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Chapter 724: Spent Arrow!

The huge hand instantly grabbed the spirit clan elder.

Then, Ye Chen’s hand took out the immortal sword.

The immortal sword instantly emitted divine might.

An aura of Great Dao instantly erupted from Ye Chen’s immortal sword.

Surging pressure continuously erupted.

The entire world was suffused with a powerful and terrifying aura.

Ye Chen slashed down with his sword.

The entire world seemed to have fallen silent.


In the sky, an incomparably powerful sword intent formed. The sword intent soared into the sky and descended from the sky.

Boom —

The sword intent instantly descended.

A line of blood instantly appeared on the body of the Spirit Clan elder.

Boom —

An explosion sounded.

The Spirit Clan elder instantly exploded in front of Ye Chen.

At this moment, everyone was shocked.

In Ye Chen’s realm.

When they saw this scene, they all jumped up in excitement.

“Too powerful!”

“This is our Human Emperor!”

“The Human Emperor is too powerful! Long live the Human Emperor! Long live His Majesty!”

Everyone immediately shouted.

Ye Chen successfully killed another True Self Realm expert. However, he once again used up his True Qi. The current Ye Chen was covered in blood and his entire body was covered in wounds.

Even if he had the eternal spring recovery spell, he would not be able to fully recover at this moment.

“Little Chen!”

Ye Chen’s Third Senior Sister, An Miaohan, stood in the realm and shouted.

The surrounding people shouted.

However, only Ye Chen’s senior sisters knew that Ye Chen was about to reach his limit.

Ye Chen had fought for them and killed many people. Many cultivators from the upper realm were killed by Ye Chen, but they could only hide in this realm.

They could do nothing.

Ye Chen killed another god. At this moment, Ye Chen had almost reached his limit.

Ye Chen barely supported his body. There were many True Self Realm experts beside Ye Chen. They would not give Ye Chen time to catch his breath.

“I didn’t expect this kid to be so powerful!”

“The elders of the Spirit Clan were also killed by him. It seems that we have to be careful!”

“Let’s attack together! We have already paid a great price, so we must kill him!”

Those True Self Realm experts looked at Ye Chen and said.

Instantly, powerful cultivators charged toward Ye Chen from all directions.

At this time, a god slashed out with his sword. Ye Chen dodged, and a brown-haired youth charged toward Ye Chen.

“Human Emperor, you actually dared to kill my disciple. I’ll kill you!”

The person who spoke also looked very young. He looked to be in his twenties. His long brown hair fluttered in the wind and his eyes emitted a purple glow as he stood up.

He continued, “False Emperor, die!”

This was because he could clearly feel that Ye Chen was too young. A person’s vigorous vitality, bone age, blood Qi, and other overflowing auras were mixed together. It was very difficult to fake.

“Just you?” Ye Chen spoke.

“I want to kill you!” The brown-haired middle-aged man said. His purple eyes flickered with a divine light as he stared at Ye Chen. A wave of energy that was like a raging tidal wave pressed forward.

Ye Chen responded calmly. He held the azure longsword and pointed it at the brown-haired man from afar. “Don’t use your energy to secretly suppress me. Otherwise, not only will you be boring yourself, you will also have to pay the price of blood.”

The brown-haired man’s face sank. “We’ve already paid a great price. This time, no matter what, we have to destroy Ye Chen here?”

At this point, he took a step forward and stretched out a palm to grab forward. His palm and fingers emitted light, and rays of auspicious multicolored light emitted a frightening energy.


Ye Chen held the azure longsword and stabbed forward. It was a very casual attack, and it did not even contain any smoke or fire. It was elegant and did not use much strength.

The brown-haired man sneered. His large hand did not dodge and began to use a magical technique. Symbols circulated around his palm and fingers, trying to seize the spear and suppress Ye Chen.

However, something that shocked him happened. The various symbols outside his palm were directly obliterated, and the energy light screen was pierced through. With a ‘pu’ sound, his palm became a bloody mess. Under the azure longsword, it was like paper, easily pierced through, then, it exploded into a cloud of blood mist.

“How is this possible?!” The brown-haired man retreated, and a cold air rose from his back. Not only did his palm explode, but even his right arm disappeared, destroyed by the spear.

“You are clearly an arrow at the end of its flight. How can you still have such powerful strength?”

Ye Chen’s gaze was ice-cold.

Poof —

A mouthful of blood burst out from his mouth.

He immediately used his longsword to support himself.

He sneered, “Haven’t you heard that a camel that dies of emaciation is bigger than a horse?”

“Even if I’m injured, I’m not someone you can bully!”

As Ye Chen spoke, the longsword in his hand was once again activated.

Immediately, a sword light slashed out.

Everyone looked sideways in shock.

“Kill him!” A cultivator stood up. In fact, he felt slightly uneasy.

Everyone else also stood up and stared at this uninvited guest.


Ye Chen shook his hand and threw out the azure longsword. He stabbed it into the ground and said, “Come!”

“Die!” A cultivator said. He stared at the azure longsword on the ground. His heart sank. His eyes were deep. He took a deep breath and walked forward.

A black longsword appeared in his hand. It emitted a fishy smell and slashed toward Ye Chen. He said it was easy, but when he attacked, he went all out. He wanted to use the power of the True Self Realm to crush Ye Chen!


Ye Chen activated the god-herding technique and used divine arts. He attacked with an overbearing punch. With a clang, he directly knocked away the long blade.

He punched out. As his hands shook and trembled, it was like a torrential flood. He hit the person so hard that he roared and blood spurted out of his mouth and nose.

He felt that he was too unwilling. He was an expert of the True Self Realm, but he was injured by a teenager.

“Little bastard, hand over your life!” The cultivator roared in anger. He threw away his long saber and soared into the sky, transforming into a silver centipede with a pair of wings on its back. It used its extreme speed to attack Ye Chen.

Unfortunately, he had miscalculated. Ye Chen had grasped the world’s end near at hand, so his speed was even faster. He leaped into the air and launched an attack around him.

Bang bang bang…

The sound of collision rang out in the air. Finally, with a soft sound, the Heavenly Note elder screamed in pain. Its body was broken inch by inch. It was killed in midair and died an unnatural death.

Under everyone’s shock, Ye Chen killed another person.

Ye Chen spat out another mouthful of blood.

However, he stood on the spot with a cold gaze. No one dared to approach him.

After several collisions and exchanges, the three of them could only helplessly roar in anger. In the end, all of them exploded and were blasted into the air by Ye Chen!

Then, he pointed at a cultivator and said, “If we were born in the same era, in my eyes, all of you are useless!”

“Kid, you’re too arrogant!”

Immediately, the cultivators charged toward Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was right. If Ye Chen was born in the same era as them, if Ye Chen was also in the True Self Realm, then the current them did not even have the qualifications to fight Ye Chen.

Boom —

A loud sound.

Ye Chen’s powerful pressure was released.

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