Sir, How About A Marriage? - Chapter 168 - Complete Defeat

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Chapter 168: Complete Defeat

Song Ning really wanted to applaud Mu Chen. Who knew he had a black-bellied side to him as well?

However, there were still some people who were unafraid of death.

A few elders carefully proceeded with their plan and pleaded with Mu Chen. They said as the eldest son of the Mu family’s main branch, it was inappropriate for Mu Qing to stay outside. It was best if Mu Qing could return to the family home. They even suggested that Mu Qing be given a role in the company even if the role was not an important one. In their opinion, when a family was united, success was sure to follow. The Mu family was now thriving under Mu Chen’s leadership. If Mu Qing entered the company as well, they believed the Mu family would prosper even more.

The elders surrounded Jiang Jin and spoke up one after another while Mu Chen and Song Ning stood behind her.

Mu Chen put his hand on Jiang Jin’s shoulder and gently tapped it, indicating that she should hold her temper and not act rashly.

Jiang Jin, naturally, understood the two youngsters’ thoughts. She had calmed down by now and could see that these relatives were trying to target Mu Chen. She also knew Mu Qing was determined to return to the Mu family. This was bound to be another test on Mu Chen and Mu Qing’s already strenuous relationship. She also understood Mu Chen did not want her to speak and planned to deal with it himself. She would follow his plan. After all, this was no longer ten years ago when he still needed her to support him.

When everyone finally finished speaking their minds, Mu Qing finally walked over, looking anxious and ill at ease.

One of the seemingly kind elders said, “Mu Qing, you’ve left the Mu family for a long time. It’ll take some time to get used to now that you’ve returned. Fortunately, Mu Chen is your son. There are no eternal feuds between fathers and sons, after all. In the future, the Mu family will depend on you father and son. You have to get along well with each other…”

Mu Qing nodded humbly and thanked the uncle.

At this moment, Mu Chen said in an even tone, “There’s no need for us to get along with each other. From tomorrow onward, I’m taking time off from the company. There’s no need to ask for instructions from me regarding the Mu family and the company.”

Everyone fell silent immediately.

Even Song Ning was taken aback by Mu Chen’s words; she looked at him in confusion.

Sensing Song Ning’s gaze on him, Mu Chen lowered his head and smiled at her. “I’ve decided to take time off; I can help you with your thesis as well. Once you’ve completed your thesis, we’ll get married and travel. If Grandma is willing, she can come with us as well. I think I want to spend time with you and Grandma for a long time…” His voice was gentle when he spoke; this tone of voice was only reserved for his grandmother and his wife.

It took the elders a long time to recover from Mu Chen’s words.

After a while, one of the elders asked, “M-mu Chen, what do you mean? You’re taking time off from the company?”

Mu Chen replied, “That’s right. I haven’t taken any time off in over ten years. I plan to take all the time off I’ve accumulated. If the company doesn’t allow it, then I’ll just resign.”

“W-what? Why?”

Mu Chen feigned confusion and surprise as he said, “What the big deal? Every employee in the company has this right.”

“No, that’s not what I mean. Why are you taking time off at this time? You know that the upcoming spring festival is the golden season for businesses. How can you take time off? By doing this, you’re ignoring the interests of the family and the company’s employees, right?”

Mu Chen’s expression darkened immediately. He said emotionlessly, “No one considers my interest so why should I consider the family’s interest? If all of you feel I’m not qualified to lead the Mu family and the company, I can step down. You can find someone else who’s capable. After all, the Mu family has many descendants. It won’t be a problem even if I’m not around.”

Song Ning really admired Mu Chen’s cunning from the bottom of her heart. She had been worried for him when she saw the relatives cornering him like a pack of hyenas. She did not expect him to be such an amazing strategist and defeat those sly foxes in the family.

“Mu Chen, you can’t do this.”

“That’s right, Mu Chen. You have to consider the big picture. How can you act like a child and quit just like that? This isn’t right…”

Mu Chen turned a deaf ear to their words. He only spoke to his wife in a lowered voice, laughing as they chatted. He would also speak to his grandmother, looking content.

Mu Qing stood still, feeling awkward and not knowing what to do. He had taken into account everyone’s strengths and weaknesses; he had done his research. He had also let Liang Zhou test the water to see everyone’s reactions. He felt he had a good grasp of everyone’s personality in the Mu family. As for his mother and his son, he did not think much of them. He was certain the duo would consider the bigger picture and endure for the sake of the Mu family. It was out of his expectations that Mu Chen would not play by the rules at all.

Mu Qing had attacked step by step. He had used Liang Zhou, the Second Madam, and the stubborn elders to force his son and mother into letting Liang Zhou join them for the new year. When he saw Mu Chen allowing Liang Zhou to enter the house, he assumed Mu Chen had been forced to retreat in defeat to avoid causing a commotion. Who knew Mu Chen’s retreat was part of the plan to lure the enemies into his trap?

Now that Mu Qing was back, Mu Chen stated he wanted to take time off or resign. There was nothing worse than Mu Chen resigning from the company. With Mu Chen gone, the Mu family would not be what it was now. There was nothing Mu Qing could do now. Things would continue as it was as long as he did not enter the MU family.

Realization hit Mu Qing hard. He had lost, completely and utterly.

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