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Chapter 1101: Chapter 1,119, Battle of the soul!

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Ye Chen’s body moved, and he flashed to the side.

The speed of those poison emperors was extremely fast. Their bodies instantly appeared behind ye Chen, and they madly attacked him.

Seeing the group of poisonous insects pouncing towards him, ye Chen’s body trembled, and he instantly flew to the side.

The divine souls of those poison emperors instantly pounced onto nothing and couldn’t help but become furious.

They all pounced towards ye Chen and crazily bombarded his surroundings.

Terrifying attacks bombarded towards ye Chen.

“Bang Bang Bang…”

Ye Chen’s body was continuously bombarded and his body was also continuously sent flying.

Ye Chen’s body rolled in mid-air, and the Divine Soul Power on his body instantly dissipated. His body fell to the ground, heavily falling to the ground, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Pu –”

Seeing that he was defeated by the Poison Emperor, Ye Chen instantly spat out a mouthful of blood. His face was deathly pale, appearing incomparably pale and lifeless.

“You’ve lost!”

At this moment, an ice-cold voice sounded. Following that, the poison Emperor’s divine soul instantly drilled out from the corpse demon king’s divine soul. It floated in the air and looked down at ye Chen from above.

At this moment, ye Chen slowly stood up.

He wiped off the blood at the corner of his mouth.

The corners of his mouth curled up, revealing a trace of a smile.

“What are you laughing at?”The Poison Emperor looked at ye Chen and said with a cold smile.

Ye Chen looked at the poison emperor and slowly said, “Don’t you feel that your life is very sad?”

“You were chased out by the medicine clan and cut off from your sect. However, instead of finding your own reason, you came here to take revenge! Even if you succeeded in taking revenge, what would you gain?

I really feel sad for you!”

“What do you know? What’s wrong with me?”

“I just killed some low-level cultivators. That’s all, and they want to chase me away!”The Poison Emperor looked at ye Chen and said crazily.

“Is there nothing else in your life other than revenge?”Ye Chen looked at the poison emperor and asked.

“That’s right. Ever since I was expelled from the medicine clan, revenge was the only thing left in my life!”The Poison Emperor replied.

“Then your life is really sad!”

As Ye Chen spoke, the aura on ye Chen’s body instantly soared.

The God-mu formula and the west-hill formula instantly circulated.

The Aura on his body continuously became violent.

That tyrannical aura spread out in all directions, causing the entire void to tremble.

This violent aura made people shudder.

“What a powerful aura!”

“How did he suddenly become so powerful?”

The Poison Emperor was a little surprised.

The west-hill mantra could forcefully increase one’s strength.

The god-herding formula could suppress the poison emperor’s strength.

At this moment, a terrifying aura appeared on ye Chen’s body.

That terrifying aura exploded in all directions, causing the surrounding void to tremble.

“Brat, I don’t know what secret technique you used, but just by relying on this, you aren’t my match!”

The Poison Emperor coldly said.

As he spoke, the poison emperor instantly charged towards ye Chen.

Seeing ye Chen charge towards him, the divine soul aura on his body instantly became even more violent.

The Poison Emperor’s divine soul power directly charged towards ye Chen.

The Poison Emperor’s soul attack was extremely fierce, making it impossible to guard against. Ye Chen’s soul consciousness couldn’t help but be thrown into chaos.

However, at this moment, a poisonous dragon appeared behind ye Chen.

That poisonous dragon bared its fangs and brandished its claws, bringing with it a wild devouring power as it bit towards ye Chen.

The moment that poisonous dragon appeared, it tore towards ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked at the poisonous dragon and struck out with his palm.

Instantly, the poisonous dragon exploded into pieces.

Seeing that ye Chen had actually countered his soul attack with a single move, the poison emperor frowned.

The two of them began to battle in the sky.

Instantly, the sky and earth darkened, and the sun and Moon lost their light.

The poison emperor’s poisonous insects crazily bombarded towards ye Chen. The attacking power of those poisonous insects was extremely wild and violent, making it impossible to guard against.

Ye Chen’s soul consciousness was shaken by the attacking power of those poisonous insects. Even his sea of soul consciousness was somewhat damaged.

However, Ye Chen didn’t stop attacking. On the contrary, the more he fought, the braver he became. His attacks became more and more violent, and the more he fought, the braver he became.

“Damn it, this brat, how can he be so powerful?”

Seeing ye Chen’s continuous improvement, the poison emperor’s heart was filled with shock and astonishment.

He couldn’t understand why ye Chen’s combat strength would increase so quickly?

“Go to hell!”

The Poison Emperor looked at Ye Chen and roared before charging towards ye Chen once again.

This time, the poison emperor’s fists were covered in poison.

The color of this poison was purple-red and it emitted a strong poison. It was as if it was going to poison people.

The Poison Emperor’s fists were covered with a dense purplish-red poison, and it looked extremely terrifying.

The poison emperor’s figure flashed, and he charged towards ye Chen.

The poison gas on the poison emperor’s body spread out, corroding the void within a thousand meters into poisonous water. Even the liquid spirit spring in the poison pool was rapidly melting.

Seeing the poison emperor charging over, Ye Chen did not dare to be the slightest bit careless. He fully activated his divine soul.

Although the power of the divine soul was not as powerful as the poison Emperor’s Divine Soul, ye Chen did not dare to be careless.

Ye Chen fully activated his divine soul and charged towards the poison emperor.

Within the Divine Soul, within the mysterious flames, there was a flame seed that was continuously absorbing the surrounding divine soul power, continuously increasing the power of the flames.

The Poison Emperor’s fist smashed towards ye Chen. That huge fist was emitting a terrifying aura as it ruthlessly smashed towards ye Chen’s chest.

The Aura on ye Chen’s body once again rose explosively. He similarly met the poison Emperor’s fist with a punch.




The Poison Emperor’s fist contained a terrifying poison that continuously seeped into ye Chen’s fist. It Madly Corroded Ye Chen’s divine soul, continuously nibbling away at it.

Ye Chen’s soul was powerful, but the poison gas was too terrifying. It continuously devoured ye Chen’s soul and continuously destroyed it, causing the power of ye Chen’s soul to continuously drain and damage his soul.

At this moment, ye Chen’s body emitted a faint golden light.

That was ye Chen’s origin golden soul.

The faint origin golden soul’s power blocked the poisonous gas that was invading.

Ye Chen’s soul was being corroded by the poisonous gas. The poisonous gas contained lethal poison as it crazily devoured ye Chen’s soul.

Ye Chen continuously mobilized the soul’s power to force the poisonous gas out.

At this moment, the two’s attacks had already turned into a battle between the souls.

Ye Chen’s realm was really too inferior to the poison Emperor’s. Therefore, only by using the power of the divine soul could ye Chen have the possibility of winning!

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