Sir, How About A Marriage? - Chapter 167 - Strange Trick

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Chapter 167: Strange Trick

Ding Hong really did not expect her grandson would be dragged into the matter before she could even watch the show. Moreover, Mu Wei was the grandson she loved most. She said, “No! Mu Chen, this is impossible! Mu Wei isn’t as capable as you; how can he be given such an important task? Mu Chen, you should send someone else.

“Oh?” Mu Chen cocked an eyebrow before he looked around. He raised his voice and called Cheng Che over. Then, he said in a business-like manner, “I wanted Mu Wei to fly to South Africa in two days to replace Manager Li who hasn’t returned home in two years. However, the Old Madam said that Mu Wei isn’t qualified. Get him assessed. If he’s really unqualified then he should leave the Mu Group. Our Mu family doesn’t have a bit of supporting useless people. Remember to do it tomorrow.”

Cheng Che played along and answered in a professional tone, “Understood, President Mu. I’ll make an appointment with Young Master Wei for the assessment tomorrow morning.”

Ding Hong was flustered. She knew Mu Chen was seeking revenge because she tried to stir up trouble by using Mu Qing and Liang Zhou. She felt incredibly regretful now. However, there was no way for her to take back the words that had been said earlier. Moreover, Liang Zhou was still kneeling with tears streaming down her face.

At this moment, Mu Qing quickly ran over and helped Liang Zhou up. “What happened? Who bullied you?”

Mu Qing’s gaze swept across everyone’s faces. Since he and Mu Chen looked somewhat alike, his gaze was almost as terrifying as Mu Chen’s.

Mu Chen looked at Mu Qing expressionlessly as he said, “No one bullied her. She asked Grandma to let you return to the Mu family with the Second Madam’s help. Although the method is disgusting, it’s quite effective. I don’t want to anger Grandma and make a fool of myself on the first day of the new year so bring your woman in. It’s up to you to come in or not…”

No one dared to move for a moment, stunned.

Realization finally dawned on Song Ning. This was a trap that was dug for Mu Chen. This was emotional blackmail. Jiang Jin had specifically told Liang Zhou not to come, but Liang Zhou still came. Moreover, Liang Zhou acted in a manner that was difficult to refuse.

If Jiang Jin did not give in, people would say she was narrow-minded and heartless. After all, she did not even want to accept her son and the woman who had followed her son for more than ten years. At that time, everyone would forget about Liang Zhou’s dishonorable past and pity her. However, once Liang Zhou entered the family, everyone would bring up her past and shame the Mu family.

Song Ning felt chills run up her spine. Mu Chen’s relatives were too vicious. She did not expect this at all. However, she was even more surprised by Mu Chen’s reaction. Based on what she knew of him, he would have lost his temper and chased Mu Qing and Liang Zhou out. If he had done that, he would be labeled as an unfilial son and would be despised by others. An unfilial son who refused to recognize his father would probably be criticized even in the business industry.

However, Mu Chen did not let those people get what they wanted. His actions caused Mu Qing, Liang Zhou, and the troublemakers of the Mu family to be at loss. They did not know what to do next. They were like a group of people who were running at full speed and suddenly fell into a deep pit. This fall caused all of them to feel suffocated.

The Second Madam had just said a few words and threw her grandson into a pit. With that serving as an example, the others did not even dare to breathe loudly. They had forgotten that Mu Chen was the most powerful person in the family and challenged his authority.

They assumed Mu Chen would consider the big picture and take into account that they were all family. They did not think he would act against them. At that time, they would seize the chance to negotiate with him to get as many benefits as they could. They probably followed the saying, ‘The monarch is like the water, and the people are the water. The people can carry or sink the ship’. Alas, they had deeply miscalculated and misjudged Mu Chen.

Mu Chen helped his grandmother to the couch before he sat down. Then, he pulled Song Ning to sit on his other side. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders as he said, “Today is the first day of the new year. According to tradition, you can speak freely. If you have any requests, you can mention them. Perhaps, they’ll be fulfilled…”

There was a smile when Mu Chen spoke, but the smile did not reach his eyes.

Everyone shuddered when they saw his smile.

Mu Chen swept his gaze across everyone as he said, “Earlier, Second Madam advised my Grandma regarding if some people should be allowed to return or not. I feel that Second Madam is really kind so I decided to do a good deed and send Mu Wei to South Africa in two days’ time to replace the branch manager. If anyone has any ideas, please speak up…”

Heavens, this was considered a good deed?

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