Origami is being baptized in a vat of medical fluid and Maryoku. Westcott smiled whereas Ellen calmly observed the modification process.

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Ellen broke the silence first.

"This child…"


Westcott also praised her.

"This is a surprising result…"

The Maryoku enhancement began one night ago.

One night of observation was enough to revise their assessment of Origami's potential. Even Westcott didn't think she would yield this result.

Origami is responding overwhelmingly well to the Maryoku enhancement procedure.

This procedure sought to let the user become better at CR handling. It fortified the brain's area relating to Territory manipulation and allow for better output and control.

Different magicians will yield different results. Some will only get a little bit of benefit at the end of this exercise.

Mana is the only known magician to improve tremendously after Maryoku augmentations. So powerful was she that she became the no.2 of DEM's anti-spirit strike force.

However, someone broke her record today.

Origami broke Mana's attainment.

Westcott and Ellen looked at the values displayed near the pod before sighing.

Ellen is gasping in shock while Westcott sighed in dejection.

"Her powers are already beyond Mana's level from back then!"

Ellen assessed, she couldn't believe the values she is getting from the machine.

"Origami's prowess with CR coupled with her newfound Maryoku… Most likely, she is already stronger than Mana at her peak!"

"Unfortunately, she traded her lifespan for this power. She only has one year at most. If she uses a high-powered CR then her time on earth will be drastically shortened."

Westcott said with disappointment.

"I didn't think she was this talented. What a shame…"

Westcott chose Origami because of her resentment against Wu Yan. Plus, he wanted to see what would become of her given the chance to exact revenge.

He found it interesting that Origami covered Wu Yan & co when she is an AST member. Her rivalry with the spirits amused Westcott. Otherwise, he wouldn't waste his time helping Origami.

He just didn't expect Origami to absorb so much Maryoku. Her compatibility with this augmentation procedure is mind-boggling.

The augmentation process gave the patient tremendous power in a short span of time. This effect is modified by the recipient's talent and innate potential. This process forcefully dragged a magician's natural talent out and skipped the arduous training needed to get to that level.

This procedure is just dragging out the magician's natural aptitudes.

In other words, had they cultivated Origami properly, she could display this level of potency in the future.

If they knew then Westcott wouldn't have recommended this procedure to Origami.

"We destroyed a gem…"

Westcott shrugged.

"What a pity. Strangely enough, I feel invigorated…"

Ellen frowned at Westcott's sadism. She looked at the display.

"If we give Origami the newest CR unit. She should be able to fight at outputs several times that of Mana…"

"An impressive nonetheless…"

Westcott licked his lips.

"It's a pity but even Itsuka Shido should be troubled by her powers, right?"

Westcott grinned at Ellen.

"I don't know if this little missy is now stronger than the strongest magician?"

Ellen didn't say anything but she was not amused by what Westcott implied.

Although she is not the strongest anymore, she still prided herself as the strongest magician.

Ellen praised Origami's power.

"With new equipment and her enhanced Maryoku, I don't think she still stands a chance against Shido."

"I didn't pick her because of her power. I just wanted to see them try to kill each other."

Westcott said.

"But, this works just as well. I think we are in for a good show."

Westcott thought about it before saying something.

"Assign Mordred to her after she exits the pod."


"Isn't that too reckless? Origami's potential is stunning but she isn't one of us. She is just a pawn, do we have to give her Mordred?"

"It's fine, it will spice things up."

Westcott snickered.

"She has only a year to live. Mordred's usage will shorten her lifespan to around half a year. We can just retrieve it from her after she expires…"


Ellen frowned.

"Are you sure?"

"Mordred is precious. But we can always make another one in due time."

Westcott grinned.

"Mordred is the sister CR unit to the personal CR unit of the strongest magician, Ellen, I understand your apprehension in letting someone use a CR unit that is similar in performance to Pendragon."

Ellen nodded.


Ellen rubbed the surface of the pod.

"Mordred and her enhanced Maryoku will make her far more powerful than Mana."


Westcott waved his hand.

"Let's sit back and look forward to a good show."

The pod's red light turned green.

The pod slowly opened up.

The observers looked at Origami.

Her eyelids twitched before she woke up.

Splish splash

Origami stepped out of the pod with her clothes drenched in medical fluid.

She felt different.

Origami isn't sure what is difference but her mind is clear and she can form thoughts at lightning-speed.

Westcott welcomed her return with wide arms.

"Congratulations and welcome back…"


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