Sign In Ten Years, Then I Am Exposed By My Gorgeous Senior - Chapter 622 - The Gateway to the Prison Realm!

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Chapter 622 The Gateway to the Prison Realm!

Powerful races arrived one after another.

Seeing these powerful races arrive, the creatures from before were all shocked.

There were also many races that were similar to humans. Some had a single horn, some had two heads, and some had a human head and snake body. All of them were emitting treasure light, and they were as powerful as


Right at this moment, a sound that sounded like a god’s bell rang out, shaking people’s ears. A lion’s entire body was golden and dazzling. It actually had nine heads. It was extremely ferocious, domineering, and terrifying, frightening people’s souls. “That’s…”

“The golden lion race, even this race has come?”

“The golden lion race is one of the great races of our upper realm. I didn’t expect such a race to come!”

The golden lion roared, and golden light shone brightly all over its body. It suppressed the aura fluctuations of everyone in the vicinity. The golden lion roared, and its voice was like thunder. It shook the ancient altar, and everyone’s hearts trembled. They did not dare to say anything. A mist rose up from the far end of the earth. It was hazy and ethereal. Then, a loud sound rang out. It shook the sky and earth, shooting out tens of thousands of rays of multicolored light.

Immediately, a pegasus pulling a carriage descended from the sky.

Beside the carriage were countless maids.

Those maids seemed to have the appearance of humans, but some did not seem like humans.


“Heavens, that’s a member of the spirit race!”

“It’s really the spirit race. Could it be that the spirit race is about to enter the sealed battlefield?”

A young man slowly walked out of the carriage.

He looked like a human, but his aura was completely different from that of a human.

“Oh my God, that’s the spirit race’s Saint Son!”

“How is that possible? Even the spirit race’s Saint Son is here?”

“It looks like this trip to the prison realm won’t be that simple!”

Just as all the living beings were astonished.

Immediately, another powerful aura erupted. In the sky, a man wearing golden armor slowly landed on the ground.

He was wearing golden armor, and his body erupted with golden light.

His entire person was like a deity.

Endless pressure was released, and anyone who saw it could not help but prostrate in worship.

“That’s…the deity race, the deity race’s people are here too!”

“I didn’t expect that even large clans like the spirit race and the deity race would come to the lower realm, preparing to head to that dusty battlefield. What exactly is on that dusty battlefield that could attract so many people to fight over it?”

As the large clans’ people arrived one after another, the entire prison department’s atmosphere was instantly ignited.

At this moment, they all understood that the lower realm was not a simple existence.

Otherwise, why would these people from the big clans come here?

At this moment, the Prison God walked out step by step.

When they saw the Prison God walk out, the living beings all bowed and said, “Greetings, Lord Prison God!”

The living beings prostrated and worshiped, which was enough to prove the Prison God’s majesty here. However, the people from the big clans did not prostrate and only slightly bowed their heads.

The Prison God did not care at all. Although his realm was definitely the highest here, the Prison God did not dare to compete with those people from the big clans.

For example, the Spirit Clan, the Deity Clan, the Netherworld Clan, the Golden Lion Clan…

Among these big clans, there was the upper realm’s combat power ceiling. The Prison God did not dare to provoke them.

The Prison God raised his hand and made those people who were kneeling stand up.

Now, almost all the people here were heaven’s favorites among the ten thousand races in the upper realm. Even if they were not heaven’s favorites or saints, they were disciples that the race valued more.

The first reason the race let them go to the prison realm to train was that the prison realm was a lower realm. There were almost no powerful people, so it was safer.

There was another reason, and that was the legend of the battlefield.

According to the legend, that battlefield was the battlefield between the people from the upper realm and those from the outer realms. Then, it was sealed up in the prison realm.

It was also because of that great war that the world was almost destroyed. That was why it was used as a prison to imprison those who had sinned.

Later on, the human race betrayed all the races in the upper realm.

The upper realm put the human race on that battlefield, but that battlefield had already been sealed up.

Wherever they went on that battlefield back then, they would definitely be able to obtain many inheritances and many good things.

At this moment, the Prison God stood on the high platform and looked at everyone below. He said loudly, “I know that all of you are the elites of the various races, so I’ll let all of you enter that sealed battlefield.

“I won’t say much here. After entering the battlefield, remember three things!

“First, the humans in the lower realm are all sinners. To you, they are like pigs. Therefore, you must not feel pity for them!

“Second, you chose to enter the battlefield. Therefore, after you enter, regardless of life or death, whether you are killed in the prison realm or if you are lucky enough to be stronger, it has nothing to do with us!

“Thirdly, the lower realm battlefield will only be open for three years. After three years, if you haven’t returned to the upper realm, then the door to the upper realm will be completely closed. At that time, you will never be able to return to the upper realm. “Oh right, I have another point to tell you. If you don’t return, it won’t be long before the judgment of the upper realm to the lower realm will be carried out. At that time, you can only stay in the lower realm to receive the judgment!”

The Prison God’s voice was extremely cold.

Everyone was extremely excited.

“Then, next, open the door!” The Prison God’s voice sounded.

“Open — the door –“.

Immediately, at the end of the earth, chaos churned. Lightning interweaved, Thunder rumbled, and torrential rain poured down as if the end of the world had arrived!

Suddenly, the entire upper realm shook.

Everyone was moving, and all kinds of races appeared. There were flying divine monkeys, flying rocks, demon butterflies flapping their wings, giants over ten meters tall, tree spirits rooted in the void…all of them were flashing with symbols, they were ready to rush to the end of the earth at any moment.

At the end of the earth. The chaos fog became thicker and thicker, and in the end, it was actually like a white wave, surging and roaring. It was an extremely spectacular sight.

Huge waves surged into the sky, and the vast expanse of whiteness surged up and down, crashing into the entire world and causing it to rumble. It was incomparably violent, and the scene was shocking.

It was the impact of the primal Chaos Qi. There was actually so much of it, and it was so terrifying. Many people had lived for more than half their lives, but this was the first time they had seen it. It was simply too magnificent.

It was like an army of tens of thousands of horses galloping forward. It was like an army of a million charging over. Rumbling sounds rang out, and the white fog struck the sky. It was incomparably terrifying. “Boom!”

With the final loud sound, the chaotic Qi rushed over here. Many people were frightened and thought that they would be swallowed up. However, they suddenly realized that the world seemed to have split apart and the white wave of Qi stopped.

At the end of the land, a huge bronze door suddenly appeared.

An endless amount of copper rust was attached to the bronze door. It seemed that this door was an extremely ancient existence.

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