Sir, How About A Marriage? - Chapter 701 - Guan Tang  

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Chapter 701: Guan Tang

Guan Tang, who was suddenly called out, feigned a panicked expression on her face as she said, “Grandma, you’re worrying too much. I’m fine, I’m fine.”

Old Madam Yin’s smile deepened. “How can you be fine? You’ve been in our family for twenty years, right? We’ve long treated you as one of our own. For the sake of our eldest young master, you were forced to move out. How pitiful. I heard that our madam didn’t even send you a helper?”

Guan Ning, the Madam of the Yin family, who was still immersed in her joy regained her senses when she heard Old Madam Yin’s words. Alarm bells began to blare in her mind. She smiled and hurriedly said, “That’s right. Guan Tang only packed up her personal belongings before she quietly moved out. Since she decided to give up on her engagement with Yin Xing, how could she accept a helper from our Yin family?”

Guan Ning deliberately used the name ‘Yin Xing’ instead of ‘Cheng Che’.

Old Madam Yin’s smile froze as she said, “Your aunt is really ruthless. Why is she so calculative? She raised you by her side. How could she feel at ease letting you live alone? Since the Eldest Young Master is here, we should make things clear now. Don’t put Guan Tang in such an awkward position.”

Old Madam Yin was not afraid to stir up trouble at all.

Guan Ning feigned an aggrieved expression and said, “Old Madam, I’ve discussed this with the family. We don’t want to make things difficult for Yin Xing. Moreover, Guan Tang said that she owes the Yin family a favor for raising her so she doesn’t want to be an obstacle that prevents Yin Xing from returning to the family.”

After that, Guan Ning looked at the expressionless Cheng Che.

Cheng Che remained unmoved, making it clear that this matter had nothing to do with him.

“Based on what you said, Guan Tang is indeed very sensible and obedient. This makes her even more pitiful. Right, Old Master?” Old Madam Yin continued to add fuel to the fire.

Old Master Yin’s expression was very dark as he looked at Cheng Che.

Guan Tang set down the glass in her hand before she said gently, “How can that be?” She continued to say with a graceful smile on her face, “The engagement between me and Cheng Che was arranged by our mothers. Even if our mothers were alive, it doesn’t necessarily mean we have to be together. Perhaps, we would’ve grown up as childhood sweethearts if they were alive or perhaps, we would’ve long discovered we’re not compatible. Who knows, right?”

Old Master Yin’s expression eased.

Guan Tang continued to say with a smile on her face, “At present, we didn’t grow up together, and we only met recently. It’s too difficult for us to get married without getting to know each other. That’s why I wanted to move out as well. Moreover, I have plans of my own too.”

Old Master Yin smiled when he saw how sensible Guan Tang was. “Hm? You have plans of your own?”

Guan Tang smiled and replied, “Of course. Grandpa, I was thinking that after moving out of the Yin family, I might make new friends. At that time, I might even meet someone who likes me or meet someone I like?”

Upon hearing this, Old Master Yin said, “Nonsense!”

Guan Tang lowered her voice just enough for everyone to hear her before she said, “Moreover, perhaps, Cheng Che would look at me more if I’m sensible? Perhaps, he might be willing to get to know me and date me? With that, perhaps, I won’t be labeled as the unwanted woman who was forced onto the Eldest Young Master of the Yin family.”

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