Sir, How About A Marriage? - Chapter 633 - Brother and Sister-in-Law

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Chapter 633 Brother and Sister-in-Law

Yin Bin hurriedly turned to Jiang Jin for help as he said, “Auntie Jiang, look at this child. Why is he so unreasonable? I’ve already explained to him that I had no choice. We’re father and son, after all. How can he draw such a clear line between us?” Then, he turned to Cheng Che and said, “Everyone in the house is your family. It doesn’t matter if you’re angry, but the facts remain that we’re your family. Let me make it clear to you. You’re the only one left in the family to inherit the family business. The Yin family belongs to you in the future. Aren’t you tempted at all? Back then, I fought so hard to get to where we are now. All you have to do now is return to the family, and you’ll have everything. What do you have to be angry about? A real man pays no mind to trivial matters. We have had many misunderstandings in the past. Regardless of who’s right and who’s wrong, it’s all in the past. What’s the point of dwelling in the past? You’re too petty!”

Cheng Che was so angry when he heard these words that he was unable to speak for a moment.

Song Ning sighed inwardly. She thought it was a pity that Jiahui was not around. After all, Jiahui was the best at arguing and reasoning. Jiang Jin could not argue, and Mu Chen did not care to argue.

Cheng Che’s heart was in a mess. He thought he was truly too weak.

Finally, Song Ning said, “Mr. Yin, please calm down. You complained so much and even asked my Grandma to be your witness. You’ve explained to Cheng Che that you’ve no choice, and we’ve already listened to your explanationas well. However, it seems like you still don’t understand Cheng Che’s words.”

Yin Bin had already been displeased and wary of Song Ning, to begin with. Upon hearing these words, his expression turned unsightly.

Song Ning ignored Yin Bin and continued to say, “Cheng Che is 28 years old now. He’s not a three-year-old child. Don’t you think it’s inappropriate for you to disregard his wish and demand his return to the Yin family? Moreover, not only is Cheng Che a special assistant to Mu Chen, but he has his own business to run as well. Apart from that, he already has a fiancee, and the wedding date has already been set for June. Since earlier, I noticed that you ignored all these things and unilaterally demanded his return to the Yin family. You’ve even dictated who he should marry. Don’t you think you’re being unfair to him and Miss Guan?”

Yin Bin’s expression darkened. “Young Madam Mu. First of all, this is the Yin family’s matter. Outsiders shouldn’t interfere. Guan Tang has long been regarded as a member of our Yin family. She doesn’t feel it’s unfair at all. Cheng Che is my son and a member of the Yin family. All my plans for him are for his good. Young Madam Mu, with all that said, how is it unfair that I want him to return to the Yin family? Even if you insist it’s unfair, it’s definitely not unfair to him. If anyone should have a say, it’s the other descendants of the Yin family. Since they don’t have any objections, what right do you have to speak? You have no right to speak at all.”

At this moment, Mu Chen glanced at the members of the Yin family and said expressionlessly, “Of course, she has the right to speak.l She’s my wife and Cheng Che’s sister-in-law. Even if she flips this table out of anger, she still has the right to do so. I’m not a good person. I’m the kind who stands by family no matter if they’re right or wrong. I’ve protected Cheng Che since we were both young regardless if he was right or wrong. Even now, it doesn’t matter if he’s right or wrong, I’m his brother so I’ll stand by him and help him unconditionally.”

Mu Chen continued to say, “President Yin, my grandma and I have no intention of getting involved in this matter. Cheng Che is all grown up, and he’s no longer a child. I believe he can deal with this matter. However, it seems like his opponent is really shameless. Since that’s the case, I have no choice but to step forward. Today, I’ll make things clear. My brother can do whatever he wants. No one can force him to do anything against his wishes. Otherwise, they’ll be an enemy of our Mu family!”

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