Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group - Chapter 1849 - Dance Party 3

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Haru had to admit that he might have made an enemy of a lot of guys, but he had never thought of the guys that much, and even if he did, he was sure that no one would cause him trouble since his position in everyone was already so huge that no one would ever think to bother him, or rather they would think that it was normal for him to be surrounded by a lot of girls. From Honoka, Shizuku, Mayumi, all the girls that he had taken care of at the event, including Mari, who had a boyfriend danced with him one by one.

"Is this alright?" Haru asked.

"Well, we're only dancing. You don't need to think too much," Mari said with a red face, but then her feet stepped into his feet. "I - I'm sorry!"

"It's alright." Haru didn't care when his foot was stepped on by Mari and said, "Well, I'm happy to know that the Chief of the Mora Committee is such a clumsy girl."

"I'm not clumsy!" Mari refuted with a red face, but somehow, she didn't hate it.

Haru looked at Mari and had to admit that Erika's older brother was lucky to have Mari as his girlfriend.

They danced while talking to each other before Haru walked outside together with Suzune.

Watching the night sky together, Haru and Suzune sat next to each other quietly while sitting on the bench, listening to the music from the venue.

"Do you have fun?" Suzune asked.

"Right now, I'm," Haru said with a smile, holding Suzune's hand, intertwining their fingers with each other.

Suzune could only shake her head since this guy really had a lot of tricks to make her heart race. She looked at him and asked, "Say, I'm going back with you later, right?"


"How are we going back? Car?" Suzune asked. "I have prepared my luggage, by the way."

"Well, this isn't a good place to talk, so I'll tell you later when we have arrived at my home in Sendai," Haru said.

"Let's talk later." Suzune nodded.

Haru then stood up and extended his hand toward Suzune. "Want a dance?" He knew that the music was about to end and it would change to a new song, so he didn't hesitate to invite Suzune to dance.

Suzune blushed and said, "I'm not good at dancing."

"Don't worry, I'm sure that you'll be better than Mari-senpai," Haru said.

"......" Suzune looked at Haru for a while and nodded. "If you say that, I become so confident." She reached Haru's hand and said, "Lead me, alright?"

"Of course." Haru helped Suzune to stand up gently, and the song changed into the last song since the dance party would end after this.

Feeling his hand on her waist, Suzune smiled and moved closer before they started to dance. Haru's lead was very gentle, but sometimes, it was forceful, and it gave her a feeling that she was being dominated by him, but she didn't hate it or rather she loved this feeling very much. She put her forehead on his chest and asked, "Are you going somewhere?"

"........" Haru looked at Suzune for a bit and said, "It is only me, or you're so sharp."

"We girls have this sixth sense of predicting what our man is about to do," Suzune said with a smile.

Haru was speechless then asked, "Then can you guess what I want to do now?"

"Sex?" Suzune answered with a question mark.


Looking at her calm expression, Haru was speechless and asked, "Can you at least blush?" It felt weird when his girl talked about sex so calmly without changing her expression at all.

"We have done it several times. What's the point of blushing?" Suzune said with a snort.

"Still, every time we do it, your moans are always cute," Haru said with a smile.

"Wh - What the hell are you saying in this place?!" Suzune wanted to beat this guy up at that moment.

Haru smiled then said, "I love you."


Suzune blushed and lowered her head shyly before she looked up, staring at his eyes, and said, "I should be the one who says that. I love you, Haru."

Smiling at each other, they continued to dance until the end of the song.

"Let's go back."


After the dance, both of them returned to their own room to bring their luggage before they went to the car that was prepared by Haru's family to go back to Sendai. Before they returned, Mayumi and Mari sent them to the entrance of the hotel.

Mayumi sighed and said, "Do you really have to go back at night? Isn't it better to go out tomorrow?"

"Yeah, isn't it better to go tomorrow?" Mari asked.

Mayumi and Mari looked at Haru, wondering whether there was a problem, but somehow, it was hard to ask, considering it might be related to the secret of the Rokkaku clan.

"Well, I don't want to waste time anyway. If I stay here longer, then I need to say a lot of things to a lot of people. This way is better," Haru said.

Hearing Haru's words, they thought for a bit and felt that his reasoning was reasonable, considering there were a lot of people that he might need to talk to.

"Well, then, we'll go first." Haru entered the car without hesitation.

"Then Mari, Mayumi, I'll go with him first. Bye." Suzune smiled then followed Haru inside the car.

"Bye." 2x

Mari and Mayumi looked at both Haru and Suzune that had left and somehow felt regret that they didn't ask to come with him since they had a feeling that they might not see them for a while.


Haru and Suzune were in the car, and they weren't in a hurry to talk and spend their time sleeping since they went out at night.

Looking at Suzune, who was sleeping, Haru looked at the automatic driving car and wondered whether he should buy some stocks of vehicle companies once he returned to his original world.


The trip was fast, and when they arrived at Sendai, both Maya and Sumire had been waiting for them.

Haru looked at Maya and seemed that she had already known about his and Sumire's origin.

"Haru, is it true?" Maya asked in wonder, but her expression was full of excitement since what Sumire had told her was too amazing!

"What's wrong?" Suzune was a bit sleepy, but when she saw Maya's expression, she quickly awoke, wondering what was happening.

"Well, in truth, both of us..." Haru pulled Sumire on his arm and said, "We're from a different world." He wasn't going to lie at that moment and thought that it was better to be truthful for now.


Suzune wasn't sure what to say at the time.

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