Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group - Chapter 1969 - It's Too Late

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As he returned to his class, Haru could see that the class was very noisy, everyone was talking to each other, especially when the news about La Folia being attacked by a terrorist in the Itogami Island was known into the world and Natsuki wasn't here.

If Natsuki was here, then everyone would shut their mouths without hesitation.

"Haru!" 2x

Rin and Asagi quickly approached him when they saw him come to the class. They didn't know what he was talking about with Natsuki, but they knew that it must be related to what had happened last night.

"I wonder how everyone's reaction is when they know that the princess is related to you," Rin said with a mischievous smile.

"....." Haru.

Asagi snorted and asked in a whisper, "How was it? How was the feeling of sleeping with the princess?"

"It's worse than sleeping with the two of you," Haru said with a meaningful smile.

Asagi and Rin blushed instantly and pinched this bastard!

Haru only laughed and whispered, "Tonight?"

"Um." 2x

Asagi and Rin nodded shyly. The two of them were quite hesitant at first, but when they did it together, they realized how nice it was, but of course, they wouldn't say this out loud and kept it a secret.

When Haru, Asagi, and Rin were talking to each other, their classmates couldn't help but cast jealousy toward the three of them.

The girls were jealous of Asagi and Rin since Haru was their crush, especially when they felt his subtle flirt, which somehow made them a bit crazy somehow.

Haru's relationship with everyone was very good, especially the girls, but he had enough with both Asagi and Rin, so he didn't try to seduce them again.

As for the guys, even though their relationship with Haru was very good, they were also jealous of him. After all, two famous beauties in the high school beauty had become his lovers (according to the rumor). Not only the beauty in high school, but the beauty in the middle school also couldn't escape from his clutch, which caused them to be desperate.

Even though no one said it, they made an organization stop Haru from seducing any more beautiful girls in the school. Even though this organization was useless, it at least gave them some comfort, thinking that they were able to stop the girls from falling for him again. Still, they also felt a bit scared inside since they had heard that some students who had caused trouble were transferred away from the school, but it was only a rumor and they couldn't confirm it, along with his good reputation, they felt like it was impossible for him to expel those students.

If Haru knew what they were thinking, he wouldn't bother to fix their misunderstanding since he really did it, transferring their parents' jobs away far away since he was annoyed with them. Still, they were only normal humans, and he wouldn't think too much since he could destroy them by just using his thoughts.

When Haru, Rin, and Asagi were talking to each other happily, the one who was the most complicated was both Yaze and Kojou.

Yaze was, after all, Asagi's childhood friend, and their relationship was only a friend, so even though he felt that his friend had moved far away, he didn't think too much. After all, he also knew the difference between a male and a female, and he also knew Asagi's relationship with Haru, who was known as the fourth primogenitor, so he had never thought too much since he could see that she was very happy with Haru. However, he was worried about his best friend. Looking at Kojou, who rested his face on the table with a strange expression, staring at Asagi, before he said, "Kojou, give up."

"What?" Kojou was dumbfounded and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Asagi has become Haru's lover," Yaze said clearly.

When he heard those words from Yaze, Kojou felt very uncomfortable. Before Haru came, the relationship between him, Asagi, and Yaze were very close to each other, but when Haru came, Asagi started to distance herself from both of them, or rather, she didn't have time to manage the two of them.

Before Kojou could ask Asagi to help him with his homework and various matters in the school, but now, Asagi was too lazy to talk with him, and when he asked her whether she could help her, she would only answer him with a perfunctory answer, clearly showing a lack of interest, which made him depressed.

Kojou looked at Yaze and asked, "Do you think that it is alright? Haru has Tsukishimas as his lover, right?" He felt that it was wrong for Haru to have two lovers at the same time, but if he knew what he did in the original plot, then he didn't have a right to say those words to Haru.

"What's wrong? It isn't a crime to date two girls at the same time." Yaze looked at Kojou and said, "You can see that they're happy, so you don't need to think too much, and it also has nothing to do with you." He didn't think too much about Kojou's words since he knew how dull and oblivious this guy was, but looking at Kojou at this moment, he knew that this guy might realize how important Asagi's existence was. However, it was too late.

Kojou didn't know what he was feeling, but he felt that it was uncomfortable, and at the same time, he also knew that it was too late. When he was in deep thought, suddenly he could hear the exclaim of his classmates.

"Hey, look at that car!"

"What a luxurious car..."

"I wonder who that is?"

Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw a lot of luxurious cars were in the parade, parking in front of their school, but then when they saw the person who walked out from the car, they became even dumbfounded!


The news about La Folia being attacked by the terrorist was very hot at this moment so when they saw La Folia come to their class, they quickly knew about her, but at the same time, they were dumbfounded, thinking about what La Folia was doing in their school.

La Folia, who was a princess, had gotten used to the stare of a lot of people, so she didn't care much. She only looked around, and when she saw her target, she quickly waved her hand with a happy smile and approached him.

"Haru, I have come~~."

La Folia said with a cute smile as she arrived at his class.


Not only Haru, but also all of his classmates were dumbfounded, and at the same time, they thought that even if they were able to stop the girls in their school from falling for him, they couldn't stop a girl from outside of their school from falling for him, and at the same time, they thought that this guy's charm was a bit too much, right?

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