Sir, How About A Marriage? - Chapter 634 - Showing Weakness

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Chapter 634 Showing Weakness

“Brother…” Cheng Che reached out to Mu Chen to stop him.

However, Mu Chen pushed Cheng Che’s hand aside as he continued to say, “My wife just said that Cheng Che already has a fiancee. Why do you insist on arranging his marriage for him? What’s going on? Do you think you’re in ancient times? Do you know it’s illegal to force marriage upon someone? President Yin, I believe you’re sensible. Why don’t you speak truthfully instead? It’d make everything easier.”

Mu Chen had long been disgusted with Yin Bin’s character. However, he still tried to speak patiently for Cheng Che’s sake.

Seeing that everyone was now focused on Guan Tang’s matter, Yin Bin began to regret that he had been too hasty. Initially, he thought using a woman like Guan Tang would be able to move Cheng Che. Contrary to his expectations, Guan Tang held no attraction to Cheng Che at all. This was his mistake for assuming too much.

Yin Bin felt slightly embarrassed. He could not refute Mu Chen’s words at all.

At this time, Song Ning asked, “Mr. Yin, are you hiding something from us? To be honest, my Grandma and I don’t wish for Cheng Che to suffer even the slightest injustice. Hence, We won’t feel at ease until you clarify the matter.”

Upon hearing this, Yin Jia’s eyes reddened. She said, “Cheng Che, you’re my younger brother and a child of the Yin family. Aren’t these enough reasons for you to return to the Yin family? You can disregard the others, but you can’t disregard me, right? I’m your biological sister. We’re born from the same mother!”

Everyone turned to look at Cheng Che in unison.

Cheng Che looked at Yin Jia and said, “Indeed, you’re my sister. However, it has nothing to do with whether I return to the Yin family or not.”

“How does it have nothing to do with that? If you come back, I’ll finally have someone to rely on,” Yin Jia said earnestly.

Cheng Che remained unmoved. “If I’m not there, do they bully you? If they do, you can come and look for me. Although I’m not from a wealthy family, I can still afford to support my sister.” After saying that, he looked at the Yin couple meaningfully.

Guan Ning was shocked and hastily said, “I’ve treated Yin Jia like my own since she was young. I didn’t and I don’t bully her. Moreover, Old Master Yin treats her like our family’s lucky star. It’s not just me, but no one in the family dares to bully her.”

After Guan Ning finished speaking, she looked at Yin Jia with a hint of resentment. Her expression seemed to say, “How can you imply that about me?”

Yin Jia frowned. ‘Did Guan Ning lose her brain? Can’t she cooperate at this moment?’

However, Guan Ning would not allow her reputation and image to be tainted in the slightest.

Yin Bin also immediately spoke up in defense of Guan Ning. He said, “That’s right. All these years, Guan Ning has treated your sister and Yin Yi the same. You don’t have to worry about that. What your sister means is that you’re her biological brother. With you around, it can lessen her longing for her mother.”

Yin Jia was furious that the Yin couple spoiled her plan, but there was nothing she could say now.

At this moment, Guan Tang said softly, “Cheng Che, I understand. You don’t want to return to the Yin family because of me, right? It doesn’t matter. We can cancel our engagement.”

Guan Tang’s voice was trembling, and her eyes shone with tears as she continued to say, “I’m sorry. I’ve already met your girlfriend. Not only is she a doctor, but she’s very nice and beautiful as well. I know I can’t compare to her at all in every aspect. It’s normal that you like her, not me. I understand. This is my bad luck, and I don’t blame anyone for it. I only hope that you’ll return to the Yin family. It doesn’t matter if you cancel our engagement.”

Tears finally streamed down Guan Tang’s face as she said, “My aunty has been bullied by her mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Her days are very difficult. Only when you return to the family can we turn things around. Please do this for the sake of saving the family. Please come back.”

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