Sir, How About A Marriage? - Chapter 270 - Madness

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Chapter 270: Madness

When Ye Xin finally met the lawyer again, she asked icily, “When can I go home?”

Once she left this place, she would come up with a good plan.

The lawyer calmly replied, “Miss, this matter is slightly complicated. You’ll need to stay in the psychiatric ward for a time. Later, Young Master Ye will make arrangements for you to go abroad to get away from all the attention.”

Upon hearing these words, Ye Xin was stunned; she thought she had heard wrongly. After a long while, she finally asked, “What did you say?”

The lawyer remained silent.

Ye Xin muttered, “They want me to continue staying in the psychiatric ward? Do they really think I have mental problems?”

Ye Xin looked at the lawyer in disbelief.

The lawyer continued to remain silent.

Realization suddenly dawned on Ye Xin. “Those forms and documents you made me sign over the past few days… Are they to prove that I’m crazy?”

The lawyer still did not say anything.

Ye Xin lost her temper at this moment. She pushed the lawyer away before grabbing the folder on the table and smashing it on the lawyer’s head. She pounced on the lawyer as though she had lost her mind, looking as though she wanted to tear him to pieces.

When the staff rushed in to pull her away, she screamed and struggled. All of her movements were recorded. When she saw this, she finally understood the lawyer had intentionally provoked her so she would lose her temper, and as a result, prove that she was mentally unsound.

She realized now that her family was determined to lock her up in the psychiatric ward. When she looked at her leg that had yet to recover, she could not help but cry in grief.

She calmed down and let the people around her handle the procedures before they sent her to a psychiatric hospital.

In the car.

Ye Xin looked at the lawyer, who was cowering at the side, and suddenly said, “Tell my brother I’ll obediently stay in the hospital. However, I will not take any medicine. He knows I’m not sick. I don’t care about the arrangements he had made to fake this, but I will not compromise in regard to taking the medications. Also, arrange for two rehabilitation doctors for me. My leg needs to be treated.”

Upon hearing these words, the lawyer looked at Ye Xin in surprise.

On the other hand, Ye Xin no longer paid attention to the lawyer. She turned to look out the car window and no longer said anything.

When Ning Chun told Ning Zhe about Ye Xin, Ning Zhe frowned. “How did it end up like this?”

Ning Chun replied, “Miss Ning Xia didn’t want to let the matter slide. Mu Chen and Old Madam Mu were furious as well and insisted that Miss Ye Xin has to take responsibility for her actions. As for Ye Cheng… he’s involved with the Vice Mayor…”

With this, Ning Zhe understood Ye Cheng was trying to make sure Ye Xin’s matter would not implicate him. He asked, “Didn’t you Ye Cheng dote on his sister a lot?”

Ning Chun remained silent. Inwardly, he thought that no matter how much Ye Cheng doted on his sister, Ye Cheng still had to consider his own interest as well.

Finally, Ning Zhe said, “Arrange for a nurse to keep an eye on Ye Xin. Don’t let anything happen to her. Do you understand?”

Ning Chun nodded solemnly before he left to make arrangements. He knew what Ning Zhe meant by not letting anything happen to Ye Xin. Apart from ensuring Ye Xin’s safety, Ning Zhe wanted to make sure Ye Xin would not harm Song Ning as well.

Meanwhile, Ning Dong who was in the next room heard Ning Zhe and Ning Chun’s conversation clearly.

He sneered. Now that Ning Zhe’s two daughters were fighting, was Ning Zhe in a dilemma? Or was Ning Zhe more biased toward Song Ning?

In his opinion, Ning Zhe clearly favored Song Ning since Ning Zhe felt he owed Song Ning too much.

However, what about Ye Xin?

Ning Dong could not help but smile when he thought of this.

Ye Xin still did not know whose daughter she was. He had to let her find out the truth as soon as possible. How could he not let one of the main characters know about such an exciting secret?

Ye Cheng bowed before he poured a glass of wine for the Bureau Chief and Vice Mayor Fu. Then, he said, “This bottle is produced from the same winery and is from the same batch as the other bottle that you liked. Their taste is the same. It’s not sold to the public; whether you can obtain it or not is up to chance…”

The Bureau Chief and Vice Mayor Fu smiled and exchanged a look. Then, they raised their glasses at the same time, clinking them.

“Since Ye Cheng is so filial, it’s only right we finish this glass of wine!”

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