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Chapter 1102: Chapter 1,120, intense battle!

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At this moment, the battle between the two had turned into a battle of the soul! !

On Ye Chen’s soul, Boundless Soul Flames instantly condensed and surged towards the poison emperor.

The Poison Emperor wasn’t afraid at all. Boundless black soul condensed and the two instantly collided.

After a loud bang, the poison Emperor and Ye Chen’s soul collided once more.

The Poison Emperor’s divine soul power was much stronger than ye Chen’s.

The two divine souls collided once again. This time, Ye Chen’s divine soul power was even weaker.

When the poison emperor saw this scene, a savage smile appeared on his face.

The surging divine soul power instantly swelled up.

The Divine Soul Power gathered together in mid-air and instantly formed countless gigantic handprints that pressed down towards ye Chen.

Those handprints contained a strange power that made it difficult for people to see clearly what kind of handprint it was.

The terrifying power contained within those handprints made people tremble in fear. An ominous premonition surged in their hearts.

Ye Chen’s face was filled with ice-cold killing intent when he saw this scene.

His eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at the poison emperor.

His gaze was like a sharp blade, piercing towards the poison Emperor’s soul.


Ye Chen’s body emitted a dazzling golden light as he punched out.

His fist landed on those gigantic hand seals.

A loud sound rang out.

Those hand seals instantly crumbled and dissipated in the air. Ye Chen’s fist was still as powerful as a hot knife through butter as it smashed towards the poison emperor’s body.

The Poison Emperor’s expression changed as he hurriedly retreated.

However, Ye Chen’s soul had already followed the poison Emperor and flew over.

The Poison Emperor had just retreated when his shoulder received a heavy punch from ye Chen.

The Poison Emperor’s body was instantly sent flying.

Ye Chen chased after the poison emperor and continued to punch towards the poison emperor.

Every Time Ye Chen punched out, a terrifying aura would be emitted.

Runes appeared around ye Chen’s body, emitting powerful undulations.

Those runes emitted mysterious undulations as they enveloped the poison emperor.

Ye Chen used all the strength in his body to crazily attack the poison emperor.

Under ye Chen’s attack, the poison emperor was at a complete disadvantage. He was completely unable to block ye Chen’s attack.

Ye Chen continued to attack and attack.

The Poison Emperor continued to dodge, but he had no way of completely getting rid of ye Chen’s entanglement.

Ye Chen’s attack speed was too fast. The Poison Emperor was unable to dodge at all.


Ye Chen’s fist smashed onto the back of the poison emperor, sending his body flying.

The Poison Emperor’s body flipped a few rounds in the air before he stabilized his body. Then, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

She looked at ye Chen with a gloomy expression. There was boundless hatred in the depths of her eyes.

“You’re courting death!”

She roared angrily and slapped her palm towards ye Chen’s chest.

Ye Chen turned his body to the side and dodged.

His body once again approached the poison emperor.

Ye Chen once again swung his fist towards the poison Emperor’s chest.


The Poison Emperor roared furiously. An even more ferocious aura erupted from his body before he once again attacked ye Chen.

The Poison Emperor took out a treasure from God knows where and blasted it towards ye Chen.

That treasure was a short ruler. It was only the length of a ruler. Its entire body was pitch black, and its surface was covered with densely packed fine needles. There was even a lethal poison on it as it blasted towards ye Chen.

The Poison Emperor’s short ruler was one of her peerless secret treasures.

The Poison Emperor held that short ruler in his hand and fiercely smashed it towards ye Chen’s chest. A layer of poisonous fog gushed out from the poison emperor’s arm and surged towards ye Chen’s chest.

The poisonous fog surged towards ye Chen’s chest and was about to enter ye Chen’s body, crazily devouring ye Chen’s soul.

The Poison Emperor’s pupils constricted and her face turned pale. A sense of danger arose in her heart.


A ball of dazzling divine light blossomed from ye Chen’s right fist and fiercely struck towards the poison emperor’s body.


Ye Chen’s fist struck the short ruler, and after an explosion, the poison within the short ruler was completely shattered by Ye Chen.

The Poison Emperor’s magic treasure instantly shattered, and the short ruler also fell to the ground.

“You’re courting death!”The Poison Emperor cursed angrily. His body moved and once again pounced towards ye Chen.

At that instant, the poison emperor’s body once again emitted a wave of dense poison gas that surged towards ye Chen.

The Poison Emperor’s figure once again became unpredictable. He turned into numerous afterimages that bombarded towards ye Chen’s body in a frenzy.

Ye Chen continuously dodged. His figure was as fast as lightning as he continuously bombarded towards the poison emperor’s body.

“Bang! Bang!”

Wave after wave of bombarding sounds rang out. Those poisonous gas were all blasted into the air by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen’s strength had risen to the godly monarch realm, and his combat strength had once again increased by a lot.

Under such circumstances, the poison emperor was completely at a disadvantage, being chased by ye Chen crazily.


Suddenly, the poison emperor’s body was struck by Ye Chen’s fist.

Ye Chen’s fist shot out a terrifying bolt of purple lightning, directly striking onto the poison emperor’s body, causing the poison emperor’s body to fly backwards.


The Poison Emperor spat out a mouthful of blood. His body was severely injured and his face was deathly pale.

Just now, the Poison Emperor was sent flying by Ye Chen’s fist and was almost heavily injured. His injuries were not light.

The Poison Emperor’s face was ashen. She roared furiously and endless poisonous fog spread out from around her body once again, flooding towards ye Chen.

Ye Chen’s body swayed and he dodged towards the Poison Emperor.

The poisonous fog directly landed on the ground. Immediately, large swaths of swamps rose from the ground and rapidly corroded the land, spreading towards ye Chen.

The swamps continued to spread, and in the blink of an eye, they submerged ye Chen’s body. They completely enveloped ye Chen, continuously corroding ye Chen’s physical body.

No matter how ye Chen dodged, he was unable to escape the invasion of the poisonous fog. The poisonous fog had already completely seeped into ye Chen’s skin, bones, and flesh.

The poisonous fog crazily drilled into ye Chen’s body, wanting to corrode his body.

Ye Chen’s skin and bones were all corroded by the poisonous fog.

The Aura on ye Chen’s body was also rapidly decaying. Very quickly, it became dim, like an oil lamp that could be extinguished at any time.

The poisonous fog was slowly nibbling away at ye Chen’s body.

Seeing this scene, a cold smile appeared on the Poison Emperor’s lips.

“Kid, I admit that you are indeed very powerful!”

“However, no matter how powerful you are, you are only at the Dao fusing realm. There is an insurmountable gap between the Dao fusing realm and the divine fire realm!”

“Kid, just obediently let me absorb your soul!”

The Poison Emperor looked at ye Chen and said coldly.

At this time, Ye Chen seemed to have fallen into a swamp, sinking deeper and deeper! !

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