Sign In Ten Years, Then I Am Exposed By My Gorgeous Senior - Chapter 725 - The Dogs of the Upper Realm, Come and Accept Your Death!

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Chapter 725: The Dogs of the Upper Realm, Come and Accept Your Death!


At this moment, a dark red longsword appeared in Ye Chen’s hand.

“All of you should die!” Ye Chen brandished his blade and charged forward.

“Kid, you’re courting death!” A group of people rebuked.

Everyone charged forward together and followed to kill Ye Chen.

“All of you, die!”

Ye Chen pounced forward. In an instant, the place was filled with bloody rain and a bloody wind. No one could stop the longsword in Ye Chen’s hand. After killing his way over.

At this moment, Ye Chen was like a demon god.

He killed his way through.

He killed a god if a god blocked him, Buddha if Buddha blocked him.

At this moment, no one could stop Ye Chen.

In the realm, seeing Ye Chen like this, Ye Chen’s senior sisters shed tears.

Perhaps, in the eyes of those humans, they only saw Ye Chen’s bravery at this moment.

However, only Ye Chen’s senior sisters knew.

This was Ye Chen’s final counterattack.

In other words.

Their little junior brother was already on the verge of dying.

Until now, Ye Chen had probably already killed over a hundred True Self Realm experts.

A divine court realm cultivator had leaped two levels consecutively and killed over a hundred True Self Realm experts.

In this world, probably no one could do it.

But now, Ye Chen had done it.

What he lacked was time.

If he had the time to cultivate and break through, he would be able to do it.

What were these experts in his eyes?

One day, they would be surpassed by him!


An arm of a cultivator flew up and a long sword slashed down, causing him extreme pain. He had no choice but to cut off part of his body to avoid being corroded and destroyed in body and soul.

“The so-called true god is only so-so!” Ye Chen mocked.


He cut off a cultivator’s head with one slash and sent his head flying. The headless corpse fell to the ground, fresh blood spurting out.

“Ah, no!” A cultivator shouted. He was shocked and furious, but at the same time, he was incomparably terrified. He really did not want to die, but now, he couldn’t change anything.


Ye Chen leaped up and with one slash, the true god’s head was once again cut in half. It was impossible for him to survive.

The others felt a chill run down their spines. This young man who looked like he was only in his teens had started a massacre here. He killed a person every ten steps. It was simply impossible for them to resist.

Pu pu pu…

Ye Chen slaughtered his way through. Behind him, there were countless corpses. One true god after another fell, and then all died.

At this moment, within the realm.

Countless people fell silent.

They only stared at the influence.

Ye Chen’s seven senior sisters stood up, silent.

They were all gripping their hearts as they watched the final battle.

Ye Chen’s son and daughter also fell silent.

Ye Chen’s parents fell silent.

The Demon Emperor fell silent.

Big Black, Little White, Red Feather…

They all fell silent.

They watched Ye Chen’s final battle.

“I said, all of you must die!”

“Ah –”

Ye Chen’s entire body was bathed in blood. He was like a demonic god.

He continued to kill his way forward.

Sword Dao of slaughter.

Sword Dao of unhindered.

All sorts of Great Dao were continuously displayed by Ye Chen.

At this moment, there was only endless killing intent left on Ye Chen’s body.

Kill —

Continue to kill!

When Ye Chen stopped, there were many corpses lying on the ground. There were hundreds of them. The scene was a little terrifying, like an Asura battlefield!

Ye Chen’s body shone and he transformed into a divine sword. This was a technique he had comprehended when he was in the spirit transformation realm. Sword transformation, cauldron transformation, path transformation, pagoda transformation…the evolution of all living things.

The sword light shone, and the night sky was as bright as day. The sword that Ye Chen transformed into rushed over, and bright red blood splattered in all directions.

A cultivator charged toward Ye Chen.

She gave off a resplendent divine light, and was about to kill Ye Chen.

However, Ye Chen calmly waved his sword.

This sword contained the Great Dao.

The Sword Dao slashed out.

The woman’s blood splattered everywhere, and she was split into two halves. She had long been slashed apart by a sword light!

Ye Chen used his body to form a sword, and when he rushed over, he had already killed her. It was just that his speed was too fast, and it was only now that everyone could see it.

Everyone trembled. How fast was his speed? They only saw a blur before they lost sight of him.


At the same time, a surge of divine light rushed up. This was only the fist light of the youth. It was like a bolt of lightning that streaked across the sky, striking down a meteor.

This was too resplendent!

“Ah…” There were people shouting over there. They had also used divine weapons to block and even used secret arts. However, all of them were useless.

This was a perfected True Self Realm expert, but he was like a scarecrow that was blasted up and then exploded in the air.

“Upper Realm dog, come and die!”

Ye Chen shouted sternly.

As he spoke, he used his last bit of strength.

With a swoosh, a light flashed and he stood in the middle of the field again. His clothes fluttered and his gaze was clear. His body was enveloped in holy light, as if he had never left.

This method shocked everyone!


Countless immortal swords slashed out.

Ye Chen controlled one immortal sword after another.

One cultivator after another fell under Ye Chen’s body.

At this moment, a red-clothed man made a move. He took out his treasured ruler, and a streak of scarlet light streaked across the sky, illuminating eternity.

At the same time, a woman also made a move. Multicolored light spewed out from her palm, and a flood dragon tendon appeared. It turned into a rope and bound Ye Chen.

“Immortal binding rope!” Someone exclaimed.

At the same time, other people also made a move, and there were also some who rushed in all directions at high speed to ask for help.


Around Ye Chen. Golden lotuses covered the ground and rose up with endless radiance. They were like a golden ocean that rose and fell, illuminating the sky and blocking the scarlet treasured ruler.

At the same time, he grabbed the immortal binding rope with his bare hands. In between his palms and fingers, one star after another revolved. They were formed by lightning and turned into a galaxy.


The battle began. A group of people attacked Ye Chen, but he did not take half a step back. Instead, he faced the two supreme-being artifacts and courageously charged forward to fight them.

At the same time, figures rushed out of his body. They were extremely fast. They were spiritual bodies and caught up with the people who had left earlier.



Ye Chen poured all of his strength into the longsword.

The sword principle was slashed out.

The lesser thousand sword principle was instantly executed.

The entire world was filled with boundless sword intent.

The sword intent filled the sky.

Simple yet overbearing.

Ye Chen’s sword principle had the power to swallow mountains and rivers. Its might was monstrous, and it pierced through the opponent one after another.

An attacking cultivator instantly exploded in the air, and blood rained down.


He punched out and directly hit the blood-colored treasured ruler, causing it to be sent flying. It turned into a streak of blood-colored lightning, and in an instant, the red-clothed man killed himself.


The lightning in Ye Chen’s palm was boundless, turning into a string of stars that collided with the immortal binding rope. The lightning was boundless, causing it to cry out in pain, like a dragon’s roar that shook the nine heavens.

He was only one person, but it was as if he was squeezing the entire world, suppressing the entire world, and looking down on all enemies!


Ye Chen was like a demon king. With a raise of his hand, divine light tore through the void, and he punched out with an extremely powerful punch.



As the punch blew, half of a cultivator’s body cracked. The young demon king who was covered in holy light rushed toward him and threw out another punch.

Boom —

That cultivator was shattered by another punch!

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